Angelina Jolie On Last Call With Carson Daly

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Postby admin » Fri Jul 25, 2003 6:27 am

Cheers and applause ] Here's a real quick story about our first guest. I was on the "today" show -- not that long ago, actually, a couple days ago -- on nbc. And right at the end of the interview, matt lauer asked me -- he, like, threw sort of a screwball question at me. I wasn't prepared for it at all. And literally, off the top of my head -- take a look at what happened on the "today" show.

>> Who do you want to interview that keeps turning you down?

>> Carson: Oh, angelina jolie. I don't have any questions.

>> For what reason?

>> Carson: I don't know.

>> Yeah. Just to stare at her?

>> Carson: To stare at her. Yeah, that'd be nice. And then -- listen.

[ Laughter ] And then, literally, two hours later, she was booked. Why? Because there is a god in heaven and he is good.

[ Cheers and applause ] Here she is, from "lara croft, tomb raider: The cradle of life" -- it opens tomorrow. This is angelina jolie. Angelina?

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Carson: Throw that bad boy on?

>> Man: I love you!

>> Carson: Yeah, get in --

>> Thank you.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Carson: Get in line, buddy.

[ Laughter ] What's goin' on, angelina?

>> Ah, nothin'.

>> Carson: You look stunning. You look terrific.

>> I dressed up for you.

>> Carson: Did you, really?

>> I did.

>> Carson: That's a lie, but thank you. Did you see that thing on the "today" show? Or are you actually here to promote something?

>> I'm here for you.

>> Carson: Oh, what a good liar. The truth is I really don't have any questions for you, because I saw the "barbara walters special" already. And it seems like you guys covered it all.

[ Laughter ]

>> Well, okay.

[ Laughter ]

>> Carson: Angelina jolie, everybody.

[ Cheers and applause ] What is it about -- and explain to all of us -- has anybody else -- what is it about barbara walters? Did she -- was there any point during the interview where you just thought, "who is this madwoman I'm talking to"?

[ Light laughter ]

>> Yes. It was easy. I don't know what everybody --

>> Carson: She's like the go-to woman, I guess, when you want --

>> -- Was so frightened of. She's quite -- I figured she'd be the one that's gonna ask the scary questions. So if you can -- but it wasn't -- it was fine.

>> Carson: But she kept harping on you about all the tattoos and --

>> I know. She's like a mom.

>> Carson: Who cares? Yeah, why? We celebrate that sort of activity around here.

>> Yeah. I know, she'd have a lot to say about you, I'm sure.

>> Carson: Yeah. Oh, yeah.

>> Everybody does lately.

>> Carson: Yeah -- like what?

[ Laughter ] You gotta give 'em something to talk about.

>> All good things.

>> Carson: Yeah. I know she was talking about your ex and the tattoo that you had on your arm. I just wanted to share with you -- 'cause it's always about you and -- I have the worst cover-up from an ex-girlfriend you've ever seen. I don't know if I'll be able to show it, but I had jennifer love-hewitt's name on my ankle.

>> Oh. Aw.

>> Carson: This is what I got left with. It's a pocket knife --

[ Laughter ] -- Like, with a crab claw coming out of it.

[ Laughter ] Genius, right?

[ Laughter ] Why wouldn't -- I got mine covered up. Why not -- why get it removed?

>> Oh, well, I couldn't think of anything as genius as that.

[ Laughter ]

>> Carson: Wanna see it again? It's a crab claw -- it's a pocket knife --

[ Laughter ] It's a -- there. "Jennifer" something. How -- I was reading that it smells bad when you're getting the tattoo removed? Is that true?

>> Well, it's -- it's burnt flesh. It smells, you know --

>> Carson: And there's different ways of getting it removed. Is that, like, the most hardcore way, to make sure that it's just off?

>> Somebody said they could cut it out, but I opted not to do that.

>> Carson: Surprisingly so.

>> Surprisingly.

>> Carson: I thought you were into cutting and stuff like that. You'd think you would've jumped right in that line.

>> Yeah. Seemed too easy.

>> Carson: Right. And then the new tattoo -- what is it? Is it sanskrit? Is that right?

>> Mm, yeah.

>> Carson: Is that a style of that tattoo? How does that get on?

>> It was done by monks in thailand. And it's about a needle this long and a little hammer.

>> Carson: Okay, now, does anybody have a tattoo? Show of hands? A few people tatted up, I'm sure, yeah. And you at home, I'm sure there's a few people. Why go for the archaic form of getting tattooed?

[ Laught ] ] Modern day -- it hurts enough as it is.

>> God, well, I think a lot -- it's an amazing experience. But there's something -- there's something tribal about getting a tattoo. There's something beautiful about that moment and exciting about that moment. And to do it where you feel like you're actually making -- it's a prayer of protection for my family.

>> Carson: Right.

>> So it felt like I was making a sacrifice for them. So it's -- I like rituals.

>> Carson: Right. Okay. Fair enough. Does it hurt more than a normal tattoo?

>> Yeah, sometimes, yeah.

>> Carson: 'Cause he's just hammering away at this needle.

>> He did. I wanted to lay on the ground, 'cause I thought I was gonna pass out when I saw the bucket and the -- but he made me kneel and pray through the ole thing.

>> Carson: Right. That doesn't work, does it?

[ Laughter ]

>> It was --

>> Carson: That's just a load of crap. Like that's gonna divert the pain that is being inflicted on your body.

[ Light laughter ]

>> I kinda liked it. It was all right.

>> Carson: Yeah. That's good. You seem like somebody that, when we read about you, there's never any real spin or, like, damage control. Things that you're doing. Is that -- do you do that on purpose so people just, you know -- you don't care what they think about you?

>> Yeah. I -- you know, I'm just an honest person. I live that way. And I have nothing to hide, so --

>> Carson: Right.

>> So be it. I think it's best to live that way than to -- than to censor yourself.

>> Carson: And you get to new york, and it's like paparazzi are all over you and maddox, your son, walking through central park. Does that drive you crazy, especially because it's your child?

>> It's a bit weird, but it doesn't happen to us when we're everywhere else in the world. And we travel all the time together alone and never get bothered. It's just a -- it's a -- there are certain times when you have a film coming out and that happens.

>> Carson: Right.

>> It's weird, 'cause mad, I think, finds it -- you know, he's a baby now. But, you know, he's starting to say "hi" to people.

>> Carson: Right. The paparazzi.

[ Light laughter ] You're like, "no, that guy's a bad guy. We don't say hi to him."

[ Light laughter ]

>> You know, he's blowing kisses and saying hi, and I'm trying to, you know --

>> Carson: Right, you're giving, like, the middle finger, like, "leave us alone." Can you tell us a little bit about, like, the adoption process, if you don't mind? Like, how did you select maddox?

>> Wow. I had -- I decided to adopt from cambodia. And I went to one orphanage. And -- I wasn't gonna look at a bunch of kids and go to many orphanages. So I went to one and knew that I was gonna bring a child home. And maddox was the last baby I saw, and he was asleep. And they put him in a little plastic bucket outside, 'cause that was their bath. And he stayed asleep. And they handed him to me. And he was still asleep. And I thought maybe there was something wrong with him.

[ Laughter ] But I didn't mind. But I just thought maybe he was a bit --

>> Carson: Did you ask? Like, "this one's breathing, right?"

>> "This one's narcoleptic," or -- no. And he opened his eyes. And he stared at me for a long time. And then he smiled.

>> Carson: And that was it. And do you feel something with maddox at that moment that you didn't feel with the other ones? Did you feel sort of a chemistry?

>> I felt that maddox seemed to think I was okay. The other kids -- you know, certain kids --

>> Carson: The other kids -- you scared the hell out of the other kids, didn't you?

[ Laughter ] They're like, "you, my mommy? No way in hell."

>> No. Yeah.

>> Carson: "I'm fine right here in cambodia. Have good times in L.A."

>> Yeah.

>> Carson: "Later."

>> Yeah. Yeah. No, mad's cool with me. Mad's a -- mad's a tough little -- little boy.

>> Carson: Right. And I've read that you'd rather adopt again than bear your own child. Why's that?

>> I think -- I think having children is a beautiful thing. But I -- now that I've adopted, I feel like, if I -- if I had a child, there would be one less child that I adopted. And so I feel that my family's out there somewhere, and I'll find them.

>> Carson: Right, and so -- will you have children? Or will you continue to adopt and then, one day, bear your own?

>> I -- I'm not against it. I just feel like I'll adopt children.

>> Carson: Right, and this all comes from -- you're the goodwill ambassador with the united nations high commission for refugees. What exactly do you do?

>> I've been traveling for about three years. And first -- after a year of traveling, I became goodwill ambassador. But it's -- I go to refugee camps and war zones and spend time with people and learn about what they've gone through and talk to them and spend time with kids and see what they need. And sometimes I personally can help. And sometimes it's a much bigger issue, and I try to bring awareness and go to washington or --

>> Carson: But what have those trips that you've made -- what have those trips said about yourself? What have you learned?

>> I've learned that I have a lot to be grateful for. And I went through a time of being pretty self-destructive and unhappy. And, you know, I haven't seen my -- I haven't seen -- I don't know what I can say. But I mean --

>> Carson: Say anything you want.

>> Well, I mean, I haven't seen -- you know, my parents weren't killed in front of me. My arms haven't been cut off by a machete. I haven't had a bad -- these people suffer.

>> Carson: Right.

>> And they're starving. And they have this -- so I've just -- I'm so grateful for every little thing, and that my son's healthy, that I have just a different way of approaching life and want to feel useful and do some good things and learn about the world.

>> Carson: Right. All right, we're gonna take a quick break. More with angelina jolie.

[ Cheers and applause ] Of course, we've got the new "tomb raider 2" movie. We'll talk about the new movie, right after this. And the music of kenna. We'll be right back.

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Carson: If you're at home and you're a guy and you're asleep -- or a girl -- angelina jolie is here. Girls are just crazy about you, almost more so than guys.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> I like -- I like women. I love other women.

>> Carson: Yeah, you really do.

>> Women in audience: Yeah!

>> Carson: Yeah, we should applaud that. Yes.

[ Cheers and applause ] Into adoption, likes women -- perfect! Okay.

[ Light laughter ] "Lara croft, tomb raider: The cradle of life" is out. Do you play the video game?

>> I'm terrible at the game. It frustrates me to -- I've thrown it against the wall so many times. I -- I have no patience for -- I don't think lara would, either. I don't think she -- it's better I can jump in and --

>> Carson: And what -- what are some of the good things about playing a role that's sort of an action hero as opposed to some of your other roles? Why do you seek that sort of thing out? Just for the thrill? You're an adrenaline junkie?

>> I am an adrenaline junkie. But it's a nice balance. So many films -- I love doing heavy, heavy, dramatic films. But -- but it's nice. It's important for all of us to remember that spirit of adventure in yourself and that sense of fight.

>> Carson: Right.

>> And to get out there and get dirty and jump around. And I love that she travels and goes to other countries and loves other cultures. And she's a bit wild.

>> Carson: I was surprised to hear you guys talk so freely about how the first one sort of wasn't that good and that this one is a lot better. You read that everywhere.

>> Yeah.

>> Carson: Why did you feel the first one wasn't so hot?

>> I think we just hadn't made the transition from the video game totally into a great film, a great character. We -- there was a lot -- the story wasn't as solid. You didn't really get to know her. It just wasn't a great film.

>> Carson: Right.

>> But it was fun. And we were establishing things. And this one I think we finally got it right.

>> Carson: All right, let's take a look at angelina in action in "lara croft tomb raider: The cradle of life." It opens tomorrow.

>> Parachutes.

>> Something a little faster.

[ Lara laughs ]

>> Your rendezvous point is 2 1/2, maybe 3 miles.

>> You're aware that no one's ever gone further than one mile?

>> I am now.

>> This way!

>> All right, you go first.

>> No, you go first.

[ Gunshots ] I'll go first.

>> Carson: There you go. They flew from that building.

[ Cheers and applause ] And you nailed the landing. It went right onto, like, a boat right on --

[ Light laughter ] Now, I know you did a lot of your own stunts. Was that you?

>> Part of it. Part of the landing and certain jumps. But not -- not that big -- with the squirrel suit.

>> Carson: What is that? Is that real?

>> It is real, but very few people in the world can do it, and especially from a base jump. It's a very unique -- it's amazing. We'd be talking to each other, and then they'd just drop.

>> Carson: Right. You've said that you're not dating anybody. Is that true?

>> Mm-hmm.

>> Man in audience: Yeah!

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Carson: We always hear very successful and attractive women, that men are intimidated to go up to them. Do you find that true?

>> Sure, I'd like to believe that's why I'm not being asked out.

>> Carson: And you -- but do you feel that way, that you just might freak these guys out? They just don't even know where to begin?

>> I don't know. I -- I hope not.

>> Carson: Do you ever break the ice and just go up to them?

>> Yeah, I have. I have, yeah.

>> Carson: And what do you say? Do you sort of -- you know, you sort of slink up to the bar there, and you say, "hey, I'm angelina jolie."

[ Laughter ]

>> I'm pretty straightforward when I want something, yeah.

>> Carson: Fred durst of limp bizkit, he's been recently making public statements all over his website that he wants to court you. What do you think of that?

[ Laughter ]

>> I've -- I've never -- I've never met him.

>> Carson: Yeah.

[ Laughter ] Show of hands -- is that a good idea?

>> Audience: No!

>> Carson: He's got a great method, though, right?

[ Light laughter ] The guy who invented the internet is probably sitting at home smashing it right now. Let me ask you just a couple quick questions, 'cause there's so much about you -- in case people don't know a few of these things. Give me -- we got some time, right? We're okay? Give me one food that you're always craving.

>> Oh, god. Chocolate.

>> Carson: Do you watch reality tv?

>> Never.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Carson: Do you sleep in pjs or in the buff?

>> Oh.

[ Laughter ] Well, I have a son that sleeps next to me, so I'm usually in my pajamas.

>> Carson: Boo!

[ Laughter ] What movie do you cry at whenever you see it?

>> I don't really have -- I don't watch films. But I cry at war films, usually, when I see them. There's just such a long explanation for that.

>> Carson: Yeah.

>> But I'm sure it's a very weird one.

>> Carson: No, we'll accept the answer "war films," I think.

[ Light laughter ] That's fine. And what's more important -- I'm glad you're here -- the size of the boat or the motion of the ocean?

[ Laughter ] You're really the perfect person to ask.

>> I think -- I think they're both very important. What do you think?

[ Laughter ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Carson: I have a tugboat that can't get out of the harbor, so --

>> Aw.

[ Laughter ]

>> Carson: We're just sort of there, anchored. We're just hanging -- you know.

>> So are you a legs, breasts or ass man, then?

>> Carson: You know, supersize it.

[ Laughter ] I'll take all three. So what else do you do? Do youavave some time to relax? I know you're in town just going crazy with press and stuff.

>> Yeah, we have a bit of time. But I go back to shooting tonight. I go back to montreal, so --

carson: Okay. Well, you're a sweetheart for taking time. We appreciate it very much.

>> Oh, thank you. This is really nice.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Carson: Angelina jolie, everybody. Check out "lara croft: Tomb raider: The cradle of life." It's out tomorrow. We'll be right back with kenna.

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