Tribute To Director John Frankenheimer

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Stars Line Up To Pay Video Tributes To Frankenheimer

Ben Affleck, Angelina Jolie and Robert De Niro were among the Hollywood heavyweights who put their schedules on hold to pay a special tribute to late movie mogul John Frankenheimer on Monday night. The movie stars joined veterans Donald Sutherland, Janet Leigh and Michael Gambon to share their recollections of working with the director, who died earlier this month, at Hollywood's Directors' Guild Association. Forrest Gump star Gary Sinise played host of the evening, which De Niro actually attended - to pass on his personal condolences to his friend's family. American cable channel HBO plans to air the starry tributes as part of a documentary about Frankenheimer's career. The director died from a stroke following complications after spinal surgery. His film achievements include Ronin, The Manchurian Candidate and Birdman Of Alcatraz.

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