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October 31, 2000 - Click here to hear a clip of *NSYNC's You Don't Have To Be Alone on the How the Grinch Stole Christmas soundtrack which will be released November 7.

October 31, 2000 - More details are out on the Justin Timberlake/Usher duet set to be released on Usher's album All About U. Usher says that the two stars are 'battling for this girl', along the lines of Brandi and Monica's hit The Boy Is Mine. Usher adds 'she's really the playa, because she's playing both of us!'

October 31, 2000 - We've added new cartoon avatars of all the *NSYNC guys plus Britney and Christina for our message boards, so if you haven't signed up yet, do so now! Prizes awarded monthly for posters as well.

October 30, 2000 - This may be a false rumor that's being spread around... Launch.com is said to be reporting that *NSYNC is looking for a sixth member for their NSA follow up album, though it is unknown whether the role would be permanent. Chris Kirkpatrick is quoted saying, "We have someone in mind. Ben Louch, who is one of our really good friends, could possibly make the cut."

October 30, 2000 - For those wondering if *NSYNC's record sales mark (2.1 million sales in the first week) will hold, the Backstreet Boys will have a somewhat unfair advantage because recent strides in price fixing controls have come into effect, helping Limp Bizkit sell over 1 million albums with stores like Best Buy selling Chocolate Starfish.. at a loss. Look for discounted BSB CD's as well, where the merchant is losing money to draw people in. In addition, Backstreet will benefit from Christmas shopping.

October 30, 2000 - Interesting review of the *NSYNC show in Knoxville on Friday, where the writer for the News-Sentinel claims, "Vocally, the sound board mix made the boys sound like chipmunks when they spoke. Even the video segment with Regis Philbin caused his voice to sound as if he had inhaled ether."

October 29, 2000 - News of the World interviewed Britney Spears this weekend where the singer denies that she's been emailing Prince William, saying "I really don't know where these stories come from. There were rumors that I e-mailed him, which isn't true. I've never met him or contacted him. I wouldn't mind meeting him, but who wouldn't." Spears added that her boyfriend Justin Timberlake was "the perfect man for me." Spears says of him, "I love Justin. We've been around each other since we were kids so we know each other very well." Britney also addresses the marriage issue, so check the full scoop here.

October 29, 2000 - *NSYNC was selected for the My VH1 Music Awards as a finalist for the categories of Group of the Year, Most Entertaining Public Feud (Lou Pearlman), Best Stage Spectacle, You want Fries with That Album?, and Booty Shake in an interactive music awards show which will air live on VH1, November 30th at 9:00 PM (ET) from the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. You can vote at VH1.com until the moment of the award being announced.

October 29, 2000 - Rollingstone.com is having a contest where the winner gets to fly to LA to see *NSYNC on November 26th. For details, click here.

October 29, 2000 - The quarterback of the Oklahoma Sooners today was compared to Justin Timberlake in terms of looks by the announcer of the game. We'll try and find a picture of him, or if you do, post it in the message boards.

October 29, 2000 - From the 'new' message boards, we hear that *NSYNC is in LA where Justin Timberlake, a National Spokesperson for the "Make A Difference" Day, was scheduled to meet with inner-city children Saturday. A later planned trip to the Playboy Mansion for their "Playboy" Annual Halloween Party was put in doubt because of health problems with Hugh Hefner.

October 28, 2000 - *NSYNC will join Ricky Martin, Bono, and others to pay tribute to the Beatles in a two hour special which will be on ABC November 17th.

October 28, 2000 - Ex Van Halen rocker Sammy Hagar is saying kind words about pop stars to the surprise of many. He says, "You're going to think I'm crazy for saying this, but I dig the pop scene. I like the whole glamour and the show. I like the professional sparkle of it all. I like *NSYNC, Ricky Martin, Backstreet Boys, and the list goes on. Those people are real stars, and they are real professional at what they do."

October 28, 2000 - Britney Spears is commenting on fact that she's a virgin to the U.K. Daily Star, saying "The virginity issue ... it's a personal decision and it reflects how I feel right now about myself. There are so many emotions involved that I would like to be able to wait until I know I'm with the right person and I'm married." She also talks about Justin Timberlake, saying "I love Justin and we have a good time together, but we're both very busy and right now it's difficult to be even physically together at the same place and time." Finally, of rumors about breast implants, Spears says, "The whole boob job thing has been pretty unpleasant. People were even starting to come up to me and stare at my chest. I wondered why there was all this talk - and why people were being so cruel."

October 28, 2000 - John Travolta is throwing water on Lance's plan to have *NSYNC star in Grease 3. Since Paramount Pictures owns the rights and Travolta insists, It should be left as it is. Like 'An American In Paris' and 'Cabaret,' 'Grease' should be left alone." That seems to be the general thought of *NSYNC fans as well, so probably a good thing.

October 28, 2000 - Denise Rich is talking bout why she's having *NSYNC perform at The Angel Ball, Nov. 30th at the Marriott Marquis, which is a fund-raiser to fight cancer. She says of the boys, "Entertainment will be *N SYNC because, as a songwriter I was supposed to do a song with them, so they're my friends."

October 27, 2000 - Pagesix.com's Chris Wilson when asked during a recent Yahoo chat if Britney was really dating Prince William at some point said, "This is one of this enduring, ridiculous rumors... She's invited him to some concerts--bascially as a publicity ploy--but they are NOT dating, OK?" Later, when asked about her and Justin, he replied, "They are still dating and are usually clenched in a lusty liplock whenever they're in the same room together."

October 27, 2000 - This I Promise You debuted on MTV today and plenty of mixed feelings are being expressed... [boards were hacked]


October 27, 2000 - Check out this great fictional story about *NSYNC 15 years from now in our message boards... Thanks Kate! ... [boards were hacked]

October 25, 2000 - The New York Post reports that *NSYNC were seen after leaving from Nello's after eating lunch with some roadies and some "very attractive young women". The group drove off in a huge SUV with tinted windows.

October 25, 2000 - The members of *NSYNC can be placed on your Windows cursor on the fly by downloading the auto-install application here.

October 25, 2000 - Justin Timberlake commented to MTVAsia that he believes humans can fly, saying "My rules are that there are no rules. There's not enough time in this world to not feel good. I don't think people should put limitations on themselves -- if you think you can do something, you can. I believe that we could fly if we wanted to, but we just can't conceive it. I mean we can physically fly if we use our minds enough. The mind is definitely stronger than anything in the world." No word on if these comments were taken after he viewed a Micheal Jordan highlight reel!

October 25, 2000 - *NSYNC's Bye Bye Bye is nominated in this year's Maxim Awards for 'Most Overplayed Video'. You can vote at maximonline.com.

October 25, 2000 - Britney Spears' boyfriend Justin Timberlake is nominated in this year's Maxim Awards for 'Best Celebrity Girlfriend Upgrade'. You can vote at maximonline.com.

October 25, 2000 - Justin Timberlake is on People.com's poll for Sexiest Man Alive.

October 24, 2000 - U2's Bono is lashing out at manufactured pop groups to the UK's Sun, saying "People are sick to the teeth of processed and hyped pop bands. It's crap. They want something real again and that's where we come in. The tide is turning." Bono's evidence centers around Beautiful Day's #1 position on the UK charts, "The state of music in Britain and Ireland hasn't been very healthy recently but you can tell it's changing by the chart positions of pop acts - they are slipping."

October 24, 2000 - Several message board posters are angrily reporting that *NSYNC was booed by several fans for their national anthem performance before game 3 of the World Series won by the Mets. The guys took a risky move singing before a riled, primarily male audience nearly twice the age of their normal fans, but no doubt the their music was introduced to a television audience that many may have known little of the band beforehand.

October 23, 2000 - More details on the Ben Affleck and Britney Spears rendevous at the Sunset Room. The Enquirer reports that Britney drank non-alchoholic beverages while Ben drank beer. While Ben was dressed casual, Britney "looked like a million bucks" in a tiny top and very tight black pants. Britney is quoted saying prior of Ben, "I've met him and he's very friendy, cute, and really gorgeous looking. I want to marry him." A friend of the two told the mag, "Justin will probably forgive her because he knows she's always had a crush on Ben and it may be nothing more than her living out her girlish fantasy."

October 23, 2000 - *NSYNC will sing the national anthem for Tuesday nights World Series game at Shea Stadium.

October 22, 2000 - People that read the news here and haven't been visiting the message boards are missing out, as there have been several *NSYNC run-ins by our posters lately. Very cool stuff reported by Kate, dayzee, and Mandi. Hopefully we'll be able to see pictures of their meetings soon. Check out the boards here, and a reminder as of today, you only need 15 registered member posts (ie. top 25) to be eligible for a prize awarded at the end of the month ... [boards were hacked]

October 21, 2000 - For those that don't know, Jennifer Lopez love's *NSYNC, at least according to a mention in this week's Entertainment Weekly.

October 21, 2000 - *NSYNC's "It's Gonna Be Me" will be featured in NOW That's What I Call Music! 5, which will be released November 14.

October 21, 2000 - Additional upcoming *NSYNC appearances include a FOX TV Special on November 30th and the Billboard Awards December 5th.

October 21, 2000 - Lance has been added as an *NSYNC agent "*Nteractive Web Character" which can be downloaded at NSYNC.com, along with Justin's and Chris'.

October 21, 2000 - Justin Timberlake to the 18,276 sellout crowd at Charlotte Coliseum last Tuesday, "We've got a pretty loud crowd tonight. We're very happy to kick off the second half of the tour here in Charlotte."

October 21, 2000 - NSYNC's Justin Timberlake's signed LUGZ boots from his last tour will be among the items in Shoemania II, an online auction to benefit Orlando's Southern Ballet Theatre, will run Nov. 10 through Nov. 20 on PlanetHollywood.com through eBay.

October 20, 2000 - Eminem took a shot at *NSYNC for the opening of the Anger Management Tour by covering their "Tearing Up My Heart" song with a new version "Tearing Up My Ass". The vulgar parody featured the members of D-12 'exaggerating' *NSYNC's dance steps sexually.

October 20, 2000 - This is the Justin photo that accompanied his supposed letter that appears to show a visibly upset Justin after being 'attacked' by female fans. It's old, but some people were asking about it.

October 20, 2000 - TRL today announced the 'new' debut date for This I Promise You which is now October 26th.

October 19, 2000 - Launch.com reports a concerned Tennessee mother turned her son in for a plot where he would have traveled to Atlanta this Saturday and kill the members of *NSYNC, for full details, click here.

October 19, 2000 - E! Online's Ted Casablanca reports that when Britney isn't around, Justin is seeing other women, including one "quite regularly." But despite the fact he doesn't keep this much of a secret from Britney, she puts up with it, but according to a friend, Justin and Britney are already living together and friends predict that the two will announce they're getting married within a year.

October 18, 2000 - We hear TRL today had yet another announcement delaying This I Promise You, as the label broke the bad news. They did have a quick appearance from Justin though to make up for it.

October 18, 2000 - From the message boards, Justin is taking a shot at O-Town, saying, "What do we think of it? It's a piece of crap. It's scary to think that that O-Town show, is serious. I'm not dissing the boys on the show. God bless them. I'm almost positive that they don't have a clue what's going on, really. I kind of look back and see what we were like: We didn't know what was going on. I don't want to talk bad about anybody but I can't have faith in something that's done by a business partner that we've already had and who was not a very good business partner."

October 18, 2000 - Well despite conflicting reports as to whether it would be out, *NSYNC's lip balm has hit the shelves, so be sure to pick up Justin Vanilla.

October 17, 2000 - Justin Timberlake is commenting on *NSYNC's plans for their next album, which they will go to the studio to record after their NSA tour, saying "It's hard to say where the music's gonna go. I think we found our sound this year, so hopefully we can grow with our audience."

October 17, 2000 - TRL reports today that *NSYNC's long awaited This I Promise You video will debut on Thursday, so it looks like a Making the Video won't be shown for this one.

October 16, 2000 - MTVAsia has a story covering more on the Grease 3 news as well as the guys addressing controversy of them using taped backup vocals on their tour here.

October 15, 2000 - Interesting chat with Justin's best friend Trace Ayala last night, where despite his not wanting to talk about Justin and Britney, said "They have been seeing each other friendly dating for about two years, and they are getting more serious now." He also said he thinks Justin and her won't be getting married anytime soon. The full transcript can be found here.

October 15, 2000 - More pictures of Justin from *NSYNC's visit to Viva studios in Cologne, Germany Friday are being auctioned on Yahoo. These two come from lot 42384204 and end Monday.

October 15, 2000 - Soapoperafan.com reports the rumor that Chris Kirkpatrick, Lance Bass, and Justin Timberlake will make a guest appearance on the show Passions.

October 14, 2000 - The New York Post reports that Justin Timberlake, Lance Bass, and Joey Fatone surrounded by adoring young women at China Club's hot Monday night party.

October 14, 2000 - There's a bunch more of the rhinestone Justin style bandanas on eBay, check em out here.

October 14, 2000 - Check out these stills from *NSYNC's appearance on Good Morning America earlier in the week.

October 14, 2000 - There's a story in Dutch about Britney and Justin that we're hoping someone will translate on our message boards. Check it out here.

October 14, 2000 - Justin is featured in a couple of Yahoo picture auctions that end October 16th and 17th. The pictures come from auction #'s 42322106 and 42322338 and were taken earlier this week in Germany.

October 13, 2000 - Amy Reiter reports that Lance is itching to make Grease 3, which would star Justin Timberlake and his girlfriend Britney Spears as Danny and Sandy.

October 12, 2000 - Vote for *N Sync to win Best Pop at this years MTV Europe Music Awards by going to MTV's UK site.

October 12, 2000 - Speaking of the UK, we hear now that Justin isn't there. Despite earlier reports that he was going there with Britney, UK papers ran stories indicating otherwise, with Thirsty.com even asking if Justin Timberlake, who's been cheated on in many other relationships, may be concerned about Britney being faithful.

October 11, 2000 - Some important upcoming dates for *NSYNC fans: 11/7 Rosie O'Donnell, 11/10 Live with Regis, and 11/29 The Tonight Show. Also, we hear that This I Promise You will debut on October 24th. Finally, *NSYNC will have a new song entitled You Don't Have To Be Alone on the The Grinch Who Stole Christmas soundtrack. It's being released on November 7th.

October 11, 2000 - Britney, *NSYNC, The Backstreet Boys, Christina Aguilera, Pink, and many other top artists will be on a Jive Christmas album entitled Platinum Music to be released November 14th. The album will be the first holiday compilation marketed by Jive.

October 11, 2000 - The New York Daily News reports that during Britney and Justin's time in LA, they tried to go unnoticed walking arm in arm along Melrose, but got spotted by kids and followed for a few blocks before they made a 'getaway'.

October 11, 2000 - A woman definitely not a fan of Justin's asked E! Online's Ted Casablanca in an online chat this week, "Is Britney blind? Why is she wasting her time on that kinky-haired, flat-nosed, prepubescent shrieking puke we all know as Justin? He's so gross!" Ted replied, "Darling, the boy has never done anything for me, but clearly he's making you run for the toilet, and I think that is a little extreme. Now, let's just flush this out of our systems: Remember, Britney and Justin have history together--a common bond between young superstars."

October 11, 2000 - JC Chasez is playing down a rivalry between his *NSYNC bandmates and the Backstreet Boys, telling Launch.com, "I think everybody puts us in direct competition with them. We really don't care either way. We just do our thing day to day and we're thankful that we've achieved what we have. We don't want to take anything away from them--I mean, hey, they're just trying to do their thing, so we have nothing against them. We know what it's like to try and make a living at this."

October 10, 2000 - The New York Post did a profile of *NSYNC and The Backstreet Boys simultanious appearances in New York Friday. Check it out here.

October 10, 2000 - *NSYNC has finally announced their movie plans... Grease 3! The film will be on hold though because of the labor situation in Hollywood. Lance Bass said in a teleconference, "We're going ahead and getting the script written. It's a go from the studios and we just got to wait until the strike is over, then we can start filming." The rumored female lead in the role is Britney Spears. As for their next album scheduled for release in February? "There's been several people we've been talking about [to produce the album]. Maybe getting with She'kespere again, Timbaland, Missy Elliot. Even Richard Marx would be great to work with again."

October 10, 2000 - We're hearing that *NSYNC will be having an IMAX concert feature soon, though no official date has been announced.

October 10, 2000 - Thanks JustinsGirl. The *NSYNC Live from MSG video has been pushed back to be released on October 24th.

October 9, 2000 - Justin Timberlake was mentioned on "Scott Free on Hold" on the Dan and Scott show last Thursday, about 2:06 into the broadcast, though the subject is too potentially offensive to even mention, but you can check it out for the next day anyways (archive) here.

October 9, 2000 - Jeannette Walls of MSNBC is reporting that Justin Timberlake will be with Britney during her concert run through the UK. A Jive spokesman revealed to The Scoop, "As I understand it, they’re going [to England] together." A source reveals the reasoning, "She’s quite nervous about being in a different country. She’s worried about how a British audience will receive her... Justin’s going to be there for her."

October 9, 2000 - There are some great pictures of Justin and Britney in addition to the 'finger' pictures from their trip to Miami at this site.

October 8, 2000 - The *NSYNC dolls are at their lowest prices of the year at Target and are being co-marketed with Barbie... At $14.44, now is the time to pick up all five.

October 8, 2000 - Justin was goofed on last night on MadTV, which showed him and Brit enter his bedroom showcasing all of Justin's hair care products and curling irons, as well has his *NSYNC marionettes.

October 8, 2000 - For those wondering what Justin's half brother Jonathan looks like, here's a picture of the two.

October 8, 2000 - *NSYNC will appear on Good Morning America tomorrow, so if you have Columbus Day off, be sure to check it out.

October 8, 2000 - A great autographed photo of Justin is bidding on eBay. The photo (item #458743781) is currently unbid at a reasonable $24.99 and ends October 14th.

October 8, 2000 - Today we rewarded message board poster Crunk with a $25 Amazon.com gift certificate for correctly answering that Oreo O's were Justin's favorite cereal. There's still an opportunity to take part in the drawing for the top 25 posters at the end of the month, so register now!

October 7, 2000 - Looks like Lance Bass is pushing for and getting his wishes for yet another version of This I Promise You, a country version. He's quoted saying, ''I mean, we did Spanish, everything. I was talking to [Jive Records CEO] Clive Calder the other day and I was like, 'Why don't we do a country version, 'cause it's a country song,' so we are going to get together with a well known artist and probably collaborate this year.''

October 7, 2000 - Entertaindom.com reports that Britney Spears has flown boyfriend Justin Timberlake to the LA with her to calm her nerves, as she is terrified of talking to her British fans during her forthcoming concerts. Normally mother Lynne is by her side in times like this but couldn't make it this time. Brit, Justin, and other friends were in LA's Duke's Coffee Shop expressing worries about talking to the crowd in between songs, but Justin assured her, You'll be fine. You've just toured America for three months, you know what you're doing. Please stop worrying." After Britney couldn't eat her burger, Justin fed her some of his pancakes. The two are pictured walking in Los Angeles.

October 6, 2000 - *NSYNC reportedly used a phony name to discourage a swarm of fans interrupting their video shoot in San Francisco. The name? The Melons. Supposedly each member had a melon styled name. Unfortunately, their anonymity didn't last long as a radio DJ spread the word of their location forcing the band to end their portion video shoot early.

October 6, 2000 - This is an old quote I ran across today, but makes you wonder if the people at McDonalds were aware of this comment front *NSYNC's most popular member before signing the band on to represent them. Celebs have to be very careful when commenting on consumer brands for this very reason, as Justin is quoted saying in a chat session, "I don't like McDonald's, I like Wendy's.. I like the Monterey Chicken Sandwich at Wendy's .. but if I have to go to McDonald's when everyone else wants to, I'll get a Quarter Pounder."

October 6, 2000 - Worldpop has a boy band blind item asking "which member of a well-known US boy band was caught at Heathrow Airport trying to smuggle in a baby antelope hidden in his hand luggage, and narrowly avoided prison by performing an a cappella version of his band's biggest hit in the staff canteen?" So, wonder who?

October 5, 2000 - E! Online's Ted Casablanca reports tonight that Britney and Justin were spotted at Cafe Milano in Miami, where they were seen kissing repeatedly after Britney returned from making a phone call.

October 5, 2000 - If you check out this Cosmogirl page, you'll be able to make a Justin Timberlake answering machine message for your phone. They also include the comments he made about Britney.

October 5, 2000 - For those that want hard numbers about with Boy Band dude is most popular, the rawest, and most non-manipulated numbers come from Goto.com. In August, 15,337 searched for Justin Timberlake, far behind in 2nd was Lance Bass with 4626 searches, in 3rd with JC Chasez with 3624 searches, and trailing far behind were Joey Faone (1039 searches) and Chris Kirkpatrick (876 searches). How does this compare with BSB members? Nick Carter tops though with only 4644 searches, AJ with 1373, and Brian Littrell with 1293. Howie and Kevin were afterthoughts with only 289 and 510 searches respectively.

October 5, 2000 - *NSYNC won Germany's Comet Award last night for the category Act International, though couldn't be there to accept it, as they were still filming This I Promise You (again).

October 3, 2000 - Thanks Justinsgirl. Check out Teen People (only if you have AOL, though the site seems to be waking up and will be available to everyone November 16th) where you can see "NSYNCronized Swimming." It features *NSYNC, BSB and Korn preforming syncronized swimming and you get to award the gold, silver and bronze medals to each of the groups.

October 3, 2000 - Thirsty.com is reporting that *NSYNC fans are leading a drive for fans to buy the NSA album a second time the week Black and Blue from Backstreet Boys comes out (November 7th). Other than making record companies richer, I can't seem to figure out the point?

October 2, 2000 - Thirsty.com reports that This I Promise You was re-shot over the weekend, though no word on why it needed to be or when it will debut on MTV.

October 1, 2000 - From the message boards, Popular's Leslie Grossman (our apologies to Leslie Bibb, who was the initial person named in the message boards) is slamming the guys in *NSYNC, saying "Okay, I'm twenty-eight. See, hon? I don't have a favorite member. Sorry. I know who they are. I went to the Teen Choice Awards and I was like, "Okay, there's 'NSync." I'm going to say something rude. All of these boy bands -- individually -- are actively ugly! Like, they're actively bad looking. I guess that as a unit -- to these little girls -- they become a big blur of hormones, but I don't understand. I don't think any of them are good-looking. I'm sorry. I just don't."

October 1, 2000 - A guy emailed into Popcentric claiming to have seen Justin and Britney in New Orleans. Turns out Britney's tour bus broke down and they were waiting for a limo outside  of a hotel.

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