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May 28, 2001 - We're getting reports from the JessicaCentral message board and ours that 98 Degrees, Jessica Simpson, and Britney were at the *NSYNC show in Hershey, PA this weekend.

May 27, 2001 - People Picks and Pans reviewed Jessica Simpson's Irresistible saying it has it's moments: "Imagination" "I Never" and the peppy title track, though concludes by saying, "A diva still in training."

May 27, 2001 - Jessica Simpson is featured here in an autographed photo auction on ebay. The 8x10 picture, item #1433745229, is unbid at $19.99 and the auction ends May 28th.

May 26, 2001 - US Weekly's celebrity fashion police blasted Jessica Simpson's outfit for the MTV Icon Awards with Claudia Lonow saying, "I like the way her hair extensions caress her faux breasts." MTV's Dave Holmes added, "I love you, Rodeo Barbie." E!'s Aisha Tyler adds, "Later, she put on her chaps and rode Christina Aguilera off into the sunset." Finally, Matt Weinhold concluded, "Most talented performer at the car and boat show."

May 22, 2001 - Jessica's official site says she'll be performing her hit Irresistible on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on June 7th.

May 21, 2001 - Fans can pre-order Jessica Simpson's Irresistible CD ahead of its June 5th release for only $9.90 at our partner site, mymusic.com. Click here for a direct link.

May 20, 2001 - Jessica Simpson will be performing live in New York on Thursday May 24th on 59th and 5th in the plaza in front of the CBS early Show studios.

May 16, 2001 - Jessica Simpson was ranked #23 in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2001 edition, voted on by readers. Jessica was at #30 last year and Jennifer Lopez was rated #1 for the second straight year.

May 13, 2001 - The transcript of Jessica Simpson's appearance on Rosie O'Donnell was posted on her official site's message board. Check it out here, which includes Jess inexplicably telling Rosie her and Nick are still dating.

May 10, 2001 - Jessica Simpson called into TRL from Europe to talk about the new album, saying she's really excited about the record and it's more R&B and has more edge about it. Jess talked about the scary scenes shooting Irresistable before they premiered the video on TRL. Jessica says she's been working hard on the dance aspects of her act as she incorporates a more up-tempo sound.

May 8, 2001 - In an abstracts.net poll asking if you think Jessica Simpson criticizes her female peers too much, 35.4% said yes while 64.6% said she doesn't, with 680 total votes.

May 6, 2001 - Jessica Simpson is Rosie O'Donnell's guest on Friday.

May 6, 2001 - Jessica Simpson will join Destiny's Child, Eve, Dream, 3LW, and Nelly for a TRL package tour this summer. Read more.

May 4, 2001 - Jessica Simpson issued a statement today on JessicaCentral.com regarding her relationship with Nick Lachey; "Tonight I want to address some of the rumors you've been hearing. Nick and I are very much in love. He is my whole world. As of right now, I've seen him twice in the last three months. This isn't fair for any relationship! I know that love is stronger than time a part, but right now we are going to use use this time to focus on our spiritual and emotional growth independently. Right now my main focus is my career. I pray that each of you will support this decision and trust us in God's hands." The key word in the carefully crafted message presumably written by a publicist after approval from both her and 98 Degree's management is "independently." The breakup may add credibility to an earlier account on our forum from user 'asmodeus' stating that Nick and one of the blonde female dancers in 98 Degrees were alledgedly spotted "all over each other" where the girl alledgedly told Nick "she would be waiting for him in the room" at the San Jose Hyatt Hotel before the Z95.7 Jingle Ball 2000 show on December 2nd.

May 3, 2001 - The New York Post as well as Worldpop report Jessica Simpson has broken up with long-time boyfriend Nick Lachey. Still no confirmation or denial from Jessica's official site JessicaCentral.com. Stay tuned.

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