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Postby Mizz » Sat Feb 08, 2003 5:25 am

could be that someone posted this before.. i don't really remember.. sorry :)


3 February 2003

It was less than a year ago that Angelina Jolie swore she wouldn't be going naked on film again until she was "older" – so it will be interesting to see how she plans to play controversial porn queen Linda Lovelace in a new movie about her life. That's one film for which a starlet could argue, without a whiff of naivety, that nudity really is central to the plot. Deep Throat star Lovelace was the America's porn sweetheart in the Seventies, but after emerging from drug rehab, she stirred up a storm of controversy by claiming in retirement that she had been forcibly coerced into her career by her domineering husband Chuck Traynor. In 1980, it was suggested that she was being used as a prop by radical feminist groups when she released her autobiography Ordeal, and later testified before the Meese Commission on the supposed dangers of pornography. On her death, in a car accident only last April, studios started clamouring for the rights to her story, which is certainly worth exploring – and one Gia star Jolie would no doubt sink her teeth into, if reports that she has now confirmed her interest in the project are to be believed. After all, she always makes a fine stab at playing battle-on beauties under duress. But she may have to retract that statement about not being under-dressed first.

i think this could be very interesting. i don't know anything about lovelace. accept she had sex with a dog once (in dog f***er) and ofcourse she was famous for her apperences in deep troath but i've never seen it. i don't really know what to expect.. :rolleyes:

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Re: New Movie!

Postby solankie » Sat Apr 18, 2009 6:59 am

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