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December 30, 2000 - USA Today's Mike Clark picked The Beach as the #2 Worst Movie of 2000. Clark panned The Beach saying, "Leonardo DiCaprio walked on the warm sand but still hit an iceberg in this bomb that turned Alex Garland's praised novel into something less than the potboilers people read on the beach. Less fun than diving head-first into coral, the film takes place on a so-called island paradise, but its most memorable shot is of shark-mangled human limbs."

December 29, 2000 - The New York Post's Cindy Adams tells readers psychic Maria Papapetros of New York predicts success in 2001 for Robert Downey Jr. and Leonardo DiCaprio... Good company Leo?!

December 28, 2000 - Roger Friedman of Foxnews.com reports Leo DiCaprio screened Lasse Hallstrom Chocolat for the cast and crew of Gangs of New York in Rome last week as a Christmas present for the What's Eating Gilbert Grape? director.

December 17, 2000 - News of the World has a shot of Leo checking out a centerfold of The Gangs Of New York co-star Cameron Diaz, which actually turned out to be a fake picture after he asked a local to translate the text.

December 18, 2000 - Leo Dicaprio checking his email in The Beach has been named Entertainment Weekly's Worst Net Related Movie Denouement of 2000.

December 17, 2000 - Don's Plum is being released at the Berlin Film Festival in February despite Leonardo DiCaprio's efforts to block it. The film focuses on group that meets every Saturday night at a coffee shop for wild banter and featured Leo, who at the time was friends with the producer, David Stutman. Things soured between the two and after a lawsuit by Stutman, only got worse.

December 11, 2000 - More details on the $45 million dollar lawsuit levied against Leo as the Daily News reports Roger Wilson's lawyer, Richard Zuckerman, expects depositions in the case to start soon after the new year. Leo's lawyer,  Paul Callan, calls the claims of Wilson "fabricated" and that he's looking forward to vigorously defending his client. Callan praised the dismissal of Leo aiding and abetting an assault describing it as "utterly false."

December 10, 2000 - Manhattan appeals court has given the go-ahead to a $45 million lawsuit against Leonardo DiCaprio by Roger Wilson, 41, over a street fight the two had over Elizabeth Berkley. The suit contends Leo encouraged friends to attack Wilson on March 4, 1998.

December 5, 2000 - The Birmingham Post reports Sophie Marceau had a icy reaction to Leonardo DiCaprio wanting to co-star in a movie with her, saying "What is he, 13 or 11? Perhaps I could play his nanny."

December 5, 2000 - More details during an online chat from Ted Casablanca concerning his blind item, that many feel could be Leo, though the timeline may be an issue: "I'm not the only one who has revealed his legs as of late, though he wishes they were befier." Don't know if this tidbit helps anyone though.

December 4, 2000 - Rav Singh asks "I wonder if it was from Gisele?" referring to Leo's new phone ad which shows a text message saying, "When are you coming back."

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