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April 27, 2000 - Access Hollywood had a story on Jennifer Lopez seen at a party recently without Puffy, and she had a new hairdo, a blonde look... They also showed a few clips from The Cell, which included a lot of different costumes for Jennifer.

April 27, 2000 - Rick Dees reported last week that Puffy was seen locking lips with a mystery blonde at a hotel bar in LA while Jennifer Lopez was on a movie set (The Cell we presume, a film named after Puffy's future home we suspect!).

April 27, 2000 - Jay Leno cracked last night on the Tonigh Show that Jennifer Lopez has dumped Puffy, claiming he wasn't able to get 'Puffy' enough!

April 20, 2000 - E! Online also reports that Jennifer was seen heading to the gym from the Four Seasons Beverly Hills in "simple gray sweats". We hear though from The New York Daily News she was kind enough to sign a baseball to a fan who'd forgotten his autograph book at said hotel.

April 20, 2000 - E! Online's Ted Casablanca today reports that during filming of The Wedding Planner, Matthew McConaughey had a dartboard up with a target being Jennifer's famous booty! Ted warns him though "I'd watch out if I were you, Mr. Handsome, because Jen's b-f is known to carry much more sinister toys than darts."

April 19, 2000 - According to USA Today, Jennifer Lopez stormed out of the press tent at the American Latino Media Awards Sunday when reporters asked her questions about whether she'll marry Puff Daddy. "They're my feelings!" she yelled. [may be Jennifer but share your feelings with the group!]

April 17, 2000 - Jennifer Lopez was on Access Hollywood tonight talking about racism that still exists in Hollywood against Hispanics, this on the heals of her Sunday ALMA award show wins for female entertainer of the year and for outstanding music video performer. The award show will be on ABC June 17.

April 16, 2000 - a sexy autographed picture of Jennifer is currently up for bidding at eBay. The 8x10 (item #310146378) has an opening bid of $24.00 and ends April 23.

April 16, 2000 - Jennifer Lopez won Favorite New Music Artist and she also performed in Nickelodeon's 13th Annual Kids' Choice Awards Friday. Though we still haven't seen the show, we'd hope she remembered she was performing for kids when she selected her wardrobe!

April 12, 2000 - E! Online reports Jennifer Lopez's romantic lead in her upcoming moving Angel Eyes, Aaron Eckhart, is dropping out of the project because he is unpleased with changes in the script.

April 11, 2000 - Sean Combs played Wembley stadium last Friday in London, and followed by partying with Jennifer Lopez at a private bash at The Rock. Also in attendance were Jude Law, Naomi Campbell, and Macy Gray.

April 11, 2000 - Jennifer was on ET tonight saying her boyfriend Puffy had a great performance at the 25th Anniversary Party for Arista Records. Jennifer herself was looking very elegant looking perhaps pressured by negative comments on her Grammy attire.

April 9, 2000 - a sexy autographed artistic topless picture of Jennifer is currently up for bidding at eBay. The 8x10 (item #304126883) has an opening bid of $9.99 and ends April 15.

April 4, 2000 - Rick Dees reported last week that Jennifer Lopez has been spending more time with The Wedding Planner co-star Matthew McConaughey than Puffy certainly would like. Dees reports that Lopez was hours late to the set of the film after spending time with Matthew, only to have the New York papers pick the story up and Combs later find out.

April 2, 2000 - VH1 will be launching a new series Don't Quote Me, which superimposes words on video, using actual quotes from the artists themselves. One of the episodes will be focused on Jennifer's booty!

April 2, 2000 - Jennifer Lopez is in talks with Selena director Gregory Nava to star in a new film he'll be directing called Bordertown, a thriller in which a female journalist investigates a string of murders near the American-owned factories on the Juarez and El Paso border.

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