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Postby goneabitlara » Sat Aug 31, 2002 3:40 am

Here's a question: just wondered, when did u all first see Angelina in a film and what was it about her that you liked/identified with?
For me; i was a later starter you could say, i first saw her in The Bone Collector. I imagined that the character she played was a little like her in real life for some reason.. dunno why. I thought she acted so well in the film that i decided to watch a 'back-catalogue' of her movies, just outta curiousity - so i then hired Girl Interupted - wow, that movie blew me away - i was so enthralled by this character!! The oscar for that was never more deserved. After that, i watched Gia... say no more.. no words needed, you all know that film and must know how you felt... Followed her movies ever since, and, in all of them, i can see HER, or what I belive is HER... What about you'all???

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Postby GirlInterrupted » Sat Aug 31, 2002 10:56 am

Man! i started later than you :D i noticed her in Tomb Raider..the story wasnt great but she was brilliant..i liked the fact that a girl gets to kick ass and save the world..the next thing im watching gia and she was amazing in that film..the film which in some areas related to angelina...i was hooked..she was brilliant in that and her performance in girl interrupted was breathe taking...from then on it was bone collector, gone in 60 sec and watever movie i could get that had her....and now i am a big fan :D. Even though this is not about movies i just want to say that i also love the work angelina does with the UN...i read her journal and it was sad wat she saw and it was also inspiring that i wanted to try and do my part to help so i ended up sponsoring a world vision kid from india...Angelina is such a talented actress with a heart of gold..just thought i might just mention that :)

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Postby OriginalSinner147 » Sat Aug 31, 2002 2:13 pm

I had seen foxfire a long time ago an thought she was brilliant. an then for years i had never heard of another movie she was in. (back then i had no internet) so i couldnt find her past movies either. then my mother made my watch Girl, Interrupted. i had wanted to see it so bad, but she (mom) was just doing it to prove some f***ed up point of hers. but regardless i was hooked, an glad that someone had the balls to portray Lisa, an so perfectly. i gotta say one of the things i love most about angie is that she did Lisa justice.
anyhow, i looked up all her movies, bought every one of them i could, an now i have my own little angie library. Im doing the same with Jack Nicholson, Cate Blanchette, The Sopranos (Tony an Silvio kick my ass!), an a few others that i cant think of. All i need of her movies now is the dvd's of Original Sin, Life Or Something Like It, an Without Evidence, oh an i lost True Women. Aww i'd forgotten about that till now, man that really pisses me off. Oh wells i guess i gotsta get that one too.

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