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August 31, 2000 - Mandy Moore confirmed to The New Paper that she is indeed still a virgin and that she was a "goody-goody" at her Catholic co-ed school.

August 31, 2000 - A less flattering review of Mandy's Singapore performance showed up on TCS5.com as they said of Moore "As a performer, she still has a long way to go before she graduates to the likes of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Perhaps she was unused to wearing high heels, but Mandy seemed pretty stiff and unsure compared to her fluid back-up dancers. Granted, she¹s only sixteen and might still be coming to terms with her sexuality and celebrity status."

August 31, 2000 - Thirsty.com reports that Mandy's next single will be Walk Me Home which will get radio play but won't be relased as a CD single.

August 30, 2000 - Mandymoore.com reports that Mandy will be performing at the MTV VMA's pre-show.

August 27, 2000 - Mandy Moore will star in an upcoming movie entitled Magic Al and the Mind Factory. It's set for a September release.

August 26, 2000 - We've added message boards to abstracts.net! It's still somewhat under construction but feel free to sign up and post here. Starting next month we'll have a $25 gift certificate at Amazon.com for post of the month!

August 26, 2000 - Brian McFayden is commenting on the Mandy Moore dating rumors to TV Guide, saying "It's not true! Those rumors are great! They're fun. I never thought I'd be a part of them. Rumors keep everything going. I have teenage relatives and they send me the latest. There was one that I was dating Britney Spears." Any truth? "Nope. Nice rumor, though!"

August 24, 2000 - MTV Asia attended Mandy's concert in Singapore and report "Mandy certainly did have what it takes. She didn't mime and her dance style certainly surpassed her peers. Let's just hope that she will keep her promise and come back real soon."

August 24, 2000 - Mandy Moore commented to Worldpop about her dolls, saying "I think it's really weird to have my own doll. I saw the head recently and it looked just like me!"

August 22, 2000 - Mandy Moore at a recent press conference in Asia told reporters, "I'm not home as much, I don't see my friends as much, I can't go to football games on Friday nights... You have to sacrifice some stuff, but on the other hand, I knew it was going to be a trade-off, and I'm glad that I chose this path." Mandy also declined to comment about any romantic interests.

August 19, 2000 - Mandy Moore is pictured here arriving to the Teen Choice Awards.

August 19, 2000 - Mandy Moore talked to Launch.com about her being in punk band Good Charlotte's first single, Little Things. "It's hard because I think you're often judged, and everything's based around your age and people don't take you as seriously because of your age," she replied. "But I think you kind of have to not fight the comparisons. But just because I'm blond and I'm a pop singer, I automatically have to be like the other people out there. And I hate when people judge me before they meet me, and they think that, Oh, she has to be slow, she has to be unintelligent, she's fed her answers to questions.' I don't know. . . It just annoys me to have to explain myself."

August 17, 2000 - Mandy Moore was on Access Hollywood tonight where they were at the cover shoot for Twist. She said her second album will have more of a rock pop edge. Mandy says she's trying to soak in everything as it comes.

August 13, 2000 - All Star reports that Good Charlotte's Joel enjoyed working with Mandy on the video Little Things, saying "She was very down to earth and sweet -- everything you could say good, she was it," Joel said. "I honestly wasn't excited about meeting her, but when I met her, I totally dug her. She was really hot ... I want to ask her out on a date. Maybe in a year or so I may have to take her to Vegas and get married."

August 7, 2000 - Mandy Moore is featured in a video interview at Music365. To check it out, click here.

August 5, 2000 - 'N Sync, 98 Degrees, Jessica Simpson, Mandy Moore, Destiny's Child, Pink, Vitamin C, the A*Teens , Don Philip, Boyz N Girlz United, PYT, and more will perform at Summer Music Mania 2000 at the Jacksonville Coliseum in Jacksonville, Florida, on August 13.

August 3, 2000 - An extensive interview featuring Mandy Moore is featured on People.com, in which she says of her profession "I am a such a workaholic. I love what I do, which is great. Oh, I love my occupation! I never want to be stuck doing something that I dread, 'cause life is so short. I am so glad that I'm doing this and I love it."

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