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January 31, 2000 - Jennifer Lopez dumps her lawyer, Larry Ruggiero, on reports that she didn't like his insistance that she dump her cover artist rapper and loser, Sean Puffy Combs. She apparently is getting close to axeing her manager Benny Medina for the same saddly mistaken reasons. Now she's hired a friend of the family to represent her whose experience is in personal injury and medical malpractice! [editor's note: uhh, Jennifer, pull your head out! Head the advice of your wise former council]

January 29, 2000 - Jay Leno said in his opening skit that Sean Puffy Combs and Jennifer Lopez are engaged, joking that they are going to have a 'shotgun wedding'. We haven't seen any other evidence besides Jay-speak to confirm this so perhaps it was just a gag?

January 21, 2000 - Dick Clark denies rumors that Puffy and Lopez were originally scheduled to perform on the American Music Awards together and also denies that the two were barred from appearing after their run-in with the law. Dick Clark Productions is behind the AMA.

January 21, 2000 - eyada.com also reports that the NYDA is reporting that Puffy is in big trouble and has reopened previous cases against the rapper and copier. They're reporting that several others in the record industry have been paid off or threatened to drop charges against the mob-like thug.

January 21, 2000 - eyada.com reports on yesterday's audiocast that trace amounts of cocaine were found in Puffy's SUV but was not enough to charge the hoodlum.