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Postby WhiteTrash » Mon Jul 22, 2002 8:45 pm

Ok, lots of Angie fans starting liking her during her "Gia period".
We saw the movie, and read about Angie's own self destructive behavior during that time and thought of her that way.
Gia and Angie had a lot in common.
She wasn't like other actresses, Angie was downright suicidal.
We related to her because of some highway to hell we were riding in our own minds.
I think the same thing happened to her when she did that part, she loved Gia.
(No way will you understand the rest of this)

Angie meets Billy and something changes in her. She doesn't want to hire a hit on herself anymore, and she packs up the knives.
She takes a quick exit off the hell highway;
She quits smoking and drinking and she smiles all the time.
She works hard and her career takes off.
She goes to work trying to help other people instead of trying to destroy herself.
She made some drastic changes in two years, right?

Billy loves Angie, and follows her path for a while, but it isn't him.
He starts drinking again (which is what always screws up his life - that's his drug of choice).
He's skinnier than ever (starving himself - his destruction of choice)
He starts smoking again.
He does so many rejective things to Angie (the one person who loved him) that he finally wrecks his marriage.

Wrecking his marriage will in turn, mess up his own career (How much of his publicity in the last two years floated down from Angie? How many of his CD's were sold to Angie fans would you guess?)

When they first got together, they were both always saying how much alike they were.
I think it's because at that time, THEY WERE BOTH GIA!
Know what I mean?
Billy's still Gia, look what he did to his perfect life in the last 3 months.
I'm just saying, anybody who related strongly to Gia shouldn't really be kicking Billy, he might not look like Angie, but except for that, he's about as Gia as Gia herself was.

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Postby WildTiger » Mon Jul 22, 2002 9:41 pm

Holy sh**! who are you ? god?. how did yoy figure that out cuz your absolutally right! in in tears right now. They have to get back together. he needs her just like she needed him. I hope something happens to make them get back together. billy is on the same road she was on but she got better and he can too. She made a huge mistake by filing divorce. they need each other. they were created for each other. I can believe I didnt see that. thank you.

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Postby Mizz » Tue Jul 23, 2002 4:25 am

i agree with you whitetrash, but i'am not they should get back together again. I think it was a good think Angelina changed, she wasn't happy at that time, and she looked a lot happier when things changed,
thanks to Billy. But couldn't it be that they are just not right for each other.
And all of this doesn't make right what he did.
I don't hate Billy, and i never said i did, in fact i stood up for him, when some of ya'll suddenly hated everything about him, even the thinks you loved about him at first. Maybe it's time they both move on. But if they DO get back together again, i hope it works out, i love both of them. He's STILL one of my favourite actors, i just love his work.
Btw i wouldn't be suprised, they loved each other so much, and they probably stil do

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Postby DarkDance » Tue Jul 23, 2002 9:44 pm

This is kind of scary.
How'd you think of that?
I remember when Angie quit drinking, smoking and all of that, there were some people here on the board who sort of felt like she was leaving them behind and changing too much.
It's like they were happy for her that she was doing good, but they resented it also because it made her different from what they had seen in her and they needed to have her keep being Gia. I felt like that too in a way.
Maybe it was like that for Billy too.
I never looked at it that way. It is like he wants to destory himself or something when you think of the chain of events.
I never did buy the cheating on Angie theory because I couldn't understand why he'd want to, but maybe this would explain it, maybe part of him felt like she left him too, like she'd crossed over to the bright side and he was left alone on the dark side, maybe he resented her for it?
I wish he'd do an interview too, I wonder what he's thinking.

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Postby Mizz » Wed Jul 24, 2002 5:52 am

But do you REALLY think that makes it all right?? She "crossed over to the bright side" which is a good thing. Y'all can see that. And maybe she was a lot more interresting when she was Gia for some of you. But c'mon, it was clear she wasn't happy. And then Billy came a long, she changed, he didn't.
But it was good for her, and Billy felt left out... I think he should have left her when he figured that out. It would have saved them some pain, and this whole Billy cheated fiasco. She lives healthy now, she is happy (not right now, but you have to give it some time) she has the cutest son. And if Billy can't handle that, this is for the best. Maybe the where not ment for each other, and maybe Billy will find someone else to do what he did for Angelina.

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Postby Tuesday » Thu Jul 25, 2002 11:27 pm

You're right, (WhtTrash/WldTiger/DkDance) Billy is a lot like Gia.
I hadn't thought about that before either, but I've wondered now what it was that used to make them say they were so much alike.
Maybe that's what Angie saw in him, she found a real life kind of Gia.

But I also agree with Mizz.
No one could have saved Gia except Gia loving herself.
It's the same thing with Billy, I don't think he loves himself.

It's werid, because I don't think Angelina loved herself either but somehow having Billy love her made her start to love herself and then that love went on to others, refugees and Maddox etc.

I guess Angie's love couldn't make Billy love himself though, maybe nothing will because he's got to be feeling worse about himself than ever now.
Maybe Angie's the Gia that lived past the pain, and Billy's the Gia that will self destruct.

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