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November 30, 2000 - *NSYNC performed This I Promise You last night and were interviewed by Jay afterwards.

November 30, 2000 - In a poll on Entertaindom.com asking "Who's the best Boy Band ever?" *NSYNC is leading with 43.3% over the Backstreet Boys 32.8% currently. Amazingly, the Beatles are 3rd with only 16.7%.

November 30, 2000 - From today's Mitchell Fink column: "There's no doubt that Justin Timberlake is the biggest star in *NSYNC. All the evidence you need is in the sales figures of *NSYNC dolls: While facsimiles of the other members can be found almost anywhere, the Timberlake doll is sold out practically everywhere you shop."

November 30, 2000 - Beyonce is on the wires asking for the guys of *NSYNC to collaborate with her on her band's upcoming album due out in February. Beyonce admits, We're trying to get 'N Sync [on the CD]."

November 30, 2000 - Sid & Marty Krofft Pictures is suing *NSYNC for copyright infringement for breach of implied-in-fact contract for images on the pop group's No Strings Attached tour merchandise. Specifically, the company was hired to create the 25-foot puppets of each member but the designs were used to create other merchandise, and the company never received any royalties from those sales.

November 29, 2000 - *NSYNC was on Access Hollywood last night to promo their acoustic performance on FOX.

November 29, 2000 - More and more evidence is emerging that *NSYNC's 2.4 million first week US album sales record will stand, with Musicland Director of Marketing admitting to TVGuide.com "My guess is it'll do 60 to 70 percent of what they did, It's still a huge album, though."

November 29, 2000 - We're getting several reports from the message boards of Britney Spears being on hand for *NSYNC's concerts in Los Angeles. Trying2GetIt in the message boards reports that Britney was visible in the VIP section during This I Promise You, saying, "Well,when they came over to the VIP section she was in Justin totally started showing off for her! It was so adorable.  He started doing the running man and the cabbage patch and all thos old dances trying to make her laugh and she did and they were both doubling over. Then he smiled and started singing to her for real. It was sweet."

November 29, 2000 - In what many on our message boards viewed as a letdown to the reported 'big announcement from *NSYNC', they announced an alliance with Microsoft to form a new Internet service called *NSYNC@MSN. The closed content subscription site will deny anyone not subscribed through the service an opportunity to see exclusive newsletters, never before seen pics, un-seen video footage. It is unknown how many additional millions the already rich group will make through this subscription model rather than provide it for free on their official site.

November 27, 2000 - Moby is commenting to Spin on several songs, including *NSYNC's Bye Bye Bye saying, "So much effort has gone into this you almost have to like it. You have 20 Swedish guys writing the songs, and they know what they're doing. It's the craft aspect-like looking at a well put together cabinet. You may not want to buy the cabinet, but you can be impressed by how well its doors open."

November 27, 2000 - Entertainment Weekly's Hot Sheet lists at number 14: "Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. Word is they're house hunting together in Florida. Yes, they're nearing retirement age."

November 27, 2000 - As a reminder, *NSYNC will be on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno Wednesday as musical guests. Sally Field will be Jay's other guest.

November 25, 2000 - Richard Marx talks to Launch.com about working with *NSYNC on This I Promise You, as well as comments he relays from Justin Timberlake saying, "Justin told me that when he sent the whole album to his parents--you know, the advance CD without any of the credits or anything--his dad called up and said, 'Wow, the album's great, but why is Richard Marx singing on this ballad?' So, that's pretty funny. I think it is just that they lived with my demo of it--and we both have a raspy voice."

November 25, 2000 - *NSYNC was on MTV last night to countdown a portion of the top 100 pop songs of all time with Carson.

November 25, 2000 - Went to Tower Records yesterday and noticed in addition to an *NSYNC poster display, there was a Justin Timberlake display... but none for the other members. Also went to Barnes & Noble, there is an *NSYNC 2001 calendar and a Justin Timberlake calendar... but no individual calendars for the other members.

November 25, 2000 - *NSYNC was on ET last night to promo their acoustic performance on FOX.

November 25, 2000 - The story of Daniele McGuire was again the focus in the media today, as the New York Post reports *NSYNC's rep didn't return calls to respond to the alledged abuse of the fan. The Post also noted similar bodyguard abuses at the preview opening of Planet Hollywood in Times Square a week earlier. The Post Dispatch, which broke the story, has the original report here, as well as a review of their concert in St. Louis.

November 25, 2000 - Justin Timberlake's pictures (2 autographed) are featured in a trio of ebay auctions. The first has him in a stage outfit, item #508226663, which is unbid at only $15 and ends November 26th. The second, item #505995894, is a closeup bid at $15.51 and ends November 28th. The third, item #504977016, shows Justin beatboxing in Atlanta and is unsigned, which is bid at $3.50 and ends November 27th.

November 23, 2000 - The Sun reports (we've also heard this on the message boards) Justin Timberlake screamed at fan Danielle McGuire, 15, after he overheard her in a U.S. hotel saying he wasn't handsome. 

November 23, 2000 - The New York Post reports Denise Rich will be escorted to the Angel Ball, her G&P Foundation gala, on November 30th by *NSYNC.

November 22, 2000 - Porn star Jenteal when asked by Metal-Sludge.com which rock star and which porn star deserve a smack in the mouth and why said "*NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys all deserve a smack in the mouth to SHUT THEM THE F*** UP! I don't really have any reason to smack any porn stars. Unless I was gonna smack them on the *ss"

November 22, 2000 - Lil' Bow Wow is joining the *NSYNC tour for selected dates, click here for more details.

November 22, 2000 - Lance Bass made candid comments on the Backstreet Boys album, Black in Blue, saying, "It's way more ballad-y, I loved the first new song (Shape Of My Heart) they released ... I think they're just trying to change their market too much. It wasn't as fun as I thought it'd be." For more details, click here.

November 21, 2000 - The New York Daily News' Mitchell Fink reported that Justin and Britney were spotted in Miami house hunting, though not necessarily for a home together.

November 21, 2000 - The New York Posts Micheal Lewittes reports in an online chat that when he ran into Justin at the Planet Hollywood opening in New York, he asked him "If he could do anything over again, what would it be?" Timberlake replied that he wouldn't have bleached his hair white when he was 15. Lewittes says Timberlake now "has a Harpo Marx hairstyle, that's the color of Tang."

November 20, 2000 - Official site statistics from NSYNC.com advertising agent, Musicvision (who also handles the majority of ads on this site also) are available here. The official site serves 25,000,000 impressions per month and has 850,000 users, 86% of which are female.

November 20, 2000 - Check out the press conference *NSYNC held before the launch of the 2nd leg of their No Strings Attached tour that consists of two parts, one with Lance, JC, and Joey... The other with Justin and Chris.

November 20, 2000 - *NSYNC filmed an anti-underage drinking message to be broadcast as a Public Service Announcement during the Super Bowl which will air January 28th.

November 19, 2000 - In David Browne's unkind review of Black & Blue this week, he did take give *NSYNC a backhanded compliment in saying, "*NSYNC's No Strings Attached was ridiculously overblown, but the quintet's attempts at R&B and sci-fi concept fiestas did have a certain daring. He also says Backstreet's Get Another Boyfriend "uncannily mimics the R^B moves on the latest album of their archrivals, *NSYNC." Browne gave Black & Blue a C grade.

November 19, 2000 - Entertainment Weekly reports that Jive Records has shipped over 5 million copies of Backstreet Boys Black & Blue, which tops *NSYNC's 4.2 million shipment. They term the race for the record in election-like terms "too close to call."

November 19, 2000 - Justin Timberlake commenting to Wall of Sound on what he'll be doing after the tour says, "I don't know what I'm going to do. I'll probably just write some music and maybe get into some on-screen stuff. This could all change. I'm weird like that."

November 18, 2000 - Helena went to the Toronto show Thursday night and gave a recap and posted some pictures from the show. From the looks of it, the Britney tattoo rumor is false.

November 18, 2000 - Justin was on the Beatles special on ABC last night. All the *NSYNC member clips were very short.

November 17, 2000 - A poll on MTVasia.com asking if Britney Spears should marry Justin Timberlake resulted in 72% of the people saying no, with 16,039 total votes cast.

November 17, 2000 - Dees Sleaze reports that Justin's favorite snack is cereal and in fact he doesn't like to go out to eat meals, he likes to snack on cereal all throughout the day. Rick said his only regular non-cereal meal is dinner.

November 17, 2000 - Dees Sleaze reports that Justin Timberlake get a tattoo on his arm that says "BS4Ever" after a recent trip to Toronto.

November 17, 2000 - Some bitter comments are emerging from what appears to be a former *NSYNC fan who ran a humor site of the band and had met with the guys several times. For her comments, and the especially eye raising ones directed at Joey Fatone's brother Steve, click here.

November 17, 2000 - We hear from the message boards that *NSYNC was unable to sell out it's 2nd show in Toronto, even though *NSYNC's management claims the concert sold out in under a minute.

November 16, 2000 - E! Online's Ted Casablanca reveals that Justin Timberlake is upset over a column he ran a few weeks ago leaking that Justin's been on the prowl for women when Britney isn't around. Spies tell Ted that Justin sent out angry emails to friends for leaking the story.

November 16, 2000 - Thestar.com looks at the battle pitting *NSYNC against Backstreet Boys for who will have the record first week in album sales. The portion of the article that should be taken to heart, "No matter what happens, the record company and the bands will benefit from increased CD sales, and the teenage fans who idolize these boy bands will all be a little lighter in the wallet."

November 16, 2000 - More details on *NSYNC's visit to the Planet Hollywood opening, as celebrities like Ben Affleck, David Hasselhoff, Donald Trump and girlfriend Melania Knauss also attended.

November 15, 2000 - Worldpop reports *NSYNC were in New York Monday night to help launch The Wild Foundation, which occurred at Planet Hollywood.

November 15, 2000 - Howard Stern talked about how his daughter went to the *NYNC concert last Thursday, but had to negotiate his way into the show since he mistakenly got tickets for Friday's show. Her and a friend were allowed to dance up onstage also.

November 14, 2000 - *NSYNC has been nominated for Best Band, Duo or Group and Best Album (No Strings Attached) in the 2001 American Music Award which will be seen January 8th on ABC.

November 14, 2000 - The Enquirer reveals that the Halloween night Britney was partying in Germany, Justin Timberlake spent three hours dancing and chatting with a scantily clad blonde at club Level in South Beach.

November 14, 2000 - MMC castmate Kerri Russell is commenting on her fellow castmates to EW Online saying, "I love going to the newsstand and seeing someone I knew when they were 12 on the cover of Rolling Stone. It cracks me up. JC is mostly my age, but Britney, Christina, and Justin were in a younger age group, so I'm more protective of them. When I hear that someone's written something negative about any of them wearing skimpy outfits, I get upset. They're 18, give em a break!"

November 11, 2000 - Mitchell Fink of the New York Daily News reports Friday 1that Justin Timberlake was overheard in the greenroom of The Rosie O'Donnell Show bragging about plans to buy pearls for "my girl", as he described Britney. He further explained the pearls were "part of a whole package."

November 11, 2000 - When *NSYNC was on Regis yesterday, he questioned Justin about the Mitchell Fink article Friday Justin replied, "I'm not saying anything!  What if she's watching?" For pictures from the show, check out the message boards, thanks to Helena again!

November 10, 2000 - Helena found a couple of pictures from the Rosie appearance you can check out on the forum. Speaking of TV appearances, the guys are on Regis today.

November 10, 2000 - *NSYNC's Joey called into the Howard Stern Show on Wednesday. Howard asked Joey if he's ever seen Justin and Britney messing around, and Joey said he's never even seen them kiss and he doesn't know much about their relationship. Howard also questioned whether Britney was really a virgin especially if she had her nipples pierced. Howard later asked, "Can't he just get her high and bang her?" and asked to speak to Justin, but he was away on a photo shoot while Joey called in.

November 10, 2000 - TRL had an election vote Wednesday and the winner for best moves was Britney Spears, followed by Ricky Martin and Justin Timberlake.

November 10, 2000 - Thanks again to Helena on the message boards, which provided a link to Britney's recent European interview in Sweden with youngsters where she addresses her virginity, dating Justin, her drinking in Germany, and a host of other issues.

November 10, 2000 - A message board poster, Sara, shared her experience at the taping of an hour long Fox Christmas special to be aired on November 30, promising, "it's going to be an amazing show." She said of the boys, "Overall, they were just nice, down to earth people... not obnoxious at all."

November 8, 2000 - Today on the Rosie O'Donnell show Justin was asked "Are you dating Britney Spears?" and Justin paused and then said "Yeah." Among other highlights of the *NSYNC appearance was the guys singing This I Promise You and It's Gonna Be Me. Justin also said later that he was getting a new tattoo today on the lower part of his leg. It's going to be a tribal design that he designed himself. The guys still were thinking about doing the Grease 3 movie as well.

November 8, 2000 - E! Online's Ted Casablanca when asked about what he thought about *NSYNC possibly doing Grease 3: "The same thing I thought about Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez doing a remake of Dirty Dancing. Hot, vile stars make for hot, notorious dish."

November 8, 2000 - Somewhat unimportant now that Justin's already admitted it, but this weekend's Parade magazine in the Sunday newspaper adressed the Justin Britney romance, with the columnist telling a questioning reader that rumors the two are engaged aren't true, but she did say the two were dating.

November 8, 2000 - In an Abstracts.net poll asking if you think Justin wants Britney to shut her mouth about their relationship, 74.1% of you said yes, while only 25.9% said no, with 3008 total votes.

November 6, 2000 - *NSYNC was minus JC and Justin at the Radio Music Awards in Las Vegas (it was explained they were in Orlando working on the new album), where *NSYNC took home awards for Artist of the Year-Top 40 Pop and Song of the Year-Top 40 Pop with Bye Bye Bye. The oddest moment of the show though was when The Backstreet Boys accepted the award for Best Slow Song for Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely, when as they walked up, *NSYNC's This I Promise You was played, prompting Kevin Richardson to say sarcastically, "To whoever was in charge of the music when we were walking up, that was great." The guys also presented Song of the Year-Pop Alternative Radio with radio guy Rick Dees to Vertical Horizon.

November 5, 2000 - Megan on the message boards shares with us a quote from Justin October 17th when the band kicked off their tour in Charlotte, "We were excited to kick off the tour in Charlotte, except I was really tired from being overseas and we had just gotten in Charlotte 2 days before and I will be honest, I was hurtin' up there on stage."

November 5, 2000 - *NSYNC's performance in the World Series was noted in Entertainment Weekly, where they give it a grade of B+, saying "Solid a cappella, but the nymph-voiced lads seemed genuinely unnerved by the raucous booing of hardened new Yawkers."

November 5, 2000 - An autographed picture of Justin Timberlake's cover of Cosmogirl is being auctioned on ebay. The magazine, item #485593485, is bid at $20 and ends November 7th.

November 5, 2000 - *NSYNC will be performing Friday at the unveiling of Bloomingdale's Christmas windows in New York.

November 5, 2000 - The Backstreet Boy's Howie D is on the wires commenting that the rivalry between BSB and *NSYNC is like the New York Mets and the New York Yankees. He says of the album sales record hype, "Records are made to be broken, and to us, it's not so much about that. It's just about making good music, and if the fans love it and we're happy with it, everyone else will come along with it."

November 4, 2000 - *NSYNC has joined the controversy that is Napster by commenting to Worldpop, saying those who take their music are stealing, with Lance Bass stating, "It's breaking the law is what it is, because it's copyright infringement." More on the story here.

November 4, 2000 - MTVAsia.com reports Dexter Holland of The Offspring has mixed feelings about boybands, saying "I'm simultaneously fascinated and disgusted by the boy band phenomenon. There's this show on TV every Friday called "Making The Band," which follows this band that was put together by the guy who put *NSYNC together and it is so rad. It's so bad that I love it. Everything that is supposed to be sacred about rock 'n' roll is destroyed -- they flaunt everything they should be trying to hide."

November 2, 2000 - Again from the message boards... "This morning on the Craig & Co radio show (B102.7 in Baltimore, MD) the Hollywood correspondent, Mike Evans, said Travolta and Newton-John would be doing Grease 3 (maybe not titled that) and they would play a married couple with 3 kids--2 of the *NSYNC guys and Britney Spears would play the kids."

November 2, 2000 - "Marky" Mark Wahlberg is warning the guys of *NSYNC about how fame is fleeting, saying "The advice I'd give to them is save your money! They're in the kind of position where somebody else is going to come along and replace them someday. Their own record company and their own management are probably out searching for the 'next big thing' right now. That's just the nature of the game."

November 2, 2000 - Apparently there's conflicting information on what *NSYNC did on Saturday. We're now hearing that *NSYNC played their Nabisco sponsored concert on Saturday in Orlando. Sorry for the confusion and we'll look into this further.

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