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April 9, 2000 - A wonderful topless autographed picture of Laetitia is currently up for bids on eBay. The 8x10 signed picture (#301865141) has a current bid of $9.99 and ends April 12.

April 9, 2000 - Laetitia speaks out to Canal Plus television about her move to London, saying "I rent a flat (in London) simply because I like cooking, I don't like being in a hotel, and I also have a boyfriend there and that's my business." she added, "Marianne stands for freedom all the same, I'm free. Long live France."

April 9, 2000 - More backlash over reports that Laetitia is now is registered officially as a British resident. Even in London, critics like Clive Aslet are saying "Suddenly they are everywhere, avoiding their own taxes, earning a fortune from our financial industries and taking advantage of London's generally welcoming attitude to foreigners. And are they grateful? Not a bit of it." when speaking of celebs like Casta.

April 8, 2000 - Just a few months after being chosen as France's national symbol, Laetitia appears to want out of the country because of the high tax rates, eYada.com's Rush and Malloy reported yesterday. Needless to say, the French are none too pleased with her desire to move to the UK.

February 20, 2000 - If you watched Saturday Night Live last night you'd have seen a hilarious parody of Laetitia's Victoria's Secret ads. The skit featured a Laetitia look alike with large and animated talking boobies! It's great to see that people are taking notice of her in the US, although she still hasn't cracked into many television appearances here.

February 18, 2000 - A French "ordinary woman" Pascale Verges was honored on Valentines Day by the town of Eygalayes with the town square being named after her. This in protest apparently to Laetitia Casta being chosen as the new national symbol.