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August 25, 2003 - News of the World spoke with Playboy bunny Zoe Gregory-Paul about stories of celebrities having sex at the Playboy mansion, including Leonardo DiCaprio. She said, "Leonardo is a regular at parties. He loves the Playmates. He's so handsome his looks almost overpower you. He gets swamped with offers when he comes to the mansion and he accepts quite a few. He's like a kid in a sweet shop."

August 18, 2003 - The Enquirer reports Gisele Bundchen waited 30 minutes outside the locker room at UCLA's Merzedes-Benz Cup tennis tournament to meet Gustavo Kuerten. Chemistry was instant as Gisele and Gustavo prattled in Portuguese- and they spent that evening cuddly-kissy at the Sunset Marquis bar and House of Blues. Just before they took off arm -in-arm, pals of Gustavo whispered that Gisele was Leo's girlfriend. Smirked Gustavo, "She 's not his girlfriend tonight!"

August 14, 2003 - The Sun has a photo of Leonardo DiCaprio on the set of his new film 'The Aviator' in Montreal.

August 11, 2003 - Us Weekly reports Leonardo DiCaprio and Gisele Bundchen had a romantic stay recently in Canada, and were also spotted biking together in lower Manhattan. "They kept making each other laugh," a onlooker revealed. Later, the pair dined with another couple for lunch at Greenwich Village eatery Westerville.

August 9, 2003 - The Sun reports Gisele Bundchen  says going out with Leonardo DiCaprio is "just lovely". The couple recently celebrated Gisele's 23rd birthday in Canada and she remarked, "It was marvellous. We had dinner and plenty of kisses. It's lovely to be having a romance."

August 7, 2003 - ISIFA.com had more photos, since removed, of Gisele Bundchen and Leonardo DiCaprio on a bike ride with Gisele's dog.

August 5, 2003 - The Sun had photos, since removed, of Leo and Gisele going on a bike tripe with Gisele's Yorkshire terrier.

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