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March 31, 2001 - Jennifer Love Hewitt was on with Craig Kilborn last night and we have a full transcript, check out our message boards.

March 29, 2001 - Jennifer Love Hewitt was Dave Letterman's surprise guest Wednesday night (Johnny Depp had originally been scheduled). We have a trascript on the message boards.

March 29, 2001 - Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jennifer Love Hewitt are paired on a kill pop-icons game on Newgrounds.com. There are dozens of other celebs to mame as well. Check it out at newgrounds.com.

March 27, 2001 - During an online chat with E! Online's Ted Casablanca, he was asked "Any real truth to the coupling rumors about Jennifer Love Hewitt and your man Alec?" The openly gay Ted replied, "Oh, how I wish he were my man. Truth is, Jennifer has a better chance of getting him than I do. And baby, those chances are slim."

March 25, 2001 - Jennifer Love Hewitt will be Friday's guest on The Late Show with Craig Kilborn. Musical guest is Shawn Colvin.

March 25, 2001 - Jennifer Love Hewitt talked to Wall of Sound about her music plans saying, "I am writing a new album as we speak, I'd like to do a bit of a female David Gray [number], with a little Tracy Chapman-Jewel feel to it. Like rhythm and blues, singer-songwriter stuff."

March 24, 2001 - Jennifer Love Hewitt was Conan O'Brien's guest Thursday and Conan unfortunately wimped out and never asked her about the local New York Post reports that Alec Baldwin was kissing her in that same day's newspaper. Check out our transcript on the message boards as well.

March 23, 2001 - The New York Post reports Alec Baldwin was seen 'slobbering four kisses on Hewitt's neck' at Monday night's premiere of "Heartbreakers" at the El Capitan Theater in L.A. A source from the movie told the Post, "She doesn't want her mother to find out she's dating - because he's too old."

March 23, 2001 - Jennifer Love Hewitt tells USA Today she's confused about all the talk concerning her breasts, "People are constantly asking me who my doctor is and referring to my chest. I don't understand what everyone's obsession with boobs is about. Every other person in the world has a pair."

March 22, 2001 - If you ever wanted to know what a Jennifer Love Hewitt belch sounds like, check it out here.

March 22, 2001 - Jennifer Love Hewitt tells the New York Post's Liz Smith "I want my career to go in a similar direction as Meg Ryan and Julia Roberts. They're beautiful, funny, creative, caring, strong and in charge. They've made smart choices, never going far from what their audiences want to see them do." Hewitt also insists she'll "picket outside the Academy Awards if Julia Roberts doesn't win" the Oscar for Erin Brokovich.

March 22, 2001 - Tony Potts will interview Jennifer Love Hewitt on tonight's Access Hollywood so be sure to tune in.

March 21, 2001 - Jennifer Love Hewitt addressed Alec Baldwin rumors on Entertainment Tonight Tuesday calling them "ridiculous" and adding, "you kind of have to laugh at it."

March 20, 2001 - In an abstracts.net poll asking if what is your favorite body feature of Jennifer Love Hewitt , 63% said breasts, 32.5% said her face, while only 4.5% said her hair, with 2181 total votes cast.

March 19, 2001 - Jennifer Love Hewitt will be Conan O'Brien's guest on Thursday's Late Night show along with Eddie Cibrian. Hewitt will also be on Live with Regis and Kelly Friday alogn with Bah-bwah Wah-wah.

March 18, 2001 - Todd McCarthy, Daily Variety Chief Film Critic gives a rather negative review of Heartbreakers and says the box office draw for the film appears to be moderate.

March 18, 2001 - Jennifer Love Hewitt was shot in New York for MTV Diary which premiered earlier this week. Included are trips to her favorite chocolate spot Serendipity, the premiere of Heartbreakers, a post luncheon with the Hearbreakers cast, and a trip to Prada.

March 17, 2001 - Jennifer Love Hewitt was on the Tonight Show Friday plugging Heartbreakers and talking about her big ears. For a full transcript, check our message board.

March 15, 2001 - Thanks Anthony. Jennifer Love Hewitt will be on MTV Diary all weekend beginning tonight at 10:30 PM. Also, Jen will reportedly by on the Today show on Friday.

March 14, 2001 - Alec Baldwin, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Mickey Rooney, and Larry "Bud" Melman were among those who partied at Lansky Lounge & Grill on Saturday for the wrap party for The Devil and Daniel Webster.

March 12, 2001 - Jennifer Love Hewitt will be on the Tonight Show Friday with musical guests The Backstreet Boys. Bring your earplugs Jen!

March 12, 2001 - The latest man to be linked to Jennifer Love Hewitt according to the New York Post is Patrick Wilson, who stars in Broadway's The Full Monty. Hewitt reportedly asked to meet Patrick after watching the Broadway show.

March 11, 2001 - Jennifer Love Hewitt reveals in March's Mademoiselle magazine Alec her reaction when Alec Baldwin asked her to play the role of the devil in his new film, "I was like, 'Are you serious?' That's so not me. But Alec said he thought about the obvious choices - that the devil would be somebody edgy, somebody with attitude, somebody sexy."

March 8, 2001 - The New York Post reports Jennifer Love Hewitt was seen at Serendipity 3 in New York ordering a frozen hot chocolate and spending $400 in the gift shop.

March 3, 2001 - The New York Daily News reports that reports of Jennifer Love Hewitt and Alec Baldwin being an item are untrue. Mitchell Fink reports Hewitt and LFO's Rich Cronin have been dating quietly for nearly two years.

March 3, 2001 - Rich Cronin is gushing about Jennifer Love Hewitt in Teen People. "I'd always look at her movies and be like, 'This girl's hot, man!' I remember a movie called 'Trojan War,' seeing her on the cover and being like, 'I love this girl!'" After striking up a friendship with Hewitt, he took it to the next level when he wrote the song Girl on TV and sent it to her. "I didn't hear anything for a while," he said. "I was like, 'Oh, my God, I ruined everything.' I was friends with her, and now she thinks I'm a psycho! She's never going to talk to me again!" Fortunately for Cronin, he was wrong.

March 2, 2001 - Popbitch.com reveals Jennifer Love Hewitt has visited a Los Angeles bridal shop every few months to try on wedding dresses for the past three years.

March 2, 2001 - The New York Post reports Jennifer Love Hewitt and Alec Baldwin are getting increasingly close onthe set of The Devil and Daniel Webster. A insider on the set revealed the two constantly whisper, hug and pass notes to each other like a couple of school kids.

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