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February 22, 2001 - The Star reports Kylie Bax was seen partying with Tommy Lee at Vinyl in Hollywood.

February 21, 2001 - The New York Post reports Kylie Bax, Pauly Shore, and Puffy Combs were among those at Paris Hilton's 20th birthday bash at Eugene on Saturday.

February 19, 2001 - Kylie Bax was interviewed by phone by eyada.com's Chaunce Hayden that he played on Friday's show. Chaunce said his interview was better than Adam Paul's. Audio at eyada.com has since been removed.

February 18, 2001 - In an apparent girlfriend swap, Kylie Bax appears to be now dating Tommy Lee, according to reports today from the NY Post. Bax says Lee is "a great guy," "we're just friends." The paper also reports Marcus Schenkenberg tried to rekindle their romance, but she was already dating Lee.

February 16, 2001 - Kylie Bax was interviewed Thursday on the Big Show with Adam Paul at eYada.com talking about her Playboy feature in the March issue and her upcoming role in the movie Get Over It.... Plus she talks about her passion for sex. Audio at eyada.com has since been removed.

February 10, 2001 - In an abstracts.net poll asking visitors if they thought Kylie is jealous of Marcus Schenkenberg now going out the Pamela Anderson, 38.9% said Yes while 61.1% said no. 95 total votes were cast. Note, Pamela and Marcus broke up last week, so maybe they'll rekindle their romance?

February 4, 2001 - Kylie Bax is in the March issue of Playboy... Finally! I can't post them on my 'family' site, but to check out her pictures, click here.

February 3, 2001 - Searches for Kylie Bax skyrocketed today after she was interviewed by Howard Stern today. Howard was pretty impressed with her mini skirt and see-through mesh top. AJ Benza was saying he thought Howard would end up getting laid by Kylie but Stern didn't think so.

January 19, 2001 - I should point out that Kylie is finally going to be in the February issue of Playboy apparently (though she may have been bumped for Temptation Island's Morena Corwin?). There's an auction going on at Yahoo! for an autographed picture of her in the magazine with proceeds going to charity.

January 4, 2001 - The New York Post reports that Kylie Bax stocks up on electronic gadgets (not of sexual nature) when she's without a man in her life, but when she finds one, she switches over to G-strings and negligees.

November 11, 2000 - The New York Daily News reports that the Kylie Bax starring We Married Margo will be playing at Anthology Film Archives today only. Kylie stars as Margo in a film about two guys who were both married to the same woman who end up as roommates.

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