Billy Bob To Take A Musical Journey

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Billy Bob To Take A Musical Journey

Postby Miss Moon » Wed Mar 27, 2002 3:17 pm

March 27, 2002
Billy Bob To Take A Musical Journey

Russell Crowe, watch out. Actor/director/tabloid newspaper fodder Billy Bob Thornton, 46, is going back to his roots as a musician this spring by launching a concert tour, reports Reuters. The Arkansas native and Oscar-winning screenwriter of the 1996 film 'Sling Blade' once made a living as a drummer for the band Tres Hombres, which opened up for acts such as Humble Pie, Hank Williams Jr., Ted Nugent and Richie Havens. Beginning May 17 at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles, Thornton will mount a two-week, eight-city small venue tour to promote his rockabilly album, 'Private Radio,' which was released on Lost Highway Records last fall, Reuters reports.


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Postby jamon7 » Mon Apr 15, 2002 12:04 am

Does anyone know if Angie still plans to attend all of Billy's concerts?  
Last year she said she would attend every one...then he canceled the tour b/c of all the movie promo he was doing.  
They also said that they do not travel anywhere without each other b/c of 9/11.
But who knows now with baby and all.
I want to go to the New Orleans concert...but I don't know if I will make the drive unless there is a chance I will get to see Angie.

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