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March 29, 2001 - The Star reports that despite not commenting on marriage plans, Gisele Bundchen is wearing a diamon ring and she's been shopping for a wedding dress at Barneys in Beverly Hills.

March 26, 2001 - The News of the World reports friends of Leo DiCaprio have been told he and Gisele will get hitched, "Leo admitted to me before he left that they were engaged and would wed this summer, probably in Venice, Italy. Hes travelled to the city over the weekends while in Italy and he loves the place." Gisele also told a friend, "Im very much in love with Leo, of course I've accepted his proposal of marriage. I would be an absolute fool not to!"

March 24, 2001 - The National Enquirer's Mike Walker reports Leonardo DiCaprio was asked to lose about 25 pounds by director Martin Scorsese who was upset about a recent weight gain.

March 22, 2001 - If you ever wanted to know what a Leonardo DiCaprio belch sounds like, check it out here.

March 21, 2001 - The Star reports Tobey Maguire likes to bet on everything and he won $25,000 from Leo the last time the two played backgammon.

March  20, 2001 - Graham King tells WENN that he's sick of people commenting on Leo's weight for Gangs of New York which he's executive producing. King explains, "Scorsese told him to go and get buff and work out for the role, and the press all mistook that when he came back and was bigger. He actually looks great."

March 9, 2001 - The New York Daily New's Cindy Adams asks, "Anyone but me not know that DiCaprio had his mom and granny doing bits in 'The Beach'?" Well I didn't.

March 4, 2001 - Variety reports Charles Evans Jr. has filed a lawsuit claiming he was canned from his own project based on the life of Howard Hughes, in which Leo DiCaprio will apparently star with director Michael Mann.

March 4, 2001 - Leonardo DiCaprio is featured here in an autographed photo auction on ebay. The 8x10 photo, item #1413666662, is bid at $14.99 and the auction ends March 6th.

March 2, 2001 - Planethollywood.com reports that Veja had quoted Gisele saying that she in addition to calling DiCaprio her fiance, she said he got down on one knee last month to propose, giving her a diamond and platinum engagement ring.

March 1, 2001 - USA Today's Jeannie Williams reports insiders say rumors that Leo and Gisele are engaged are incorrect, though she says DiCaprio won't talk about his romantic life.

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