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November 30, 2000 - Jennifer Lopez came in 6th place ten in a showbiz survey winning a Tacky Taste gong for the revealing Versace dress she wore to this year's Grammy awards.

November 30, 2000 - E! Online's Ted Casablanca reports Puffy and Jennifer caused a stir by ordering food from the Newsroom Cafe on Robertson (in Los Angeles). Despite being hounded by paparazzi, they made it back to their limo with the take-out.

November 28, 2000 - Jennifer Lopez was pictured having lunch at the Ivy Restaurant in Beverly Hills last Friday.

November 25, 2000 - ennifer Lopez was on MTV's special 100 Greatest Pop Songs sporting "cornrow-like" hair in a co-hosting role with Carson Daly. She's also wearing a JLO shirt to promote her upcoming album.

November 23, 2000 - The Sun reports Puff Daddy was about to smack Matthew McConaughey for kissing girlfriend Jennifer Lopez, until it was explained they were rehearsing for their new movie.

November 21, 2000 - The New York Daily News' Mitchell Fink reports that Jennifer Lopez has been house hunting in Miami, dressing in style in the process, wearing an expensive Fendi outfit when she sees a prospective house usually.

November 20, 2000 - Rav Singh reports that Jennifer Lopez has admitted to him at The Lick party in Stockholm that Puffy is her "soulmate" and said, "Hes my man. I love him. What else can I say?"

November 19, 2000 - Jennifer Lopez was at the MTV Europe music awards in Stockholm, Sweden, November 16 accepting her award for best Rhythm and Blues act and performing at the show, which will be shown on MTV in the US on Monday.

November 18, 2000 - Entertaindom reports Jennifer Lopez spent $13,636.36 on two pairs of designer handcuffs during a shopping trip to Gucci in New York.

November 18, 2000 - Worldpop reports Jennifer Lopez spent the whole time giggling in the press room at the MTV Europe Awards.

November 17, 2000 - Jennifer Lopez won Best R&B Artist in the 2000 MTV Europe Awards.

November 15, 2000 - The Star reports Puffy was seen showing up at the Hudson Hotel with a "tall, striking brunette model."

November 12, 2000 - Jennifer Lopez was sporting a D&G shirt and Sean Combs at the Miami Heat - Philadelphia Sixers game on November 4th during the weekend the two celebrated Puffy's 30th birthday in Miami.

November 12, 2000 - Jennifer Lopez is pictured with Donatella Versace in this month's Vibe magazine, though there comment that Donatella looking "fabulous as usual" makes one wonder what they are looking at.

November 10, 2000 - MSNBC's Jeannette Walls report that Puffy was sending written notes to a female patrone at the Upper East Side nightclub during his birthday bash there. An insider told her "Hes incorrigible" though a spokeswoman for the rapper said, "This is an outright lie and not worth further comment."

November 10, 2000 - Fox New's Roger Friedman talked to Jennifer Lopez when she attended the Talk magazine party on Tuesday. Lopez said her new album indeed will be called JLO, pronounced "Jay-Lo", which she says was a name that fans gave her. Four of the tracks will be produced by boyfriend Puffy.

November 9, 2000 - Fox News reports Jennifer Lopez attended a party last night for Talk magazine at Elaine's famous boite on the upper East Side. Also on hand were Gwyneth Paltrow, Ben Affleck, Sigourney Weaver, and Chevy Chase.

November 9, 2000 - The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Jennifer Lopez will star in a thriller entitled Enough. Lopez will play a woman who discovers her husband is evil. The role was originally supposed to go to Sandra Bullock.

November 8, 2000 - The New York Daily News reports that Jennifer Lopez found a Manhattan bakery that could do a frosting of Puffy sitting in his powder-blue Bentley convertible for his 30th birthday. The cake was secretely sent to Miami separate from them in its own airline seat!

November 8, 2000 - USA Today's Jeannie Williams reports the events of Puffy and Jennifer's birthday weekend in Miami included dinner for 75 friends at Joia Friday, a Miami Heat game Saturday, partying at a rented Mansion in South Beach, including a "Happy Birthday Puffy" firework display overlooking the bay, and 800 guests greeting Puffy at Club 320 with girlfriend Lopez in a gold Versace gown.

November 6, 2000 - RAV reports that Jennifer Lopez is set to star in a musical remake of old classic The Thief Of Baghdad, which is set to start filming in February.

November 5, 2000 - Puff Daddy celebrated his 30th birthday this weekend in South Beach, where Jennifer Lopez planned the event at the newly opened 320 nightclub. Also on hand were Lenny Kravitz, Gina Gershon and Russell Simmons.

November 5, 2000 - Jennifer Lopez's autographed picture is being auctioned on ebay. The photo, item #486737858, is unbid at $19.95 and ends November 6th. Also, another picture we neglected to post from last week.

November 3, 2000 - Roger Friedman reported on the Jennifer Lopez CD today, noting the album was supposed to be released November 7th originally but now is due January 30th, two weeks ahead of The Wedding Planner, her next movie.

November 1, 2000 - Some people are saying that an upcoming movie which will star Cuba Gooding Jr and Elle MacPherson loosely based on the turbulent relationship between Jennifer Lopez and Puff Daddy. The film is about a temperamental music star and a young model.

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