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Postby girl-next-door » Thu Feb 05, 2004 9:53 pm

WAAASSUUUPP!? AJ's back with Jonny Lee Miller. Its true and everything and all that.
I got a pic (scroll down) and even she said they were.

So sad. Jonny Miller is such a drop-kick. He's got a face like a run over garbage bin. But hey! At least he's not 19 years older than her, with a face like a run over garbage bin.
O and she got a new tattoo aswell. Both of em went to a tattoo parlour in LA and she got "Know Your Rights" tattooed in the middle of her upper back, bla bla bla. Don't ask for details (colour, size. etc) coz i don't friggen know. But I'll find out eventually and tell u lot. Jack Osbourne was there, too!

(look to the right in the photo)


Don't worry about what the writing says, its just a heap of crap.

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