Request To All Those Going To The Premiere!

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Postby ysobek » Sun Jul 20, 2003 11:34 am

Request to all those going to the TR2 premiere:

If you get to talk to Angelina, could you please tell her that a team of fans is developing a site dealing with refugee and other humanitarian issues. Its goal is to educate people about those things in as much detail as possible. It will among other things keep them informed about the progress of her own work with the UNHCR. The site will be called La Guardienne [la gar-di-en, "en" as in "enter"] and one of the people in charge will be looking for her at the party after the premiere. If she's curious, she can also get more info about the project from her management at Industry Entertainment. Your help will be *much* appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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