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Postby Tuesday » Wed Sep 24, 2003 11:13 pm

Goneabit & festyone!!
Cool to see your names!

I haven't gone to another Angie website myself.
It's funny, when I first started posting (2000) right after 'the marriage" it was
such a big deal to me that it was the first thing I had to do in the morning and
the last thing I did at night (check to see if there was any new 'news' about
what Angie was up to.
And there really was news of some kind almost everyday.
People teased me about it, I had to buy every new US or People that they were in,
I wasn't alone either, this message board was jumping
during those days, I mean if you were only logging on once a day
you had to go to page 2 to get all the stuff you missed.

There were all kinds of arguments here on the boards because
their lives (hers and Billy's) were so intense and everyone had
some opinon about their relationship.
It was always cool to read, addictive.

I'm still like an Angie expert from those days, I bet I could
answer any question from those 2 years (2000 - 2002)

Now I'm not saying she shouldn't have dumped Billy, she had to dump the
jerk and I'm glad (for her) that she did.
But for me, the spark was gone after that.
Nothing, not one thing happened after that that was interesting at all.
I kept waiting for an interview or (better still) some article about her and
the next wild thing she was up to, but nothing.

Then when she did finally do interviews there was no spark in those
either. Anyway, I finally lost interest.

The funny thing is, I'm not the romatic type at all. I've never read a romance
story in my life, and I never was really interested in any other couple.
But I'd gotten so into Angie and Billy that it was like withdrawl not being
able to read the next 'new thing'.

I missed it so much I even tried some of the other celeb boards here,
trying to find someone who was in a wild relationship like they had
been in where there would be some surprising interviews and
updates all the time.

I guess the closest thing to that (In 2002-03) was probably Pam/Kid Rock/Tommy
but it wasn't the same at all. I'm trying to think of the reason it wasn't when I'm
writing this and I think it's because nobody was buying it in the first place, so it was
hard to really get into it (ditto for JLo/Ben and any others I can think of).

With Angie and Billy they were both so unexpected and unique, and they
both REALLY REALLY believed all the things they were saying, so we did too.
The excitement they had for each other was contageous, and they could make
you feel it too when you read their interviews.

Anyway, that's the expaination for my absence.

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Postby fiestyone » Thu Sep 25, 2003 2:07 am

Good to see ya, we've missed u!

I can kind of understand. I mean I am glad they separated too for her sake, cos let's be honest it wasn't a healthy relationship. But let's face it, if every married couple had the spark for each other that they did in the early days, life would be a bit brighter. I know, cos I am lucky, I have been married 6 1/2 years, and It keeps getting better!

I kinda wish in a way she would fall for a girl again- have some fun. Who knows, maybe a relationship with a woman would last.


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Postby dylemma » Sat Oct 04, 2003 11:53 pm

TUESDAY! FIESTYONE! great to be in a forum with you guys again. I don't know, I'm still an Angie fan ( I went to the TRII premeire, it was cool, I saw her up close and got to watch the movie for free and everything). but these days I rarely post. I mostly just click through the forums and catch the latest news or rumors and then Im out. Back when this board was jumping it was--well not like a family exactly--but more like a bar of regulars you know what I mean. Anyway, who knows maybe it'll be like that again or maybe we're just old school heads and the next ones in line get to have some fun and experience it. Though the new breed might gravitate toward April Lavigne or one of those new 'it' characters. who knows. But I would like to see some of Angie's wild side come back (knock on wood). Nothing that would harm her image as a humanitarian or mom, or get her hooked on drugs or anything, but just a little more fun and crazy you know. I think she could use a little more fun in her life. Later.

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