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March 5, 2006 - The New York Daily News reports Leonardo DiCaprio has invited some beautiful Brazilians to visit him on the set of 'The Blood Diamond', though his ex, supermodel Gisele Bundchen, apparently isn't among them. In addtion, he's reported to have been with Israeli beauty queen Bar Rafaeli.

January 18, 2006 - Don't look for Leonardo DiCaprio to date best pal Tobey Maguire's ex-lover Kirsten Dunst. "Tobey is totally in love with his girlfriend [Jen Meyer]," a source said. "But it is like a rule not to date girls the other has dated." The source added, "Kirsten was really interested in Leo."

January 18, 2006 - The Las Vegas Review Journal reports Leonardo DiCaprio attended the VIP opening of Jet nightclub at The Mirage, hiding his face from cameras during a nonstop, rush-job appearance while surrounded by his posse (look for a story to break soon on his recent bad behavior at the Playboy Mansion).

January 7, 2006 - How has Leonardo DiCaprio reacted to Gisele Bundchen kissing on the beach with Kelly Slater? "He thought it wa a case of Kelly keeping her company while she was going through the breakup," a friend said. "But when he found out that they were a couple and going to Hawaii together, I think it floored him."

January 7, 2006 - Leonardo DiCaprio covered his face from the cameras as he left the Mansion Nightclub in South Beach during the early morning hours on December 29th in Miami, Florida. Check out pictures from GettyImages.

January 7, 2006 - Leonardo DiCaprio wrote in an e-mail to fans: "To My Fellow Marchers, The first stop on the Virtual March of the New Year is Georgetown, Kentucky to visit Toyota's manufacturing plant for hybrid cars. While leading the way in production of cars that cut down on the emissions that cause global warming, the plant employs 7,000 workers. (Read more about our stop in Kentucky.) I've driven a hybrid for five years now. You don't plug it in, you just put gas in it and go. and go. and go. It's another example of something that each of us can do to help stop global warming. And what you can do right now is invite more people to join us on the March - send this to five friends, family or co-workers and help turn one voice into millions! Keep on Marching! Yours truly, Leonardo DiCaprio Marcher."

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