Angelina Dream Last Night!

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Postby eccles » Thu Apr 17, 2003 8:00 am

Hello all. I guess this isn't really much of a topic, but I had the WEIRDEST dream last night! Angelina was in it, or I was her, no, she was just in it. In my dream she was on some sort of reality show, sort of like that "I'm A Celebrity... " one... (I thought maybe I was her cause at the same time, I was on a reality show... watching her reality show... or something... ) She was a contestant or whatever, and she was nice and not too competitive. Then some b**** I have no idea who she was, like, backstabbed Angie and then Angie was all like, "You made me do this... " and she was all hardcore tough and kicking ass and stuff. Not beating up people, just being a fierce survivor. Maybe it was more like a "Survivor" thing. Anyway... Later on in my dream she got booted, cause one of the sponsors of the show pulled her -- turns out the sponsor was a close personal friend of her Dad's, and HE didn't want her winning the show or something. She was pretty upset about that.

Am I strange, or what? Anyone else out there have any weird dreams last night? Please, no dirty ones... ;)

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Postby goneabitlara » Thu Apr 17, 2003 10:55 am

wow eccles - what alot of detail for a dream!!! amazing!!!
Can't say i have had many dreams as detailed with AJ in them - have had a couple, nothing that interesting.... Had one a few weeks ago where i went swimming and AJ was in the swimming pool.... that was it.. although.. think she may have peed... was a little yellow cloud right by her.... hmmmm.

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