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September 30, 2000 - Two more pictures of Jennifer are up for bids on eBay. One picture (item #451646374) features Jennifer in a cowboy hat, and is bid at $24.95 ending October 7th. The other picture (item #450945268) is bid at $22.50 and ends October 1st.

September 28, 2000 - Headprint Entertainment, Jennifer Lopez's US management company, has signed a co-management deal with boy band Northern Line. Headprint is headed by Benny Medina, pictured here with Jennifer.

September 25, 2000 - Jeannette Walls reports that Jennifer Lopez embarrassed herself when reporters in Italy asked what her favorite Italian dish was, and she responded "Chicken parmigiana", but they'd never heard of the dish in Rome, and after she described it, they protested her comments, leaving Jennifer to say, "Well, nobody's perfect."

September 23, 2000 - Jennifer Lopez will be filming her role as Frida Kahlo in December, according to her comments Tuesday in Paris. Luis Valdez (La Bamba) will direct the new film.

September 22, 2000 - The Sun Times reports that sources close to Jennifer and Puffy assure fans the two "are still together and will be together for a long, long time." Why the attraction between the two? The insider explains "For Puffy, it's about credibility. . . . He's always looking to be accepted by mainstream society. Why do you think he invites people like Martha Stewart to his parties? . . . Jennifer is a major star, not just a Latin star. He loves being with her and being seen with her. For Jennifer, it's about the career. She fully expects to have a career as successful as Madonna's, and she knows Puffy Combs' clout in the music industry can move her into that league."

September 20, 2000 - Jennifer Lopez confirms that she's not pregnant, according to Ellen K on Rick Dees. Ellen also reveals more on Lopez's expenses for her trip to London for the UK premiere of The Cell, $300k for an insurance policy, $61k in airfare for Jennifer and her group, $3k /night for hotel room, $20k for shopping spree for close, and $40k in meals and incidental expenses.

September 19, 2000 - The Sun is revealing comments from Jennifer talking about when she and Puffy first met, saying she thought he was too flashy at first glance, but he later revealed a more vulnerable side, which Lopez said "When I saw him insecure, when I saw little bits of him under all the bullshit, that's when I fell for him."

September 19, 2000 - E! Online's Ted Casablanca reveals that after Marc Anthony cancelled his scheduled duet with Jennifer Lopez at the Latin Grammys, she wanted to cancel her own appearance, but agreed to attend after organizers agreed to private-jet her in from Europe.

September 19, 2000 - Ted also is commenting on Jen's infamous booty, saying "Would people lay off this woman's butt once and for all? I realize I'm one of the worst offenders regarding her derriere, but damn it, enough is enough. So, she's got big booty. Jeez. Cumbersome though it may be, I think it is kind of sexy."

September 18, 2000 - More details are being revealed of the trouble between Puffy and Jennifer in the latest Enquirer. Insiders told the mag that Jennifer was getting sick of Combs 'skirt chasing'. Jennifer had heard Puffy had gotten in a fight over his ex Kim Porter and that she secretly spent a weekend with another woman in East Hampton. She warned Puffy "either she was her one and only squeeze, or it was over" according to an insider. Apparently it worked, as the same insider reveals "He swore off other girls for good. He pledged his undying love to one woman only - Jennifer."

September 18, 2000 - Entertaindom.com reports Jennifer had to go to The Cell premiere in London with chipped nails, despite efforts to have a manicure at Super Nails Of LA in London, who gave no preferrential treatment to the incensed Lopez, saying they were fully booked.

September 18, 2000 - Entertaindom.com also is reportomg that all the recent publicity about her is false, saying "There have been so many wild and untrue rumors about me. The craziest ever was that I had my body insured for millions of dollars. It was on the front page of a paper in New York. I just read that Puff bought me a house for $4 million. That was funny -- Puff has not given me a house. I also read he's banned me from love scenes, which is funny but wrong. I've kept the front page of those papers to show my kids."

September 17, 2000 - Puff Daddy will be on Live with Regis on Wednesday, and he won't be musical guest. Hopefully he'll discuss if he and Jennifer are really having relationship problems that have been widely reported.

September 17, 2000 - We learned that Ted Casablanca pulled both stories he originally reported Wednesday sometime on Thursday. The fact they attended the Latin Grammys may have played a part.

September 14, 2000 - Ted Casablanca is chiming in on the impending doom of Jennifer and Puffy's relationship. He talks about Jen's "reported romp with a bodyguard in London this week" where Puffy was a no-show to her UK opening of The Cell. A source close to Combs said their relationship now is "mostly for publicity" while Puffy was said to be upset over Jennifer's MTV VMA acceptance speach saying to friends the "broad didn't show respect."

September 14, 2000 - Ted does have a positive story about Jennifer this week though, as on a recent American flight from Mexico to LA she was very sweet to a female seated next to her and her daughter.

September 14, 2000 - According to Londonís Mirror, Puffy was recently spotted in Atlanta with his ex, Kim Porter, the mother of his 2-year-old son, Christopher.

September 13, 2000 - Can Jen be in two places at once? The Daily News reports her and Puffy asked for seats at tonight's Escada fashion show and dinner at Pier 92, which will feature $100 million worth of Harry Winston jewelry for the models to show off... Of course security is heavy.

September 13, 2000 - Jennifer Lopez was in the UK on Monday for their premiere of The Cell. The Sun reports security was so tight, Jennifer slept with one of the security guards. The two got caught watching a soft core porno in their room which stunned staff that walked in on them.

September 13, 2000 - Jennifer Lopez was on hand at tonight's Latin Grammy Awards in Los Angeles introducing a tribute to the late Tito Puente.

September 12, 2000 - Rick Dees reports Jennifer Lopez's billboards for The Cell are banned in Canada because they are causing traffic problems as passers by.. Why? Because she's only wearing a flesh colored outfit luring men to have their pictures taken next to it.

September 11, 2000 - Howard Stern blasted Jennifer Lopez's outfit today, saying her outfit was just not right for her big fat ass. Stern added that she looked like a hippo compared to Christina and Britney, whom he thought looked great. A caller told Howard that Jennifer was wearing the horrible outfit because it's part of Puffy's clothing line. [What do you think of the outfit? Sound off in our message boards!]

September 10, 2000 - Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas has left ICM to become a producer. Jennifer's former agent was either fired or is still close to Lopez depending on whom you believe. One source told the Daily News "Elaine objected to the [Grammy] dress that Jennifer wore. It was a career move for Lopez."

September 9, 2000 - The always controversial GroupieCentral.com is back with their VMA report, saying of Jennifer: "Toni [Braxton] had on a cleavage down to her bellybutton outfit that was trying so hard to look like Jennifer Lopez, who despite the recent rumors still looks very much in love with Sean "Puffy" Combs. Toni didn't get as much attention as Jennifer though and Toni looked irritated by that. Puffy wasn't getting as much attention as Jennifer and he look irritated by that too."

September 9, 2000 - George P. Bush revealed to the NY Daily News that he has a crush on Jennifer Lopez, as he said outside the VMAs There's not really anyone in particular I'd like to meet. I'm just here to have a good time. Well, maybe Jennifer Lopez."

September 8, 2000 - Jennifer and Puffy as they arrived at the VMA's prompted several comments. I heard several people on the radio today question "what's up with the headband?" And from Entertainment Weekly's Kristen Baldwin "Did Jennifer Lopez borrow her headband from Jackie Stallone? And why did everyone else feel the need to out-naked Jennifer Lopez's Grammy ''dress''?"

September 7, 2000 - Jennifer Lopez won Best Dance Video tonight for Waiting For Tonight at the Video Music Awards. Jennifer did have boyfriend Puffy in tow which should dispell rumors the two had broken up.

September 7, 2000 - Pagesix.com reveals Jennifer Lopez has been complaining to her friends that her clock is ticking and she'd lick to have a baby, but they add that Puffy doesn't seem to be listening.

September 5, 2000 - Reports are swirling that Jennifer Lopez and Sean Combs have split. Why? Because she was a no-show at his party in the Hamptons Sunday night. There was an earlier rumor Combs had left a "staff retreat" he held at the Water Mill, where he left supposedly with a Latina woman who wasnít Jennifer. But this reports may be overblown as Sunday he kept mostly to himself and the Daily News received news from an insider reassuring "She was exhausted after promoting her movie, Puffy didn't want to make her fly all the way up here for the party. She needed a break."

September 2, 2000 - Jennifer Lopez is nominated for Most Fashionable Artist - Female in The 6th Annual 2000 "VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards"  Presented live from the Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City on Friday, October 20 at 9:00-11:00 p.m.

September 2, 2000 - Entertainment Weekly is previewing Jennifer's new album A Passionate Journey saying "Good sign: Exec producer Cory Rooney and hit factory Rodney Jerkins are back from 6. Bad sign: Early word is she's writing much of her material."

September 2, 2000 - Jennifer Lopez will be presenting at this year's MTV Video Music Awards, and the world will watch and wait for what she wears...

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