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mandy message board controversy
As we suspected, the ultra conservative Moderator to the MandyMooreFan.com message boards has flexed his muscle and is banning and removing posts at will, as this poster has found out:

From: tooReal
Received: 5/11/00 10:56 PM 

Just Wanted To Keep You Up To Date On The New Moderator. By The Time You Read This Message I Will Have Been Banned. Post Something On The Site That Questions Him Removing Or Moving Content And You Will Be Banned As Well. I Sent You This PM Because I Really Enjoyed Chatting With You And Sharing My Feelings On Mandy. I Still Post At www.mandymoore.com (At Least Now I Do…. ;-(

The Following Message Was Sent To Sony Music International In New York…. Feel Free To Comment About This On The Board And See How Fast Your Post Will Be Deleted… ;-(

As Of This 10:25 A.M EST This Morning A New Moderator Was Assigned To The "Mandy Moore Message Board". As Of 9:45 P.M. EST This Person With The User ID Of Unknown_Patriot Commenced To Remove All Material Of ANY Kind That Commented On His Arbitrary Deletion Of NON-CONFROTATIONAL -> CLEAN Messages. I Have Since Had All Of My Material Removed From The Board Without Justification Or Reason. I Am A True Fan Who Feels He Has Been Wronged By Someone Who Just Wants To Take Revenge For Past Discussions We Had When We Were "Equal Posters". The Following Post Is A Personal Message Received From The Moderator - All Content Is Non Edited And With Message Header Attached.

If You Have A Problem
From: Unknown_Patriot 
Received: 5/11/00 9:55 PM 
Then keep it on PMs. Any posts where you degrade my authority by utilizing sarcasm and rhetorical comments in an affront to my responsibility to moderate will be deleted - excessive ones will result in your banning. However, if you can carry this on maturely in PMs, I'm more than happy to hear. I just won't allow them to be posted to the public what should be an issue between you and me. 

Please Review This Issue At Your Early Possible Convience. I Am A Dedicated Fan Who Has Never Posted A Message Containing Any CONTENT REMOTELY QUESTIONABLE. I Feel Like I Have Just Entered A Police State.