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August 25, 2001 - AP's Malcolm Ritter reviewed Summer Catch calling it "a good opportunity to ogle attractive young men and women... but it's not much more than that."

August 25, 2001 - A fantastic Q&A with Jessica Biel is on EW.com where Jessica talks about the Gear photo shoot saying, "First of all, I wasn't happy with those pictures either. I saw pictures that were different from the ones that ran in the magazine. We thought the layout was going to be much more subdued. I'm talking about how much was shown of my chest area. So I was shocked and my family was heartbroken about the pictures that ran. It was really difficult, but you know, it's over now and I'm OK with it and my family knows that that's never ever going to happen again." Jessica adds, "I look back now and I'm like, 'God, I was a nutball!'" Read more.

August 25, 2001 - Mack Bates of the Journal Sentinel reviewed Summer Catch saying it "aims to be a Generation X Bull Durham but ends up falling somewhere between Major League and The Bad News Bears All Grown Up."

August 25, 2001 - The Pittsburgh Tribune's movie critic Ed Blank gave Summer Catch 1 1/2 stars saying, "Summer Catch wasn't produced. It was Xeroxed. And still they smudged it."The full review at pittsburghlive.com has since been removed.

August 25, 2001 - Louis Hobson of the Calgary Sun gave mixed reviews on Summer Catch saying the film "has its moments, but as far as raunchy summer comedies and baseball movies go, it's definitely minor league." Read more.

August 25, 2001 - Jessica Biel talked about her role as an upper-class girl in Summer Catch admitting, "I tried to make her look more refined. I took away the slang. I stopped saying 'you know' and 'like'. I worked on my posture. My back was always straight as a board."

August 25, 2001 - The Seattle Times' Pam Sitt comments on Summer Catch saying, Unfortunately, what is meant to be inspirational is merely laughable, and what is meant to be a Summer Catch is a total dud."

August 25, 2001 - The Detroit Free Press' Terry Lawson slammed Summer Catch calling it, "the movie equivalent of a player called up because someone has been killed in a plane crash or arrested for soliciting a transvestite. It is to movies what expansion is to baseball: You've built the parks; now you have to have something to put in them." The full story at freep.com has since been removed.

August 25, 2001 - The Philadelphia Enquirer's Steven Rea joined the Summer Catch bashing parade saying, "Prinze, with his puppy-dog frown and unconvincing athleticism, is about as lightweight as a leading man can get, and Biel's line-readings make a perfect match for his: the vacuity is frightening." Rea actually had the most positive review I've read giving it 2 stars anyways. The full story at philly.com has since been removed.

August 23, 2001 - eZuma.com had photos, since removed, of Jessica Biel, who apparently arrived alone (though Beverly Mitchell was there) at the Summer Catch premiere in Los Angeles last night.

August 23, 2001 - Well Jessica actually has done some Summer Catch promo work as apparently she chatted on AOL yesterday. Since I don't have AOL, hopefully someone can post a transcript on the message boards.

August 21, 2001 - Jessica Biel was onhand at the Teen Choice awards where 7th Heaven won an award. Jessica was wearing a white ultra tight, jaw-dropping tanktop and thanked the crowd.

August 21, 2001 - While Freddie Prinze Jr. is lined up for press appearances all over late night television, radio, even ESPN, Jessica Biel from what I can find isn't doing any press for Summer Catch. Strange eh, especially for someone trying to establish a film career.

August 21, 2001 - Freddie Prinze was on with Howard Stern Monday morning and Howard asked if there was any chemistry between him and Jessica Biel. Freddie said Jessica was great and they are friends, but he is commited to Sarah.

August 15, 2001 - Allpop.com reports Jessica Biel will return to 7th Heaven for a full season, appearing in every episode starting this fall. Jessica then plans to spend the seventh and eighth season doing guest spots on the drama. Read more.

August 15, 2001 - TheWB.com has a short interview with Jessica Biel where she gives a somewhat bizarre answer on coping with fame, "Fame is kind of weird sometimes, but I'm used to it. Sometimes I freak myself out that I'm so used to it. But it's like, I don't know, peeing! It's natural." The interview has since been removed.

August 8, 2001 - Freddie Prinze Jr. had great things to say about his Summer Catch co-star Jessica Biel to Entertainment Tonight Tuesday. Prinze says, "I just believe in her, and she'll be as big as she wants to be."

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