Angelina Jolie On The Tonight Show 11/16

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Postby admin » Wed Nov 17, 2004 4:57 am

Jay: My first guest -- and oscar-winning actress whose latest movie, "alexander," opens november 24th -- "esquire" magazine called her the sexiest woman alive --

[ Cheers ] And also a great mom -- welcome angelina jolie!

[ Cheers and applause ] Good to see you kiddo.

[ Cheers and applause ] That's pretty cool. I like the eye thing. I like the eye thing.

Angelina: My son saw that and went "boobies."

[ Light laughter ]

Jay: That's exactly what I did.

Angelina: Very embarrasing.

Jay: I said the same thing. Boy, your son and I have a lot in common.

Angelina: Thanks. Somebody should start rethinking the covers.

Jay: You were just in europe someplace. You were someplace exotic, what were you doing?

Angelina: I was in germany doing press. I was in this really bizarre talk show. It's fantastic, but truly bizarre.

Jay: Is it like "the tonight show" over there? How different is it?

Angelina: Um, no, it's actually kind of -- you know, it's a little more fun.

Jay: A little more fun?

[ Audience ohs ] Like what do you do?

Angelina: They have actors make bets. They don't take it -- they're very silly about it. So I was with colin and they had us make a bet. It was just basically any actor that comes on, you make a bet whether somebody who is going to come on can accomplish something or not. If you lose you have to do a a bizarre thing.

Jay: What was your bizarre thing?

Angelina: We had to be with snakes, which is not a bad thing.

Jay: Be with snakes?

Angelina: Yeah.

Jay: You were with snakes in the movie.

Angelina: I love snakes so that's fine. We lost on purpose.

Jay: Okay, you weren't scared of snakes?

Angelina: No.

Jay: Doesn't sound that much fun at all. Maddox, your son, travels with you? He's like 18ow, isn't he?

Angelina: He's three. He travels everywhere. He's great. He loves the plane.

Jay: You guys have like a a christmas tradition. Don't you take him --

Angelina: Yeah, this christmas we're looking at beirut.

Jay: Every year you do go to a different place. Beirut? Is fallujah booked up?

[ Laughter ] Why beirut?

Angelina: Um, I just have heard a lot about it and I've heard it's changed and I'm curious to see how.

Jay: It used to be the rivera of the middle east. That's what they used to say.

Angelina: I just believe in -- my family's not in europe and I believe in showing my son something about the world and other cultures every christmas. And I think that's just a more interesting thing to share with him than just toys.

[ Applause ]

Jay: Well there you go. That's good, that's good. That's good. Now, I know you told me he said he thinks you hang with warriors and stuff all the time. Because he's 3.

Angelina: My son has this really bizarre -- because I did a film with brad pitt that's not out yet, but we worked together when "troy" came out. So he met brad and then they saw "troy" and he's very confused and he thinks he knows achilles. And then we did "alexander" and he thinks he knows alexander and -- the men in his life are warriors so he's very confused right now. As to who is who.

Jay: Well, yeah. All right. Has he taken up sword fighting?

Angelina: He has, yeah.

Jay: Do you duel with him?

Angelina: This is slightly embarrassing he's actually better than I am. He's really good.

Jay: Somehow a 3-year-old with a sword doesn't seem --

Angelina: No, he's really good. He's tough. He's a tough kid.

Jay: It's good practice when you good to beirut.

[ Laughter ] Has he hurt anyone? I mean no matter how mature, 3 years old with a sword seems like it could get a little unwieldy or dangerous. Has he hurt anybody?

Angelina: He did recently.

Jay: He did recently?

Angelina: He's going to get kicked out of kindergarten tomorrow because they're gonna hear about it. He did. There was a security guy I'm close to and we're friends with. He was playing with him and he punched him right in the -- and pretty much almost flattened him.

Jay: Now did he learn that from mommy?

Angelina: I don't think mommy was doing that.

Jay: Why did he run up and punch the guy?

Angelina: He was just playing.

Jay: Did you go "oh, maddox is so cute," while he's going ayour honor!

Angelina: No I said "not good, not good." And secretly, I'm going "good shot."

Jay: More with angelina right after this.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Welcome back. Talking with angelina jolie.

[ Cheers and applause ] Now, last time I saw you, you told me you were working on your pilot's license. How's that going?

Angelina: Good. I'm a pilot.

[ Screams and applause ]

Jay: You passed the test? All right.

Angelina: I have a practical skill. I can actually do something now.

Jay: Now, you can make a a living. As a single mom you gotta think of making a living.

Angelina: I did it. It was the hardest thing I've ever done.

Jay: Really?

Angelina: Yeah, I hated math in school. I hated everything about all the tests and all that I was doing. But I love it. I love the freedom of it.

Jay: Tell me about flying. What's it like? Have you soloed yet?

Angelina: Yeah, a lot. I've soloed, yeah. It's really just the greatest feeling in the world when you look out -- I've always needed more and more space and something to just feel more honest and more open. You look out at the sky and there's no walls and there's no boundaries and there's just -- to think that I can move in that and I can get around and I can set my gps to cuba or london or anywhere in the world and I can take my son and we can just -- the world is just a different place.

Jay: Isn't that a little dangerous, 3-year-old and mommy flying?

Angelina: No it's different. We have a parachute, you know.

Jay: Of course.

Angelina: As is said that, it sounded irresponsible.

Jay: Of course, you got parachute, of course. How foolish of me. I forgot you have the parachute. You know you have your home in cambodia.

Angelina: Yes.

Jay: You have to fly in -- you haven't flown your plane to your home?

Angelina: No it's a helicopter landing.

Jay: They drop you down? Are there any roads where you are?

Angelina: There are roads. They're very -- in the rainy season, the roads disappear and there aren't really roads so it would take a boat ride and about six hours by car to get up there in a bad season.

Jay: What's the longest amount of time you'll spend -- because you're isolated, right? Do you have electricity?

Angelina: Not really. We have some generators for -- I'm sounding like the worst parent in the world on this show. It's like he's violent, we live in the jungle.

Jay: You have a parachute. You have a generator for what?

Angelina: I don't use a generator for much. So just general, a light.

Jay: Do you use gas lamps? What do you use?

Angelina: In the middle of the night, we use flashlights.

Jay: Okay, but sometimes --

Angelina: You go to sleep when the sun goes down, you wake up when the sun comes up.

Jay: What's the longest amount of time you'll do that before you get cabin fever.

Angelina: Just a few weeks at a time. He's still 3.

Jay: Does he sense where he is. You can't let him go off in the jungle. You got your sword? Okay, be careful.

[ Laughter ]

Angelina: No, we do have tigers and we do have -- it's, you know. We have --

Jay: Okay. Maddox is 3. The tiger is, oh, maybe this big. Do you have tiger repellent?

Angelina: We have, you know, just -- I don't know. The other women in the village have kids and they just, you know, you watch your kids as much as you watch your kids and you assume the tigers don't like to hang out with people. I don't know. I mean, really, I'm pretty smart about it and --

Jay: Okay. Do you have a bathroom?

Angelina: Kind of.

Jay: Kind of?

[ Light laughter ]

Angelina: It's fun. You should come.

Jay: I would love to come to your house for a couple -- I was thinking about that just the other day. Now, aren't you becoming a a citizen?

Angelina: I am yeah. I'm becoming a -- I have dual citizenship. Half cambodian.

Jay: That's an honor, it?

Angelina: It's a big honor.

Jay: Is there a test to take?

Angelina: I hope not. But no, it think -- I've been working in the country for quite a few years and so it's a humanitarian citizenship they're giving me.

Jay: What language do they speak in cambodia?

Angelina: Kamir.

Jay: Can you speak any of it?

Angelina: I can speak a little. But I'm not gonna speak it on the show.

Jay: You can't say something in kamir? Like, how would you say hello?

[ Speaking kamir ]

Jay: That's correct, yeah.

[ Laughter and applause ] That's absolutely correct. I just did a little test and you did great. Tell us about "alexander." This is a huge epic, by the way. You were terrific. It makes me laugh, because you play colin farrell's mother, and you're the same age which makes me laugh. You age in the film, obviously.

Angelina: I do. It was bizarre sounding to me when I got the script. Then I read about her. She's not a normal mom so there's something a bit odd.

Jay: Duh!

[ Light laughter ]

Angelina: There's something a bit dark and something that I identified with very much with her and liked her. By the time we're in the same scene, you've watched little alexander grow up. So it somehow makes sense. Now when he calls me mom, it's weird.

Jay: The odd thing to me when you have this job and you meet people. I know you and colin and val kilmer. I go these are three individual people, it's like trying to round up kittens. I don't know how the director -- you all go your own way, don't you? Was it crazy on the set?

Angelina: The strange thing is it's like somebody decided to put all the people with the worst reputations and are considered the craziest people --

Jay: Not bad reputation.

Angelina: Like me colin, oliver, val. It's like -- you know. You put us in the same -- you put us like traveling around the world in morocco. And what you get is the greeks, in fact. You get this kind of uninhibited really wild, open thing and somehow we made a a movie in the middle of it.

Jay: There are stunning images in this film too. I don't want to give anything away. But it's about alexander the great and conquering europe and asia. It's pretty amazing. The premiere's tonight?

Angelina: The premiere's tonight. I do actually think this one's a really great -- if you like this kind of film if you like kind of epic stories and you're interested in war and battles and countries and relationships, there's something, yeah, it's very full. It's very interesting.

Jay: Your premiere is tonight. Is maddox upset you're going to the premiere?

Angelina: Yeah, mad always -- he's been hiding my clothes, hiding my shoes.

Jay: Why?

Angelina: Because he knows shoes like this mean I'm leaving home, going somewhere. So he hid these behind the tv the other day.

Jay: Shoes like that mean daddy's coming home.

[ Laughter ] Just the opposite. But anyway, I'm very happy for you. I always say this. Congratulations. You're a great mom. Say hi to maddox for me. Good luck. I know you got to run. Angelina jolie.

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Postby Amelie » Sat Nov 20, 2004 3:14 pm

Thanks admin for the transcript! I really enjoyed reading it! Angelina isn't only a good actress, for me she's also the most interesting actress i know and of course she's also a wonderful mami. I just love her!

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