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March 29, 2000 - Jennifer Lopez had a much more subdued Oscars than she did with the Grammys. Pagesix.com reports that she invited 60 cast and crew members to her suite at the St. Francis for a pajama party and gave fake statues to everyone there.

March 26, 2000 - eBay has an early picture of Jennifer Lopez up for auction. The 8x10 autographed photo has yet to receive a bid at $19.99 and closes March 27.

March 23, 2000 - eOnline's Ted Casablanca is out today saying extras on Jennifer's current film, The Wedding Planner, think she's "full of it." Some of the girls she had worked with in the past say she pretended like she didn't even know them, and as Ted sums up "That's what happens when you get to be a big-ass star."

March 22, 2000 - Unlike the fluff job done by Pat O'Brien, the MTV Diary tonight actually was a pretty interesting show and we'd highly recommend watching the expected reruns. Jennifer from what we see is fascinated by her popularity with the press, collecting magazines, talking with people on the phone about what the press said about her dress, turning up the TV when Puffy talked about his endictments. He made a surprise visit when she was filming this show and they appear to be getting along fine, though she admits they do fight and that he is jealous of her kissing scenes in movies, which she thinks is silly. But like the title says, it was a 'diary' there were no questions, just what info she wanted to give out.

March 21, 2000 - eYada.com's Rush and Malloy had Mr. Blackwell on and he ripped into Jennifer Lopez's dress saying "...this is horrible" "...they are costumes, not fashion" and "she wore a dress belonging on a Vegas stage." He seemed concerned about the image this attire would have on her female fans or "clones", advising parents not to let their kids watch this year's Academy Awards as he feared other lesser known Hollywood types would follow Jennifer's lead.

March 20, 2000 - The Access Hollywood piece... FLUFF! What a bunch of junk. Pat O'Brien has to be the most panty wasted interviewer we've ever seen! No follow-ups, just sit and nod Pat. Hopefully Wednesday's MTV thing will be a little more enlightning but we highly doubt it. Anyways, she told Pat she was hurt by Tabloid reports, looks forward to proving her and Puffy's innocence, and she had no idea how much attention her dress was going to receive. Incidently, the MTV Diary episode with Jennifer airs Wednesday at 10:30pm.

March 18, 2000 - The New York Daily News today is reporting that rumors of her and Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst being an item are unfounded. They just happened to both be shopping at Gucci in Beverly Hills by coincidence and exchanged pleasantries.

March 17, 2000 - Access Hollywood is going to have an exclusive interview with Jennifer and Puffy on Monday to address all recent events surrounding their lives... Stay tuned for the Monday broadcast.

March 17, 2000 - Huge news from this week's Star Magazine. Jennifer Lopez was turned in by money hungry porn shop employees after she recently bought $1000 worth of sex toys from the store in West Hollywood. Items bought included latex chearleaders outfit, leader studded dominatrix hat,ed vynl crotchless panties, several
thongs, and for Puffy (we assume anyways!) edible underwear, a leather thong with metal studs, and a sailor suit made of rubber. There were other items the Star called to racy for its magazine but eYada.com speculated that it was a strap on dildo.... Ouch, now we're left to wonder who wears the pants in this relationship?

March 14, 2000 - Jennifer Lopez now has a new line of e-greeting cards available at www.emazing.com, so if you feel the need to send a loved one a picture of Jen's booty, log on over there!

March 14, 2000 - Puffy was interviewed by Britain's Sun Tabloid early this week and had this to say about Jennifer "Jennifer Lopez is my soulmate. When we're together I don't see her as a singer or anything like that. Behind closed doors she's Jennifer and I'm Sean." Combs adds "She's been a great support, like any man's girlfriend, even though it's very hard having a relationship in the public eye."

March 11, 2000 - Jennifer Lopez was edged out by Madonna in MTV's Video Feuds. The first round loss was 59% to 41% in favor of Madonna, though internet popularity rankings clearly favor Lopez, leading us to believe the event was rigged.

March 10, 2000 - Rick Dees reported Tuesday that Micheal Jackson has been sending Jennifer Lopez flowers and apparently he has a thing for Puffy's woman! [editor's note: Michael, watch out doing that stuff around puffy, you may end up in your hyperbolic chamber for a long, long time!]

March 10, 2000 - Dees Sleaze reported Wednesday that Jennifer Lopez has been studying braille for a new movie role in which she plays a blind woman. She's also been practicing with a blindfold as well.

March 10, 2000 - Jennifer Lopez was interviewed by VH1 this week and told Cane "Their opinion of what my heart should do is not really my concern" when questioned about her staying together with Sean Puffy Combs. She also said the Versace dress cost $5,000 that she wore for the Grammy Awards.

March 7, 2000 - More fallout (no pun intended) from Jennifer's memorable Grammy outfit as Hollywood is speculating who will shock with their attire for this year's Oscar awards. As Hollywood celebrity stylist Philip Bloch told Reuters "Sex is in. Sex sells, and who better to wear it than these girls? Now is the time when an actress can launch a career based on a dress."

March 7, 2000 - Star Magazine is reporting that Puffy went all out during the week of the Grammy's to win back Jennifer's heart after royaly pissing her off when she learned that Puffy attempted to bribe his driver the night of the shooting by offering the ring that she gave the rapper. Apparently Combs went on a wild spending spree getting Jennifer anything she wanted in Santa Monica's finest shops.

March 2, 2000 - A couple of burbs about Jennifer in this week's report from Ted Cassablanca. Her and puffy were seen together Bookstar at L.A.'s Beverly Connection in the interior-design/home-decor section. More importantly, he says Jennifer was livid at Rosie O'Donnell for her comments about her and Puffy during the Grammys, causing her and Puffy to leave half way thru the event. [editor's note: hint to Jennifer, you get in trouble, don't expect celebrity hosts who are paid to be funny not to make light of your situation, not kiss your backside... Dumping someone like Puffy may help in this regard!]

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