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April 29, 2001 - Jessica Alba won for Breakthrough Performer at the American Latino Media Awards (Almas) last Sunday.

April 29, 2001 - A preview ad for Dark Angel which has been laminated is up for bids on ebay. The photo features Jessica Alba in a black tank top, item #1427110666, which is bid at $3.95 and the auction ends May 4th.

April 25, 2001 - Wireimage.com has press room photos of Jessica Alba to the Kid's Choice Awards here [pages 14/15]. For arrival photos, check here [pages 11/12].

April 22, 2001 - Jessica Alba appeared on the Nickelodean Kid's Choice Awards with Nick Cannon to present Cameron Diaz the award for Favorite Burp. Jessica also lost to Aaron Carter in the Favorite Rising Star award. Check out our 9 picture gallery from the show by clicking the photo.

April 15, 2001 - Jessica Alba is featured in an autographed photo auction on ebay. The 8x10 picture, item #1132857543, is unbid at $29.95 and the auction ends April 19th.

April 8, 2001 - An amazing sketch of Jessica Alba is being auctioned on ebay. The 11x17 artwork, item #1130582209, can be seen at ebay.com.

April 4, 2001 - Buffy and Angel producer Joss Whedon is upset with 20th Century Fox for pitting Dark Angel up against his show Angel. Whedon explains, "The fact that they put it on opposite a show that they produce, thereby hurting it, shows that they really don't care." As for the similar Dark Angel title, the producer asks, "I watch it, and her name is not 'Angel,' and she's not an angel, so why the f*** would they call it that?" Read more.

April 3, 2001 - Well there was no Jessica Alba chat on Seventeen.com Sunday. Turns out whoever spread this news was pulling an April Fool's Day stunt. Sorry.

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