Angelina On ET 4/16

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Postby admin » Wed Apr 17, 2002 12:34 am

>>> Angelina jolie has a new look for her new movie. But while her hair is light, she says the character is dark. We go behind the scenes for another 'e.T. First.'

>> Action!

>> I put the hair on and the nails, and suddenly, before i knew it, I was like, 'hi.'

>> Reporter: Brunette angelina went bright blonde to play a vain, self-obsessed reporter in 'life or something like it' that hits theaters april 26th.

>> She's everything I detest. She's the darkest, most evil, most disturbed character i've ever played in my whole career.

>> What's he doing?

>> Reporter: She's teamed with cameraman edward burns, as they cover a story about a homeless man with psychic powers, played by tony shalhoub.

>> Are the hawks gonna open up a big old can ofututt-whupping?

>> The seahawks will win.

>> Reporter: Shalhoub tells her she's going to die soon, which makes her re-evaluate her life. As for angelina, a lot of big-wigs weren't sold on her ability to pull off a dark comedy. And then when she chose that blonde wig, they were even mor upset.

>> The first day i showed up and said, 'this is what I think she looks like.' And they all went, 'no.'

>> A back-to-brunette angelina is now shooting in thailand for her next film, the drama 'beyond borders.'

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