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okay the webbies and one of the regulars on this list went to Cleveland to see the guys. 

I will skip to the important sh**. We met all of them and talked to Justin and Chris for a split second. First of all, for the most part, unless you just want pics and autographs, you have to get handpicked by the bodyguards to get near them.

We went to one club the first night we were there and Justin and Joey were there. When we got there, they were rushed off to this private area and blocked off. Where the bodyguards stood by the block off picking girls they thought were worthy to get in. Luckily we got picked immediately, so we didn't have to stand there. So at that point, we watched girls begging and pleading (some were crying) to get back there. And the bodyguards asked us who we wanted to get back there next. As if we were gonna have more competition. Nothing happened back there, Justin was dancing with some hootchie girls, and Joey was talking with his big breasted brigade that he always rolls with.

Skip to the next day, Chris had a private afterparty. You had to have a wristband to get in. We get to the club and they are letting NO ONE in. It didn't matter how pretty you are. Luckily our bodyguard friend saw us and got us in, got us wristbands so we could get in and out of there. Chris, Joey, and Justin were there. Justin was drunk, screaming at his bodyguard to get more drinks for him, it was cute.

Basically, here's the deal. In order to get to the guys, you're gonna have to have a bodyguard like you. Everyone is trying to get some ass, it's crazy. From the bus driver to roadies, they will tell you anything to get some. If you ain't f---in, get the hell on. Cuz they will find someone who will. I am not saying the guys are like this, cuz we didn't see them get out of line, but their crew is horrible. Nice but horrible. 

Justin is one cocky Mo-fo, we watched him being nasty to kids, little girls were crying. It was really sad. He cussed out a mom who was trying to get him to take a pic with her little girls. He was really nice to us, but he was pretty nasty to the little ones. Nothing else happened, it was pretty uneventful, except for the bodyguards weren't all that nice til they saw we knew people to get into these parties, then all of a sudden, they were like, "excuse me honey", "what's up baby?" It was pretty gross. 

We'll clue you guys in on any happenings in D.C., gotta go ya'll.