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Postby DarkDance » Sat Jul 27, 2002 8:31 am

Don't get excited about reading this, these people that interviewed him are from the "Billy Bob Website" and they are way too kiss ass to ask him about Angie or the baby or the split or ANYTHING else that the rest of the world would ask him.
They are also so bad at doing interviews that they give us and him totally useless information about their own lives (personal observation).
Anyway, I think you guys will still want to read it since it took place at the hotel where he's staying and gives you a little glimpse into his current life.
Webmasters Sage Giordano and Amélie Frank (along with plucky photographer Michael Paul) met with Billy Bob Thornton on Monday, July 1st, in the late afternoon at his famous home away from home, the Sunset Marquis hotel, to chat about a variety of topics ranging from Benjamin Franklin to his dream car to how to lose a strategic Civil War battle with his son, Willie. Having completed a day of shooting BAD SANTA (his new film, a dark comedy directed by Terry Zwigoff) with a 5:30 a.m. call time, Billy Bob had just gotten up from a nap and appeared in a red T-shirt, navy blue cords, and his current favorite headwear, the black PRIVATE RADIO sequined cap from his recent concert tour. A soft-spoken man, Hisfineself checked out the website on Sage's Mac laptop and read print-outs of the fan's postings from the guestbook as we chatted.

Part one of the interview: Today, it's fast cars and not-so-fast food as Billy Bob takes on some of the truly dumb rumors that have been spread about him over the last couple of years and dares us to try one of his favorite snacks.

Billy Bob Thornton (BBT): I just got the car of my dreams, a '67 Chevelle with a 396. I actually have a picture of it.

Sage (S): I have a '65 Mustang Fastback with a Boss 302 engine, 4:11 rear end.

BBT: Wow, that's cool, that's cool.

Amélie (A): This girl knows cars.

BBT: Yeah?

A: This girl fixes her own cars. Oh, she's so handy.

BBT: Oh yeah? She can come help me with mine. Mine's actually being painted. I bought it red. It's now in Long Beach being painted. Midnight Blue. Boy, it's a dandy, a '67, it's got a 396. I used to have a '56 Chevy 210 327. It wasn't really practical to drive around town, (laughs), you know what I mean?

S: I had a '55 Chevy two-door hard top.

BBT: Oh yeah,, those are great.

S: The guy I sold it to took it down to Mexico, completely can do that cheap down there.

BBT: Oh sure you can, yeah.

S: I've seen it around town, it looks good.

BBT: That is so cool.

A (sheepishly): I own a . . . Saturn Station wagon...

S: It's a fine car.

A: It's a fine car, but it's in the shop.

BBT: Hey, nothin' wrong with that.

A: Well we wanted to go after dispelling some of these rumors, so . . .

BBT: Yeah.

A: Sir, are you truly the reincarnation of Benjamin Franklin?

BBT: I feel pretty close to him. But I said that just to mess with a writer once.

A: When you see him on a coin or a bill do you suddenly get very...

BBT: Yeah. Ben Franklin is one of my idols. I love Ben Franklin.

A: Why?

BBT: Maybe I am. I feel so close to him. I went to Philadelphia on tour--we opened there for Little Feat. We were there one day. I wish we could have been there for a week. I didn't think I'd like Philadelphia--well, I didn't think I would or wouldn't. I didn't know. But I fell in love with it. I felt like, "Wow, I could live here." I loved the people. It was fantastic. I could imagine myself walking down the street with a big loaf of bread under my arm, you know? I dunno.

A: Now, THERE'S a Night Shyamalan film in your future! When you say you feel closer, do you mean closer to the era or to the man himself? What is it about him specifically?

BBT: Yeah, well, he did everything in the world. He was a Renaissance man. He was the guy responsible for the reason we have two senators and the House of Representatives goes by the population of the state. It was because they were all arguing over it. Ben Franklin just came in and said, "Well, look, how about this? How about everybody gets two senators, but in the House of Representatives, everybody goes by population, that way you kinda compromise. How's that?" So everybody goes, "Oh yeah, right." He was a combination of like, you know, of the spiritual and the practical. He was just a great character, you know, and he liked women and stuff. (Laughs.)

S: How do you feel about his breeches?

BBT: mean these kinds? Yeah, I'd wear 'em.

A: So, where did all these orange foods rumor get started?

BBT: It got started because I used to, I lived at the Sunset Marquis for about two years. It was great, I told you that I used to eat there in the restaurant every day--sometimes in the room, sometimes I'd go down to the patio. The only thing I would eat for breakfast was papaya. I had it every day. Then, one time, one of these idiotic entertainment shows or something, it said "what the stars eat" or something. And they said I ate at the Sunset Marquis all the time and that I only ate things that were orange or I only ate papaya. I think the first time they said I only ate papaya, but the next time they said it, it was suddenly that everything was orange. So that's how that started, and that's one I don't know how it kept going because I never even toyed with them on that one. The first time they ever asked me I said, "No, that's ridiculous. You would die, wouldn't you? I mean, what is there? Carrots? Papaya? Oranges?"

A: Salmon.

BBT: Salmon. Yeah. Well.

A: (referring to our first meeting 6 weeks ago): You had it for dinner.

BBT (grinning): Maybe I did only eat orange food...salmon and papaya. But uh, no, that's just not true at all.

A: You also said you had an allergy.

BBT: Yes, I'm allergic to wheat and dairy and shellfish.

A: Shellfish? basically have a more vegetarian diet, right?

BBT: No, I eat meat.

A: You do eat meat.

BBT: I eat protein, vegetables and fruit. And, uh, I'm obsessed with coffee beans. You know, everybody goes to Starbucks. See, I've always time in an interview, I said something really sh**ty about Starbucks. I said Starbucks coffee just tastes like someone peed in a bucket or something, you know, because it's horrible. I said something about it, and the head guy of Coffee Bean sent me this huge basket of stuff. It was pretty great. And since then, I'm sort of the spokesperson. I love the Coffee Bean. Every day-- I only have one a day--I just have a decaf, a large decaf with's not like I need coffee. I drink wheat grass juice every morning, that's what gets me going. But I just like the way it tastes, and Coffee Bean makes the best . . . I guess you'd call it mixed drinks. I have this vanilla latte. It's vanilla powder. It's got a little dairy in it, but I allow myself that because I don't have dairy any place else.

A: Are you saying you don't have those Dr. Pepper floats with the ice cream from U-TURN anymore? (Note: BBT put on weight for his role in U-TURN by drinking this before bedtime.)

BBT: I wish. I wish I could.

A: So you stopped drinking those because they made you sick?

BBT: I got migraine headaches my whole life. I'd go through periods where it was worse. And then this holistic doctor told me one time to cut out dairy, and I did.

A: And that really helped?

BBT: Oh yeah. Fifty percent of the headaches went away. I quit the wheat, and I rarely get one.

A: But wheat grass doesn't bother you.

BBT: No, it's a weird thing when you're allergic to something like that. Bruce Heller (Note: Bruce Heller is Billy Bob's producing partner.) has a terrible allergy to nuts. You know, it's a bad one. Like Bruce can have peanut oil, but he can't have peanuts. Like, if he eats peanuts, he goes to the hospital, but if something is fried in peanut oil, it's fine; it doesn't bother him. So, it's the same thing as wheat grass. It's not exactly wheat, you know, somehow...something happens in the process. I understand that people who are allergic to wheat can go out and pick a twig off of a wheat stalk or whatever, and it wouldn't bother them, but once it's made into flour, I don't know what it is.

A: Something about the processing.

BBT: Exactly.

A: But they bleach it. A lot of refined products are bleached.

BBT: Oh yeah.

A: It's just not healthy.

BBT: I try not to have bleached anything.

A: I was going to ask you to describe a typical meal, but I think I will ask you this: when you go back home, do you still indulge in the deep fried foods, stuff you grew up on?

S: No grits?

BBT: I'll eat grits, but, see, grits . . . as a matter of fact, I was recently in Little Rock. And grits and potatoes, you know, those kind of O'Brien potatoes, they're kinda fried, but I went ahead... what I did, I didn't have anything else on my plate. It was at the Embassy Suites. Embassy Suites has this free buffet . Breakfast is insane! It's just got stuff everywhere! The only thing I could have on it is the fruit or the potatoes and the grits, because I can have corn products. I know there's probably a little butter in the grits, I would imagine, but (grinning again) I just kinda forgot about it. And I got a bowl of grits and poured the potatoes in it and mixed it up. Hillbillies figure out good ways to mix stuff, you know, enough to make it substantial. But I eat steak and a lot of stuff, but my typical meal is salmon or halibut and grilled asparagus. That's what I have almost every day--salmon and asparagus, every now and then halibut. On the set, the caterer always makes me fish every day. I had halibut today.

A: You have Tofutti also, don't you?

BBT: Yeah.

A: That's what you ate on MONSTER'S BALL instead of chocolate ice cream.

BBT: That's right, that's Tofutti

A: That stuff's good. Get it at Trader Joe's.

BBT: Oh yeah, it's fantastic. The Rice Dream is not so good.

A: I drink the almond milk. I drink the chocolate almond milk. I have to drink a lot of soy milk.

BBT: I use Silk.

A: You use Silk? Trader Joe's has Soy Yum. It tastes better than Silk. I like it better than Silk.

BBT: Silk has a creamer that's sweetened with cane sugar and, man, let me tell you...I like cereal, and pour the creamer on the cereal. It's insane.

A (to Sage): Okay, we've got a recommendation for us to try.

BBT: Oh, it's so good. Get something like, go get some-oh, there's a company called Barber's. In health food stores, there's a cereal called Puffins. Get some Silk creamer and pour it on Puffins, and you'll be really happy.

A: I think we've been dared.

BBT: Yeah.

A: We're going to have to do this now.

BBT: It's really good.

A: Would you say that a lot of the rumors about anorexia come from your having a much healthier lifestyle?

BBT: It's somewhere in between. See, there's a common misconception that I used to be heavy and now I'm real skinny. See, I've been skinny my whole life. And then, for a period of a few years in the early '90s, early to mid '90s (because even in ONE FALSE MOVE, I was skinny; we shot that in '89, '90), and then after that I did a movie called BLOOD IN, BLOOD OUT, or BOUND BY HONOR, and in that I was like a muscle guy. I weighed 205 pounds. I was all muscle.

A: You were all bulked up because you were playing one of the Aryan Brotherhood.

BBT: Exactly.

S: Oh, that's the "orale!" movie!

A: That's the one we do the dialogue from that all the time.

BBT: Oh yeah? Where I took that guy's leg off?

A: Oh yeah, we cheered when you did that, because we were sick of him.

BBT: Yeah, I remember that. That was very funny. I worked out with the inmates all the time, and they made me . . . I ate four times a day, and I just got real big. And then, after that, I was 205 pounds, and I didn't want to be like that any more. But then you don't work out, and I stayed that way. That's how the weight happened, that's exactly how it happened.

A: The way that you were so, your frame seemed so much bigger on HEARTS AFIRE.

BBT: Right exactly, that's how that happened. And then later on I lost back down... I wasn't that heavy on SLING BLADE. People always think I am, but it's because I wore those big loose clothes.

A: Big shoes

BBT: I walked like this, and changed my face. But then I gained weight purposefully for U-TURN and THE APOSTLE.

A: You know, there're some women out there who think that Darrell (Note: BBT's character from U-TURN.] is the cutest of your characters.

BBT: Oh yeah? Yeah, sometimes it's weird because you never know what people are gonna like. But anyways, that was on purpose, and then after that I started losing weight. I lost back to my normal weight, which is what I am now and what I have been since high school.

A: For the record do you want to tell us how much you weigh right now?

BBT: Right now I'm a little under what I should be.

A: Give us your standard weight.

BBT: I usually weigh around 140, 145. I mean, I don't ever get over 145. I'm 6 feet, 140 and have been for several years now. In BANDITS, MAN WHO WASN'T THERE, and in MONSTER'S BALL, I weighed 140. In A SIMPLE PLAN, see, I'm wearing a lot of padding, I was really skinny. And I didn't sleep, I didn't sleep in during that whole movie, maybe just a couple of hours a night sometimes.

A: Why was that?

BBT: I just get into these moods, you know, when I'm playing a character? That may be my favorite...that and Ed Crane (Note: BBT's character in THE MAN WHO WASN'T THERE.) are probably my favorite.

A: You said Jacob was the one you felt closest to.

BBT: Yeah, absolutely.

A: Did the migraines coincide with the moods?

BBT: No. Not at all. That was strictly a dietary thing. But yeah, I wouldn't sleep a lot of times. Especially on that movie. But on PUSHING TIN, I weighed 130, and that's the lowest I got down to. But I usually weigh 140. I've been weighing lately 138-140.

A: This has been pretty much consistent throughout your life.

BBT: Yeah.

A: Since you were a teen and since you were touring with Tres Hombres. (Note: Tres Hombres is the ZZTop tribute band BBT played drums with in the mid-1980s.)

BBT: Yeah. There were times during the Tres Hombres days when I was bigger than that, maybe 150. But I was always more in shape. These days, I'm just skinny. I don't do anything. I just sit around.

A: You don't work out or anything?

BBT: Well, it depends on what movie.

A: So you really believe in working with your body type to fit the character.

BBT: I worked out for DADDY AND THEM. You guys probably don't have any pictures from DADDY AND THEM, do you?

A: A couple. We've actually plucked a few off the Net.

BBT: It's coming out pretty soon on Showtime, you know.

A: We saw that. Everyone was pretty excited because about every six months, we get the question, where's DADDY AND THEM?

BBT: Boy it's a good one, too. It's a really good movie. I'm so proud of it.

A: We got a hold of the script through secret means, and we enjoyed it very much.

BBT: It's a dandy, I'm so proud of that movie, I'm really happy with it.

End of part one of BillyBobapalooza's exclusive interview with Billy Bob Thornton.

Stay tuned for part 2 of the interview where Billy Bob comments on more rumors about his lifestyle, how he copes with media scrutiny, his recent concert tours of Europe and the U.S., and how he singlehandedly continues to lose the Civil War.

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Postby DarkDance » Sat Jul 27, 2002 8:54 am

Seems like he'd say something or do some kind of interview just to dispell some of the wilder rumors.
Maybe he will, and he just wasn't going to do the exclusive with a little website interview.
I will say I've always considered him the king of anorexia, and being a diet junkie myself it was interesting to hear him talk about the food restrictions he's living on to stay that thin.
By the way, he's playing at the Beverly Hilton tonight.

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