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June 30, 2001 - IMDB reports Andy Clerkson of Stuff magazine again denied reports he paid Jennifer Lopez $238,000 to pose for the mag saying, "Our policy has not changed one bit. We do not pay talent to be on the cover of our magazine. The rumors that circulated yesterday are absolutely untrue."

June 30, 2001 - WireImage.com has photos of Jennifer Lopez from her press conference in Beverly Hills on Friday. Check them out here.

June 29, 2001 - Cory Haim was on eyada.com talking about the Jennifer Lopez, Cris Judd, Puffy love triangle. Cory says he doesn't think J.Lo and Cris will get married and he says when her and Puffy were together, he was cheating, alot of people have told him that. Check out the interview from Thursday's show about 1:40 in here.

June 28, 2001 - MTVasia.com reports Jennifer Lopez has apparently been learning Krav Maga, an ancient Israeli martial arts that teaches you to use everyday objects as weapons based on natural reactions of the human body. This reportedly to use in the filming of Enough.

June 27, 2001 - The New York Daily News reports Jennifer Lopez has cancelled a photoshoot for FHM after Stuff magazine agreed to pay her a reported $250,000, unheard of for a domestic non-pornographic magazine. Stuff denied the deal as the mag's GM Andy Clarkson said, "We are just trying to work out a date for her to shoot the September cover."

June 27, 2001 - IMDB reports Jennifer Lopez wraps up filming Enough next week though she's already planning work on Tick Tock drama and Columbia's Taking Lives thriller. Read more.

June 25, 2001 - Jennifer Lopez's new video I'm Real remix with Ja Rule will make it's debut Monday night on TRL, while the regular video for the song debuts the same night on Making the Video.

June 23, 2001 - The New York Daily News' Mitchell Fink says you can 'bank on' the fact that Jennifer Lopez and Cris Judd are engaged, and that she isn't pregnant.

June 23, 2001 - The New York Post's Cindy Adams reports Jennifer Lopez won't drink coffee that was stirred clockwise.

June 21, 2001 - E! Online's Ted Casablanca has more info coming in on Jennifer's marriage and pregnancy rumors. Check it out here.

June 20, 2001 - Entertainment Tonight talked to Jennifer Lopez on her new movie Enough as she was practicing fighting moves in the gym as Cris Judd watched. Check out a transcript of the clip on our message boards.

June 20, 2001 - More details on the Puffy Combs Naomi Campbell sham hookup from the Star, likely the source of the story Peoplenews reported Monday. Read more.

June 19, 2001 - Shocking news from Peoplenews.com who report the Puffy/Naomi Campbell romance rumors were a sham to boost his image after being dumped by Jennifer Lopez. A source revealed, "After Jen's embarrassing kiss-off, Puffy got it in his head that people though less of him as a man. He was ready to do just about anything to change his image as a loser in love." Read more.

June 19, 2001 - Jennifer Lopez will be on Entertainment Tonight Tuesday to talk about her new movie and new hairstyle.

June 18, 2001 - The Sun has more info on Puffy's new romance with Emma Heming. A friend of Puffy told the Sun, "It's no secret that he was devastated about breaking up with Jennifer, but he is getting over it. Emma is great looking and likes to go out having fun. They have a lot in common." Read more.

June 17, 2001 - A pair of Gucci shoes worn and autographed by Jennifer Lopez at the Fashion Awards then later given away by z100 in a contest are up for bids on ebay. The shoes, item 1155831129, are currently unbid at $800 (auction ends June 23rd) and can be seen here.

June 15, 2001 - The Jennifer Lopez/J.Lo email reported earlier is fake and the source can be found at ifilm.com. Check out the entire email conversation here.

June 15, 2001 - The New York Daily News reports Jennifer Lopez and Cris Judd are telling friends to save a certain date toward the end of September for their wedding. They say that the pair getting married in September would undermine claims that Lopez is three months pregnant, though it would fit a rushed timeline if she was only a few weeks pregnant.

June 13, 2001 - Those in the Seattle area that want to check out Jennifer filming Enough can get more information at Port Townsend's local paper here.

June 13, 2001 - Jennifer Lopez was in Port Townsend today to film Enough and King 5 in Seattle did a story on the filming. For a transcript, check our message boards. NOTE: We hear that the hair is a wig, and the girl is a co-star in the film, though J.Lo is looking quite maternal in these shots eh?

June 13, 2001 - The New York Dail News reports sources close to Jennifer Lopez are denying she and Cris Judd are expecting, though her rep declined comment.

June 13, 2001 - Chris Rock's ideal afterlife in a Popcorn.com interview: "What is my idea of Heaven? Jennifer Lopez's bike seat!"

June 12, 2001 - NEWS FLASH - J.LO PREGNANCY PROMPTS SHOTGUN WEDDING - "J.Lo Preg.O" - PEOPLENEWS - According to sources close to the couple Judd went down on bended knee as soon as his lover told him she was pregnant. Read more.

June 10, 2001 - Jennifer Lopez is featured here in an autographed photo auction up for bids on ebay. The 8x10 photo, item #1436131092, is currently unbid at $19.99 and the auction ends today.

June 9, 2001 - The Star reports a caring Jennifer Lopez granted 10 year old D'Angelo his dying wish of meeting her. The boy suffering from sickle cell anemia got to visit Jennifer on the set of her new film where according to a source, "Every minute tath Jennifer wasn't in front of the cameras, she was hugging him, talking and laughing."

June 9, 2001 - The Enquirer printed wedding pictures of Jennifer Lopez and her ex Ojani Noa during their wedding in February 1997.

June 9, 2001 - Jennifer Lopez was spoken about extensively on Friday's Rush & Molloy show where Jade Barrimore was a guest. Listen to her clip here.

June 9, 2001 - The New York Daily News reports Jennifer Lopez's rep wasn't commenting on reports that J.Lo and Cris Judd are engaged.

June 9, 2001 - The New York Daily News reports sources have told them Mariah Carey has asked Virgin head Nancy Berry to lighten up on promoting Janet Jackson's new album to put more resources on her song. The paper also reports they've heard Carey has called radio stations in New York and LA trying to get programmers to air J.Lo's Play in favor of Loverboy. Read more.

June 9, 2001 - The New York Post reports Jennifer Lopez and Cris Judd are officially engaged with a spy telling the paper, "All she's ever wanted to do was get married and settle down. Jennifer is working a lot, and she is happier than she's ever been in her life... but I doubt they will actually get married."

June 8, 2001 - Ananova.com reports a poll run by People en Espanol magazine has named Salma Hayek as the sexiest female celebrity over Jennifer Lopez. Read more.

June 7, 2001 - NEWS FLASH - The Sun - Jennifer Lopez is to marry her dancer boyfriend Cris Judd. The couple will announce the news when they pick up her diamond engagement ring - engraved with the initials JCJ, for Jennifer Cris Judd. Read more.

June 7, 2001 - In this week's installment of J.Lo primadonna, MSNBC's Jeannette Walls reports Lopez blew off a charity event, Rock & Soul to Erase MS, which reportedly infuriated Andy Hilfiger and left her clothing deal with him in question. Read more.

June 6, 2001 - Foxnews.com reports model Kim Porter, the mother of Puffy's youngest son, Christian, admitted in court papers that the two had sexual relations from 1995 to 2000, which would overlap the period Puffy was dating Jennifer Lopez. Readmore.

June 5, 2001 - US Weekly reports Jennifer Lopez filmed the 3rd video to her album J.Lo entitled Ain't it Funny at a ranch outside of LA on May 21st. Her video co-star is Mexican soap star and singer Eduardo Verastegui.

June 5, 2001 - More details on the supposed e-mail exchanged between Jennifer's management and Warner Bros regarding Jennifer Lopez's Angel Eyes billing credit. Read more.

June 3, 2001 - The actual red suit worn by Jennifer Lopez in The Cell is up for bids on ebay. The suit, item #1435000205, is bid at $504 and the auction ends June 9th. Check out this piece of movie history here.

June 3, 2001 - Jennifer Lopez has her own web virus with the subject "Where are you?" and message body, "This is my pic in the beach" with the attachment JENNIFERLOPEZ_NAKED.JPG.VBS. If you receive this email, don't open the attachment. Read more.

June 2, 2001 - ABC aired the ALMA awards Friday night where Jennifer Lopez was honored as the Entertainer of the Year. While the show itself was conducted in English, it was interesting to note many of the commercials were in Spanish.

June 2, 2001 - The New York Daily News reports has officially stopped pining for his ex-girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez, after he set his sites on Naomi Campbell, who told Combs had a boyfriend, Flavio Briatori, and that she preferred keeping her friendship with Puffy just that.

June 2, 2001 - Apparently, according to Worldpop, a reportedly genuine email exchange between Jennifer Lopez's publicity manager and a Warner Brothers publicity manager has gone out after it was asked that Jennifer Lopez's billing credit be changed to J.Lo two weeks before the movie was out; "We can't help it if she's decided to get a diva transplant."

June 2, 2001 - Dees Sleaze reports Jennifer Lopez had another diva experience at a old fashioned bed and breakfast where she booked herself into the master suite and told management she didn't like the print on the wallpaper, left the place and checked into another hotel.

June 2, 2001 - In an abstracts.net poll asking if you think Cris Judd was used as a public decoy for Puffy to win sympathy from the public and jurors in his weapons trial, 53.0% said yes while 47.0% said no, with 594 total votes.

June 1, 2001 - The Star reports Jennifer Lopez laughed hysterically about Puffy's comments that he's lonely and that he'd run into a burning building to save her telling friends, "He's never been lonely! And after what he put me through while we were dating, he SHOULD run into a burning building!"

June 1, 2001 - The Star profiled J. Lo's childhood in the Bronx where friends and teachers described her as a little devil who didn't take crap from anyone. They also report Lopez lost her virginity to her first boyfriend, Dave Cruz, at the age of 17.

June 1, 2001 - The New York Post's Cindy Adams reports NY1, a cable news station in New York, did a blistering, withering, truly lousy review of the new Jennifer Lopez movie, Angel Eyes. Directly afterward, the station ran an ad spot for the movie which lauded it to the hilt.

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