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March 26, 2000 - Recently we checked out a lot of the rumors that have been floating on the groupiecentral.com message boards specifically related to Nick. As with all the boy bands, there are allegations of a sexual nature for all the band members, surprisingly with Justin, regarded by most as the homely one, as getting the most 'action'. There are some mean-spirited comments on Nick & Jess but remember that a hangout for groupies is not a place were Jessica and her abstinence values would be well received.

March 26, 2000 - We found some great pics of Nick and Jess when they attended and performed at the premiere of Here on Earth. There are four pics from their arrival at the LA event.

March 20, 2000 - The MTV Fanatic episode with Jessica Simpson was taped last Thursday, we'll let you know when it will be aired.

March 15, 2000 - Check out today's issue of USA Today for a lengthy piece on Jennifer by Elysa Gardner. Jessica talks about Nick, her struggles to get signed by a Christian record label, and a her abstinence.

March 14, 2000 - Jessica Simpson programming alert: Jessica and Nick LIVE on TRL Performing Where You Are Wednesday March 22 at 3:30pm. Also, Jessica appears on The Tonight Show w/Jay Leno Tuesday, March 14 on NBC... That's TONIGHT!

March 3, 2000 - Nick and Jessica are on the cover of Seventeen this month, what's more, the two are featured in a special online interview as well with some great pictures.

February 15, 2000 - Plenty of interesting stuff from Jessica's Valentine's Day chat on MSN. Jess says she's signed with WB for a show that may have a pilot beginning this fall, her 15 year old sister will be co-starring. She also said that her record company and Nick were supportive of her going public about her and Nick's relationship, and who can blame them, it seemingly has been a boon for both their careers to this point. Jess says she'll be working on a new album come end of summer. Other tidbits from Jess... Nick does catch flack about being unable to make sweety monkey love with Jessie, she'd love to do a duet with Christina Aguilera, and she says Ricky Martin is the nicest guy she's ever met.

February 13, 2000 - If you saw Saturday Night Live last night you'd have noticed that Jessica Simpson's virginity was parodied in which girls who professed to being pure actually weren't and the agony that their boyfriends go through. This is the first attack at Jessica we've seen at abstracts.net, but we guess its something to expect as her popularity rises.

February 12, 2000 - Nick and Jess were on the NBA Team-up All Star show Saturday doing a duet for their hit Where You Are. Jessica was sporting a Steve Francis jersey, who plays for the Houston Rockets. Nick was in a Miami Heat warm-up outfit. Jessica had these HUGE earpieces on and in the middle of the performance one fell out. Not sure why she was wearing these so we'll have to look into that.

February 6, 2000 - In a snow bound lovefest, Jessica and Nick hosted a Video Snowdown and sang a duet together in Big Bear Lake, California. We think the only question is when is Nick going to pop the question, considering the fact that Jess is 'holding out' we'd suspect very soon!

January 31, 2000 - YM & MTV are teaming up for the first all-MTV issue debuting in March 2000. Join Jessica Simpson for a LIVE Online Chat Wednesday, February 9th @ 8pm ET.

January 10, 2000 - Jessica Simpson to chat live on Alloy Online (alloy.com) Tuesday January 18th at 7pm EST.

January 10, 2000 - Jessica Simpson updates the diary on her official site giving details of her new video with Nick Lachey as well as insight on People Magazine's pictorial of her and Nick's millenium kiss.

December 31, 1999 - Jessica Simpson appears on MTV showing off her diamond bracelet given as a gift by boyfriend and fellow musician Nick Lachey.

December 29, 1999 - Jessica Simpson provides a harsh critique of her own album in Amazon.com's reviews section, after many Amazon customers gave rather backhanded compliments of the CD, giving it 4 of 5 stars. Quoting Jessica "Remember this is my DEBUT album... My next album will feature much more emotional and inspiring songs. My first album, though nice, was rather "juvenile" Await my next album, and You wont be Dissappointed! ~**Jess" [editor's note: we'll concur with Jessica here, the same criticisms were given to Mariah Carey on her initial release. Jessica is still only 19 years old so she has much maturing to do as an artist, but shows great promise and great 'eye appeal'.]

December 14, 1999 - Jessica Simpson is forced to cancel the rest of her tour opening for Ricky Martin due to illness.