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July 29, 2000 - From the Yahoo Chat with Pagesix.com's Chris Wilson "p6_chiquira asks: Do you think Jennifer Love Hewitt is hurt over the break up of her and Carson Daly? p6_chris_wilson: she was, but she and I had a long talk about it, and now she's ok.......trust me" [Chris sounds alot like me!]

July 24, 2000 - We're getting conflicting information as just tonight Extra ran a special on women doing nude scenes in movies, in which they said Jennifer Love Hewitt still is opposed to bearing her bosom.

July 22, 2000 - We hear that CNN's Biz Buzz dropped the bombshell that Jennifer Love Hewitt will be appearing topless in her role in Breakers, which they expected will give the film a big boost. [they ain't kiddin!]

July 22, 2000 -  eBay has an autographed picture and non autographed of Jennifer Love Hewitt auctioning. The 8x10s (items #386523163 and #385035049) have a current bid of $19.99 and $4.99 respectively and end July 26th and 27th.

July 20, 2000 - Perhaps Toby Maguire's feeble pickup attempts on Jennifer were effective after all, as E! Online's Ted Casablanca reports today that the two saw catching Neil Simon's The Good Doctor together.

July 15, 2000 - Jennifer Love Hewitt is featured in three different candid shots we pulled up. The first two are off an eBay auction (item #379840430) while the last was in a usenet fan group from her premiere appearance for The Beach.

July 15, 2000 - More work for Jennifer, as Warner Home Video will be releasing a direct to video release of Scooby-Doo and the Alien Invaders, which features Hewitt singing the legendary Scooby-Doo theme song... who said her singing career was finished?!

July 1, 2000 -  eBay has an autographed picture of Jennifer Love Hewitt auctioning. The 8x10 (item #378634295) has a current bid of $21 and ends July 16th.

July 8, 2000 - Jennifer Love Hewitt has found work. She's signed on with Nokia to do print, outdoor and magazine promotions. The PR also states that her Q rating of 37 makes her the most popular actress on TV amongst 18 to 34 year olds, Nokia's target market. Hewitt commented by saying "My partnership with Nokia is a perfect match because we both have the common goal of striving to connect with other people." [yeah, especially her agent at her last visit to Valentino]

July 8, 2000 - There is a porno star that looks remarkably similar to Jennifer Love Hewitt named Chloe (no, not Chloe Jones either), although less endowed. Some of her extremely raunchy pictures have been showing up on the JLH usenet group.[sorry, we can't even link to them, let alone post them!]

July 8, 2000 -  eBay has an 20x16 picture of Jennifer Love Hewitt auctioning. The photo (item #371063092) has a current bid of $22.69 and ends July 9th

July 8, 2000 - More details on Time of Your Life, as the shows two recent episodes got a 1.3 rating with adults 18-49. The Washington Post complained "Time of Your Life chokes on its own cuteness" adding sarcastically "One can assume that producers Christopher Keyser and Amy Lippman kept sending back drafts of scripts for rewrite with such notes as 'Not cute enough,' 'Make cuter' and 'You call this cute?"

July 1, 2000 -  eBay has an autographed picture of Jennifer Love Hewitt auctioning. The 8x10 (item #371055158) has a current bid of $35 and ends July 9th.

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