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April 20, 2001 - Jessica Biel was a focus of PBS Frontline who did a special this week on The Merchants of Cool. Jeff Morrone, who 'discovered' Jessica admitted, "She was my client for five years, and I found her here. She was on stage. She was 12 years old. Most people here weren't interested in her. She didn't, I don't think, really win any awards. And she was 12 years old, and she was- she was, like, way too tall for her age." Read more. PBS will re-air the eye-opening special May 1st.

February 10, 2001 - Jessica Biel is coming out as remorseful over her Gear magazine pictorial and the early departure from 7th Heaven. Zap2it.com reported Biel saying, "That was such a big mistake. I made a horrible, horrible choice. Those were not the people to work with and not the right thing for myself." Read more.

January 28, 2001 - Thanks mittens454. Seventeen reports Adam La Vorgna, who plays Robbie  on the WB's 7th Heaven, is dating costar Jessica Biel. The two met during filming of I'll Be Home for Christmas.

January 21, 2001 - Jessica Biel is featured here in an autographed picture auction on ebay. The photo, item #1404741049, is unbid at $24.95 and ends January 27th.

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