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Postby amelyda » Fri Sep 27, 2002 11:43 pm

The insider has spoken

"13-month-old scalded by hot tea on mom's movie set

IT'S every mother's worst nightmare – her baby scalded
by a kettle of hot tea.

It takes just a split second – and that's exactly what
happened to Angelina Jolie's adopted boy, Maddox.

The 13-month-old child was burned while Angelina was
shooting her new movie, Tomb Raider 2, in north Wales.
Maddox had to be rushed to not one, but two hospitals.

"Angelina says Maddox was seated in a mini-highchair,
waiting to eat," says a source.

"One of her assistants had placed a pot of hot tea on
the table. Then the table was accidentally bumped,
sending the pot and the tea spilling over the baby."

As her child screamed in agony, a distraught Angelina
raced to a local hospital in nearby Bangor, Wales.

The doctors there quickly decided the child needed a
burn-treatment specialist, so he was transferred by
ambulance to the Alder Hey children's hospital in
Liverpool, 90 miles away, insiders report.

Maddox was immediately admitted and kept in the
hospital for three days while doctors monitored his

The nasty accident occurred as the actress was filming
scenes for the sequel to her blockbuster movie in

Angelina, 27, had insisted that Maddox stay with her
for the duration of the production, in which she plays
action heroine Lara Croft. Nannies watch the tot while
she's working.

According to one published report, the mom instructed
the nanny agency to send a different woman every day
to look after Maddox so the boy wouldn't form strong
links with anyone other than his mother.

Angelina and her baby have been inseparable since she
adopted the Cambodian child.

The actress became involved in the plight of children
like him when she visited the country on a United
Nations fact-finding tour.

She filmed the first Tomb Raider movie in her son's
native land.

The sultry beauty officially got the baby in March.

"When Maddox was hurt, Angelina was terrified," says a

During the baby's hospital stay, Angelina – who split
from Maddox's adoptive father Billy Bob Thornton in
June and filed for divorce the next month – put her
filming commitments on hold to be with her son.
"Maddox means everything to Angelina," says the

"The last thing she could ever imagine is her child
being burned. But after his time in the hospital,
Maddox was back to normal.

"He's doing great. Angelina is a devoted mother, and
every break she has during the filming schedule is
spent with him."

A nurse has checked on the child since his release
from the hospital, and thankfully, the worst is over.
Maddox has returned to work with his mom and has
"enchanted everyone on the set," says Tomb Raider 2
spokeswoman Sue D'Arcy.

Angelina has thanked the doctors and nurses for their

"She was worried that Maddox might be scarred, but the
doctors told her they believe he will heal well with
no permanent marks," says a source.

"He was given antibiotics to stave off infection and
fluids because he was dehydrated from crying.

"He's back with his mom and doing great. Angelina is
very relieved." "

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Postby skulking » Sat Sep 28, 2002 12:18 am

:) Good to hear the little tyke is up and moving. That must of been a scary experience for the both of them. I wish him a speedy recovery !

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Postby goneabitlara » Sat Sep 28, 2002 3:36 am

Aww! poor little thing! he'll be put off tea for the rest of his life!!!
I was wondering the other day... i wonder what will maddox be like and what will he do when he is older?? will he be like mom and be in the movies or will he end up perhaps working for the red cross to help out in his homeland..?? Hmmm.. It always seems that when a movie star has a child, they seem to end up in the movies themselves... Will we be seeing movie banners and advertisements in years to come with 'Starring Maddox Thornton-Jolie' (i think thats right?) or will he drop the 'thornton' when his mom tells him of what went on... wondering and wondering.. perhaps i thinktoo far ahead.... Will he date and eventually marry some starlet... will BBT take an interest in his future... god, he will be an old crock by then...

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Postby Tuesday » Sat Sep 28, 2002 9:02 am

He won't be the only old crock, Angie isn't exactally a child mother to Maddox.
By the time Maddox is 20, Angie will be 46, by the time Maddox is as old as Angie is now, she'll be 53.
Of course by then Billy will be ... 73.

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Postby girl-next-door » Sun Sep 29, 2002 8:49 pm

LOL. My friends dad is 53 and she is only 15.

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