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Honey (2003) playing as Honey Daniels 
The Sleeping Dictionary (2002) playing as Selima
Paranoid (2000) playing as Chloe
Idle Hands (1999) playing as Molly
Never Been Kissed (1999) playing as Kirsten Liosis
P.U.N.K.S. (1998) playing as Samantha Swaboda
Too Soon for Jeff (1996)
Venus Rising (1995) playing as Young Eve
Camp Nowhere (1994) playing as Gail
Punk'd (2003) playing as Herself
The Tonight Show With Jay Leno (2001)
The Conan O'Brien Show (2001) interview
Dark Angel (2000-present) (series) playing as Max Guevara
The Tonight Show (2000/2001) Interview
Flipper (1995-1996) (series) playing as Maya Graham
The Secret World of Alex Mack (1994-1995) (series) playing as Jessica
The Love Boat: The Next Wave (1998) playing as Layla (Remember?)
Beverly Hills, 90210 (1998) playing as Leanne (The Nature of Nurture)
Beverly Hills, 90210 (1998) playing as Leanne (Making Amends)
Brooklyn South (1998) playing  as Melissa Hauer (Exposing Johnson)
Chicago Hope (1996) playing as Maria (Sexual Perversity in Chicago Hope)