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September 27, 2004 - The Sun reports that Leonardo DiCaprio has been dumped by Gisele Bundchen, who has turned her affection to fellow actor Josh Hartnett. "It's definitely over. Gisele got fed up waiting for Leo to pop the question," a pal revealed. "She loves him but no longer sees him as the man she will marry. The whole experience has been traumatic Gisele has left her three dogs behind in LA because Leo is very close to them. They have a lot to sort out and hopefully they can remain friends. Gisele has become very close to Josh. He's been a great help to her over the last few weeks."

September 20, 2004 - Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Josh Hartnett, Mandy Moore, Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler, and former Jane's Addiction frontman Perry Farrell were on hand for the Marc Jacobs Spring 2005 Women's Fashion Show and celebration of the womens fragrance 'Blush' during Olympus Fashion Week in New York City on Monday (September 13). Check out pictures here.

September 20, 2004 - Josh Hartnett was photographed shopping in Soho, New York City on September 12th. LFI has since removed the images.

September 20, 2004 - Josh Hartnett tells Star magazine he won't let anyone on the sets of his films tidy up his bushy eyebrows, because plucking hurts too much.

September 20, 2004 - The New York Post reports Josh Hartnett was spotted at Freemans allowing two stunning models to pay for his dinner.

September 13, 2004 - Nick Schager of Slant magazine says Josh Hartnett is far too stolid to convey the frazzled desperation required by McGuigan's soporific romantic mystery 'Wicker Park'. Check out Schager's review here.

September 6, 2004 - Josh Hartnett attended a 'Wicker Park' press conference on August 29th at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. Check out pictures from WireImage.

September 6, 2004 - Josh Hartnett attended MGM's World Premiere of 'Wicker Park' held at The Egyptian Theatre in Holywood, California on Tuesday (August 31). Check out pictures from Abaca, ShootingStar, FilmMagic, DailyCeleb, CelebrityPhoto, and GettyImages (premiere / afterparty).

September 6, 2004 - Josh Hartnett has no problem with his unibrow. "No one is allowed to touch my eyebrows. Someone once plucked them on the set, and it hurt like hell," Hartnett said, according to World Entertainment News Network. "You know those little hairs between the brows? I'm cool with them."

September 6, 2004 - Josh Hartnett discusses his new romantic drama, 'Wicker Park,' about a man obsessed with the love of his life, with KTLA. Video at ktla.feedroom.com has since been removed.

September 6, 2004 - Derek Tse of the Toronto Sun reviewed Josh Hartnett's new film 'Wicker Park', giving it 3 stars. Tse says that the film "subverts your expectations. Whenever you think it's going to go into tried and true psycho movie territory, it goes another, more thoughtful way instead. Still, its convoluted structure and revelation upon revelation -- and its lack of a strong foil for Hartnett -- strain credulity and lend the movie a kind of aimless feeling that it can't quite overcome." The full story at canoe.ca has since been removed.

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