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August 31, 2000 - The New York Daily News had photos of Jennifer cozying up with Andre Agassi during her appearance at his weekend TV special in conjuntion with the Arthur Ashe Kids Day [sorry, we don't have the pic]

August 28, 2000 - During the Arthur Ashe Kids Day festivities, Jennifer happily signed autographs for fans.

August 26, 2000 - We've added message boards to abstracts.net! It's still somewhat under construction but feel free to sign up and post here. Starting next month we'll have a $25 gift certificate at Amazon.com for post of the month!

August 26, 2000 - Jennifer Love Hewitt was a celebrity umpire during today's doubles exhibition during Arthur Ashe Kids Day festivities at the National Tennis Center in New York.

August 26, 2000 - Anthony on our message boards tells us Jennifer is rumored to be on the verge of signing a record contract with Jive Records, and we've seen hints of Hewitt diving back into singing with soundtrack titles on two upcoming animations.

August 26, 2000 - Jennifer Love Hewitt attended a fundraiser for the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation at film producer Lawrence Bender's house last Wednesday.

August 23, 2000 - Jennifer Love Hewitt was spotted kissing Latin heartthrob Enrique Iglesias after the singer flew her over to Las Vegas in his private jet to see him perform, reports the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Enrique was last linked with Christina Aguilera. Hewitt's rep though told the Post that they're just friends.

August 21, 2000 - Funny story about the Teen Choice Awards, as the Enquirer reports that a pimply faced geek approached Jennifer backstage and made a pass at her, making Jennifer freak out and call for security guards.... The geek, Jim Carey, who was donning makeup and laughing hysterically afterwards along with witnesses that knew of the prank beforehand.

August 21, 2000 - Jennifer was on Access Hollywood tonight talking about her role in the sequel The Hunchback of Notre Dame II, which premieres on Walt Disney Home Video and Disney DVD in 2001. She'll star as Quasimodo's love interest, the circus performer Madellaine, and Hewitt also co-wrote and sings the film's end-title song. They played a clip of the song and she sounds wonderful. [not to sound too alarmed, but Jennifer seems to be getting too involved with cartoons, with 3 coming up... we want to see Jennifer in front of the camera!]

August 19, 2000 - Apparently Jennifer's Extra appearance was from the Democratic National Conventions party to raise money for the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation.

August 19, 2000 -  eBay has an autographed picture of Jennifer Love Hewitt auctioning. The 8x10 (item #409958447) has a current bid of $20.00 and ends August 24th.

August 19, 2000 - Jennifer Love Hewitt will be among several celebs at the fifth annual Arthur Ashe Kids' Day presented by Aetna to be held on Saturday, August 26 at the USTA National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, N.Y.

August 19, 2000 - A picture of Jennifer from the Teen Choice Awards, where she showed a lot of skin. This picture is bidding on eBay.

August 17, 2000 - Jennifer Love Hewitt was shown in a clip on Extra tonight, where she divulged that "I want to be first lady... In real life." [is there a better incentive for men to enter politics?]

August 6, 2000 - According to the Enquirer, Jennifer Love Hewitt may soon be making a surprise appearance on the CBS soap Passions. The reason? Jennifer apparently has the hots for Latino star Galen Gering, who acts in the show. Jen told a show's producer she'd love to do a "romantic fantasy segment" with Galen's character Luis.

August 5, 2000 -  eBay has an autographed picture of Jennifer Love Hewitt auctioning. The 8x10 (item #400426338) has a current bid of $9.99 and ends August 13th.

August 5, 2000 - The full name of the porn star who looks very similar to Jennifer is Chloe Nichole, we've learned.

August 1, 2000 - Star Magazine reports that Jennifer Love Hewitt and Toby Maguire are playing it smart and enjoying quiet dinners before deciding to get serious.

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