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Postby dylemma » Sun Jan 26, 2003 11:28 pm

This was posted at the TRC forums by a new German member...the interview is cool.His spelling was a bit weird too [:)]

-posted by cyberdilia on

I?m new here, and I?m from Germany.
In a German newspaper I found today a report about the actor Til Schweiger who plays a villain called: Sean. He is the greatest villain of Lara and his job is it, to kill her. He has got many weapons and technical tools.
He talked with Angelina about her Child and her family. And he sad, that she is a beautiful and intelligent actor and woman.

The Newspaper has got also an short interview with Angelina Jolie inside the Pinewood Studios.

Newspaper: What did you like, if you play Lara Croft?

Jolie: There are some interesting things on her. I like her loyalty and justice. And we are both alone. The only different aspect between us is that she is no mother.

Newspaper: Do you have contact to Billy Bob Thornton?

Jolie: We have no contact. He doesn?t see my son. Only Maddox and I build a Family.

Newspaper: Do you think there is a great love, anywhere?

Jolie: No! I didn?t search for a other person at the moment. But I hope that I find someone who has got the same dreams and aims like me.

Newspaper: Do you feel alone?

Jolie: Yes sometimes. It would be nice if there is someone who sleep beside me in the same bed. But now with Maddox it is a great feeling.

Newspaper: Thank you.

The Newspaper sad also that Angelina signed up for part 3.

Ok. This was the article I hope you understand the text, because I make sometimes some mistakes.

Greetings, MT

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Postby DarkDance » Tue Jan 28, 2003 10:19 am

Interesting - no contact with BB?
I'd wondered about that.

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