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June 30, 2000 - More Jennifer comments about Puffy in the New York Daily News where she says "People don't realize how much we have in common that way, how much our dreams and hopes are the same, things we want to accomplish." She says she's in no hurry to marry though.

June 28, 2000 - Jennifer Lopez was on ET tonight talking about Angel Eyes which was filmed in Toronto. She says she did alot of her own stunts and they showed some behind the scenes stuff.

June 27, 2000 - Star Magazine is reporting that Jennifer is worried about boyfriend Puff Daddy taking up boxing lessons and looking to spar with real fighters. She wants him to try golf instead!

June 27, 2000 - The NY Daily News reports Puffy snuggled with Jennifer Lopez at the Conscience Point club in Southampton on Saturday, though he was unable to get Jennifer a bottle of Cristal, for the club was out of the $900 drink.

June 27, 2000 - Jennifer Lopez is telling Premiere magazine this month that Puffy is just a regular guy saying "Just because he raps doesn't mean he's a gangster. He doesn't walk around the house in leather suits and chains."

June 26, 2000 - A somewhat dated video interview but worth watching nonetheless at centerseat.com, click here.

June 24, 2000 - A great autographed picture of Jennifer Lopez is up for bids at eBay. The 8x10 (item #361194261) is currently bid at $9.99 and ends June 25th.

June 24, 2000 - The New York Post's fashion editor Libby Callaway commenting on Jennifer Lopez's infamous green Versace dress in a Yahoo chat last week: "I think it showed she has balls! I don't recommend it for everyone, only the brave."

June 22, 2000 - Not surprisingly, our readers concurred with myself in voting 69.60% in favor of Jennifer Lopez dumping Puffy. Only 21.31% said she should stick with him, while 9.08% said maybe, this after 2862 votes.

June 22, 2000 - E! Online's Ted Casablanca slammed Jennifer Lopez after reporting she arrived at Newsroom Cafe on Robertson. Bev Hills in a stretch limo and shoved her way to the front of the line while others waited, labeling her a 'tacky snob'. He reports she was with two thin, scruffy guys, not Puffy.

June 13, 2000 - Star magazine reports Jennifer Lopez has been eating with the regulars on the set of Angel Eyes. They said she pretty much eats anything and even gobbled up an extra rack of ribs when they feared she wouldn't eat any of it.

June 11, 2000 - A great picture of Jennifer Lopez is up for bids at eBay. The 8x10 (item #349669170) is currently unbid at $24.99 and ends June 14th.

June 7, 2000 - Jennifer Lopez was joked about on The Tonight Show. Jay said she told Teen People the secret to her sexyness, which Kevin guessed "her booty". He said it was her feet and that she always wears pretty shoes. Jay joked "How many men even know she has feet?"

June 5, 2000 - Dees Sleaze Ellen reports Puff Daddy is having his sperm frozen in case he spends 5 years in jail and Jennifer wants to get pregnant.

June 5, 2000 - Dees Sleaze Ellen reports Puffy was upset at Jennifer Lopez's new film Angel Eyes because she was 'only' in a $1500 hotel room in Toronto. He demanded the $2700 suite or she'd leave, and they gave it to her.

June 3, 2000 - Dotmusic reports Jennifer Lopez's recent comments on the New York shooting. She says of the incident "It was a nightmare from beginning to end I was absolutely terrified. People around me were getting shot. I was scared to death. It was a totally devastating experience that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy"

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