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November 30, 2002 - The Las Vegas Sun reports Leonardo DiCaprio has left these parts to promote his upcoming holdiay releases, 'Catch Me if You Can' with Tom Hanks and 'Gangs of New York,' with Cameron Diaz and Daniel Day-Lewis. But DiCaprio will return to town. He is going to team with "Gangs" director Martin Scorsese for what is tentatively called 'The Aviator' -- a biopic on Howard Hughes. The movie is due out in 2003.

November 30, 2002 - Pro skateboarder Harold Hunter is blabbing about his boldfaced buddies. Hunter, who starred in Larry Clark's "Kids," dishes to Skateboarder magazine that Leonardo DiCaprio used to host orgies packed with morally challenged models. "I'd be trying to flirt with some girl, and she won't go for me," Hunter said. "Leo would be like, 'Yo, if you don't go for Harold, I'm not gonna go for you.' The girl be all, 'Come on, Leo, don't be like that!' They all wanted Leo so he'd be like, "You got to get with Harold first.' I just told them, 'Hey girl, while you playin' with me, just think about Leo.' I wound up with mad girls like that."

November 28, 2002 - Steven Spielberg reveals that Leonardo DiCaprio "got really sick" before the 'Catch Me If You Can' prison shoot in Montreal. "He insisted on working through it," so the "visual suffering" reflected how he really felt. Read more.

November 27, 2002 - Extra TV has an exclusive sneak-peak at 'Catch Me If You Can'.

November 26, 2002 - A blind item in Filth2go.com asks: "Could it be that two oft-whispered-about male heartthrobs had a secret rendezvous right here in Hollywood?  So say people who work at mannly cineplex in Tinseltown.  When that hot young actor (now he's buff, now he's not) showed up to see Bowling for Columbine, he told the theatre staff that he'd be joined by a friend.  Oh, what a tangled web we weave, since within moments, the double-trouble actor slipped in the side door and joined his bud in the back row.  I hear that they canoodled during the documentary, and, honey, if I got a photo of that, there’d be no question that it was the real deal."

November 26, 2002 - Both Steven Spielberg and Martin Scorsese had praise for Leonardo DiCaprio at the Directors Guild Theatre in New York. "You might only want 40 percent from him and he's giving 100 percent all the time," Spielberg said. "You have to work to modulate him." Read more.

November 23, 2002 - Leonardo DiCaprio is back in the media spotlight. Hordes of screaming fans recently welcomed the actor to Japan for the premiere of 'Gangs of New York'. rogers.com has since removed the video.

November 23, 2002 - Rolling Stone asked Toby Maguire: "I bet your pal Leonardo DiCaprio has given you some pretty sage advice." Toby replied, "What I've learned from him has been by way of example. He remains a very generous, unaffected guy."

November 22, 2002 - Leonardo DiCaprio is teaming up with Robert De Niro in the film, "The Good Shepherd." DiCaprio will play the part of a CIA agent while De Niro will mark his second turn as director, Variety reports. De Niro is also expected to take on a small role in the film.

November 22, 2002 - New York Post's Liz Smith writes, "Hard to realize that our handsome and adorable young hero, Mr. DiCaprio, was so upset, nervous and beside himself at having to do the ABC interview that the next day he threw up. Barbara can't figure out why. She remarks that Leonardo has done just the opposite of most celebrities; that is, kept his secrets and not been overexposed. She says, 'I found him a sensitive and insightful young man.'"

November 22, 2002 - While Leo DiCaprio is claiming to be single, the "Gangs of New York" star attended the Halloween party Hugh Hefner threw at his L.A. mansion - and DiCaprio left with  a production assistant at the E! Entertainment network named Jennifer Paulsen.

November 21, 2002 - Las Vegas Review Journal reports Tobey Maguire brought a chef with him to the Palms' anniversary party over the weekend. One night while Maguire and pal Leonardo DiCaprio were playing in the high stakes salon, Maguire's chef used the kitchen at Garduño's restaurant to make up Tobey's favorite sandwich.

November 21, 2002 - The Las Vegas Sun reports a low-profile high-roller named R.J. Cipriani played a practical joke on a scruffy looking Leo DiCaprio during his recent visit.

November 21, 2002 - Frank DiGiacomo profiled Leo DiCaprio's new movie 'Gangs of New York'. Read more.

November 21, 2002 - "Not much..." This is movie star Leonardo DiCaprio's answer when Barbara Walters asks him what he has learned about success and failure? Pressed for more expression, DiCaprio -- anchored protectively for this interview between his "Catch Me If You Can" co-star Tom Hanks and his director Steven Spielberg -- manages to muster up, "I think ultimately, success is good. Failure not so good ... uh ..."

November 21, 2002 - Leonardo DiCaprio attended the photo call for the promotion of his new movie, 'Gangs of New York' on Wednesday (November 21) in Tokyo, Japan.

November 20, 2002 - The Mirror reports Leo DiCaprio insists he is thinking of settling down and starting a family. "I was a little bit of a Don Juan in the old days. But I'm certainly not like that anymore," he says. "I want a kid some day and I would love to have a wife I feel comfortable with. But it has to be the right person, where you're both independent to a point where you can go off to Alaska at a moment's notice with your friends and it won't be an issue."

November 20, 2002 - The New York Daily News reports Bill Clinton probably contemplated another run for office, this time in Japan, when he stepped off a plane in Tokyo yesterday and found hundreds of screaming teenagers. Then he discovered that the mob was waiting for a guy who once interviewed him - Leonardo DiCaprio, who's over there to promote 'Gangs of New York.'

November 19, 2002 - The Las Vegas Review Journal reports  at the Palms anniversary party in Rain: Leonardo DiCaprio's security was spotted evicting KTNV-TV, Channel 13 anchor Cathy Ray and husband John, and Mercedes of the Mark & Mercedes Show (KMXB-FM, 94.1) and husband Matt so DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire and pals could have the table.

November 18, 2002 - The Las Vegas Review Journal reports Leonardo DiCaprio's coziness with "Real World" cast member Arissa Hill had the rumor mill in high gear during the Palms' anniversary weekend. It was "just conversation," she said Saturday by telephone. "I just met him on Thursday. We are not an item. I think he's a nice guy -- normal. He said he watches the show all the time." Read more.

November 18, 2002 - The New York Post reports Paris-based Mauboussin jewelers enlisted Manhattan model wrangler Danny A to send free watches to his party pals Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, P. Diddy and Mark Wahlberg. 

November 18, 2002 - The New York Post reports DMX will be joined by friends Mary J. Blige and the Lox at his fifth annual 'Thanksgiving Dinner with DMX,' which feeds about 400 families every year with meals from Copeland's restaurant in Harlem. DMX is also launching the Mary Ella Foundation, named after his late grandmother, which gives out $500 scholarships and computers, clothing, and shoes to needy students.

November 16, 2002 - Las Vegas Review Journal reports Leo DiCaprio and his posse were spotted celebrating his 28th birthday with a memorable bash Thursday night in the "Real World" (high roller) suites at the Palms. First they dined at N9NE, the Palms' steakhouse.

November 16, 2002 - Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted locking lips with a species far less attractive than his usual leading ladies - a gorilla. The kiss was part of his promotion for the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, an organization attempting to protect the species, for which he serves as a patron. Leo says, "I'm truly honored to be a patron of this organization. They do so much good for a vanishing species that we have truly taken for granted."

November 12, 2002 - Why is Leo liplocked with a gorilla? It's DiCaprio in the mist, on Tuesday's 'Access Hollywood.'

November 12, 2002 - A judge has ruled that a date should be set in Roger Wilson's $45 million case against Leonardo DiCaprio. Wilson alleges DiCaprio instructed friends to attack him outside a New York bar in 1998 after his girlfriend, Showgirls star Elizabeth Berkley, rebuffed the star's advances.

November 8, 2002 - E! Online's Ted Casablanca reports Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted hangin' alone in the Ivar's green room all night long.

November 8, 2002 - The New York Daily News reports ever since Leonardo DiCaprio featured three works by East Village painter Scott Burton on his Web site, Burton has been selling art almost as fast as he can make it. A couple of canvases he put up at Kanvas on Ninth Ave. fetched a quick $75,000.

November 1, 2002 - New York Post: It will be hard to avoid Leonardo DiCaprio at the multiplex: His two new movies - "Gangs of New York" and "Catch Me If You Can" - will open within five days of each other.

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