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BILLY BOB PULLS AGAIN But he's minging!!!

How the hell does Billy Bob do it? How does a balding, greying, old goat like that pull so many fit birds? Is he hung like a blue whale or summat? Coz the laydeez just can't seem to get enough of the old-codger. After all the rumours that he was running back to his ex-Mrs Peitra Dawn Cherniak, after leaving Angelina Jolie, now it turns out he's got yet another bit on the side. The sex-crazed oldie has moved 23-year-old model, Danielle Dotzenrod, into the marital home - still warm from Angelina's recent vacation. A fact which is sure to send Angelina, and any other self-respecting woman, into freeform rage! Billy Bob - you a dawg!

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