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September 29, 2001 - A great photo of Jessica Biel was part of the WB's promotional handout for Seventh Heaven. Yahoo has since removed it.

September 27, 2001 - The Globe reports Jessica Biel has admitted why she did the Gear layout. Biel says, "I was 17, and I just didn't want my parents to tell me what to do, so I did it in front of the entire country." Biel added, "It was a really bad decision on my part. I got involved with the wrong people." Jessica says she did learn an important lesson from it though and said it made her more mature in the process.

September 26, 2001 - The Orlando Sentinel reports Jessica Biel reveals her 7th Heaven character this season will have an unusual job young girls can look up to. Jessica says, "It's really good for young girls. I'll give you a little hint: It's a profession that there's not too many women in."

September 8, 2001 - US Weekly talked about stars who are in college and quot Tufts University student Jessica Biel admitting, "My first semester was really hard for me. I was sitting in my dorm room, 'Mom, I miss you. Help me with my paper!'"

September 1, 2001 - Summer Catch brought in $7.5 million in its debut week to appear at #6 on the week's box office figures, with American Pie staying on top.

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