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February 10, 2000 - The Enquirer is out with news that Mariah Carey has had a 2nd breast enlargement and liposuction and perhaps even dermabrasions on her upper body and face. All this in large part to a dissing by rival diva Jennifer Lopez, who made snide remarks about Mariah's bod, as well as insecurities in playing alongside Whitney Houston in the Diva's Live special.

February 3, 2000 - Mariah Carey interviewed in the February 17th issue of Rolling Stone. Talking about her next worldwide tour in which she wants to start in Guam, because she likes the name Guam. Guam has many snakes and Mariah is afraid of them so plans to bring pigeons when she performs, as most every bird in Guam has been eaten by snakes. Uhh, Mariah, do you really think that sounds like a good idea then?

February 2, 2000 - Q Online reports that Mariah Carey was puked on while doing an interview with Smash Hits magazine's John McKie, whom apparently was drunk at the time according to her rep, Cindy Berger. After all that, McKie apparently even asked for Mariah's autograph and unbelievably, Mariah complied.

January 25, 2000 - Mariah Carey has shed alot of weight after Joan River's voiced out at last year's Academy Awards that Mariah looked fat. After interviewing Mariah, Rolling Stone write Mim Udovitch concluded she now has an eating disorder, nibbling on carrots and celery during her interview.

January 21, 2000 - Mariah Carey to tour internationally for the first time in eight years with concerts in Europe, followed by Asia, then wrapping up in the US from February 14th to April 11th.

January 18, 2000 - Mariah Carey receives Award of Achievement for her "rare and distinguished accomplishments" at the 2000 American Music Awards in Los Angeles.

January 15, 2000 - The New York Post indicates in today's issue that Mariah Carey is considering changing her name to Mariah Nunez to better identify with the fast growing latin music scene. Nunez was Carey's father's name before he switched to to Carey.