Billy Bob visits 'The Tonight Show' transcript

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Billy Bob visits 'The Tonight Show' transcript

Postby Serendipity » Thu Dec 28, 2000 12:18 am

I just finished watching Billy Bob on Leno. Him and Angelina have lockets with eachothers blood in it. They have an odd relationship but it's so good to see Angelina happy.

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Billy Bob visits 'The Tonight Show'

Postby admin » Thu Dec 28, 2000 3:30 am

yeah, here's most of the transcript... and was Rachel Leigh Cook on something? It was like Jay was invisilble, she's definitely got an eye for Billy Bob.

>> That's a true story. I mean, not all the time, not every day.

>> Jay: But the fact that you can fit in it doesn't say a lot about you.

[ Laughter ]

>> well, actually -- well, here's thing. I don't fit in it.

[ Laughter ] that's one of the things she likes about it.

>> Jay: Oh, I see.

[ Laughter ]

>> no, actually I -- i may as well just be a piece of twine, you know?

>> Jay: Now, have you been caught wearing them in --? 'Hey, wait a minute.'

>> I was in the gym on the -- I was bench-pressing one day at a hotel. And it's a hotel that I stay at from time to time. And there happened to be a british rock 'n' roll person working out next to me, which is interesting enough in itself. And I was on the bench press thing and a little pink bow popped out of the old sweat pants, and he looked over at me like this. And I said, you know, 'you're in the rock 'n' roll business, you get it, don't you?' He said, 'yeah, you're right. I do.' And that was it. Exactly. That whole thing. But it was -- yeah, you know, sure, from time to time I wear other people's undergarments. You know, no big deal.

>> Jay: I'm glad we've cleared that up.

>> Absolutely. True story.

>> Jay: I have a thong on right now.

>> There you go.

[ Laughter ]

>> jay: Look, we'll take a break. We'll find out more of these -- more of these alarming facts.

[ Cheers and applause ] billy bob thornton.

[ Cheers and applause ] no m@ @ida@e@t gave 'em all up at once!

Three steps forward, no steps back. That's my plan. The r to help you quit. Ho$s tk about some of your b habits.

How much is that doggiein the window? ( Arf arf )

the one with the waggylittle tail

how much is that doggiein the window? ( Cell phone ringing )( arf arf )

i do hopethat doggie's for sale

[ cheers and applause ]

>> jay: Welcome back. Talking with billy bob thornton, director of 'all the pretty horses.' Now, you just -- you got a new house? You moved into a new house?

>> Yeah, i just got a house. We liked it because -- angie liked it because it had a kitchen and a bedroom. And I liked it because there's a recording studio in the basement.

>> Jay: Oh, that's cool. Even a basement in california. You never see that.

>> Rarely. And supposedly, we have tunnels under the house that they use during prohibition to run liquor and stuff. I'm gonna look for those.

>> Jay: Supposedly you have tunnels under the house.

>> Okay, we do.

>> Jay: You have tunnels under the house.

[ Laughter ]

>> yeah, that kind of thing. The whole audience is purdue.

>> Jay: Just about. Just about.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> right over here.

[ Applause ] that's cool. And you know what? I got to say something about purdue real quick.

>> Jay: Yeah?

>> Some of the best uniforms in college football -- i mean, like, traditional uniforms, you know what I'm saying? Like you used to see? Which is cool. Yeah, I love that.

>> Jay: And you ever had --

[ cheers and applause ] you ever had the purdue chicken? Oh, those are delicious.

>> Really? I haven't had the purdue chicken.

>> Jay: Frank purdue, the founder of the school, makes the chicken.

[ Laughter ]

>> really? Really? I didn't know that.

>> Jay: Unbelievably delicious. Now, tell me about your house. I would imagine -- do you have it furnished traditionally or something? See, it seems like you would have unusual things in your house.

>> Okay, i'll just go ahead. You know what, let's just talk about all the rumors. Here we go. Yes, we're getting a velcro wall put in.

>> Jay: A velcro wall?

>> Yes.

>> Jay: How does that work?

>> Well, you get suits, you jump against the wall, you stick, and if you're alone, you're screwed.

[ Laughter ] but if somebody's there, they can get you off of it. Let's see, we have a full-sized horse in the house. He's made out of plexiglas. He's just a big horse with a saddle.

>> Jay: Now, why a big horse in the house?

>> We just think it looks out-of-place.

[ Laughter ] and -- let's see, there's that. There's -- well, there's just any number of things, jay.

[ Laughter ] and we have all kind of gear.

>> Jay: Now, where do you keep your oscars? You have one, your wife has one.

>> Yeah, we both got an oscar. Mine's in her office. Hers is in my office. And let's see, what else is new? She bought me a great book on bob gibson, one of my heroes, for christmas.

>> Jay: The guitar?

>> Bob gibson, pitcher for the cardinals. And --

>> jay: I'm giving you a hard time.

[ Scattered applause ]

>> and this right here she got me, which is --

>> jay: Now, what is that?

>> It's a locket that has her blood in it.

>> Jay: It has her blood in it?

>> And she wears a locket that has my blood in it.

>> Jay: Okay, so it's dna in case you need to be identified?

>> That kind of deal. Yes.

>> Jay: Well, that's lovely sentiment.

[ Laughter ]

>> yeah. That's for my kids.

>> Jay: Now, tell people about 'all the pretty horses.' And a beautiful job on this film, by the way. This is a very, to me, traditional film. I used to like those westerns where you saw the vistas, you know? And boy, just a beautiful look to this film. And -- well, tell people what it's about.

>> Well, it's basically a cormac mccarthy novel. A classic book. And we made it like the old-fashioned movies. It's like a howard hawks or john ford western. And it takes place in 1949. It stars matt damon, henry thomas, lucas black, who was the little boy in 'sling blade.' Now he's a --

>> jay: Oh, is that him?

>> Yeah.

>> Jay: I didn't even put that together. Okay, I didn't even --

>> well, he looks exactly the same, only he's now that much taller, you know? But he's in it, penelope cruz and ruben blades.

>> Jay: That's sort of my favorite period of the west, is that, like, 1949, where it changes from kind of horses to cars.

>> Right.

>> Jay: But it's more gradual than the east. So you kind of get that feeling that this is the last time you're ever going to see this.

>> Exactly.

>> Jay: Yeah. Okay, what is this scene? Oh, this is when you're --

>> this is -- yeah, this is a little scene about -- lucas black is someone that they've met along the road. They're traveling to mexico. And they just kind of picked up this kid. They don't really trust him. They think he stole his horse. And this is the scene where he shows them what he's made of.

>> Jay: Let's take a look. 'All the pretty horses.'

>> Hell, you're a regular old desperado, ain't you? I reckon you got your own gun and everything.

>> Well, yeah, i got a gun.

>> What kind of a gun? Where'd you get a gun like this?

>> At the gettin' place.

>> You ever shot it?

>> Yeah, i shot it.

>> Can you hit anything with it?

>> Anything you want.

>> All right, let's go, outlaw. You ready, annie oakley?

>> Waitin' on you.

[ Gunshot ]

>> damn!

>> Let me see it.

>> We better get going.

>> Come on, let me see it --

>> you know what it looks like. It's my wallet.

[ Applause ]

>> jay: Great. Great job. Great job.

>> Thank you very much. Thank you very much.

>> Jay: I gotta ask you about this -- does this have anything to do with you? I saw these in the store.

>> Well, here's the thing. You know, you get -- people buy these teeth. They have my name on them. They're these teeth -- there was a movie I did a while back.

[ Laughter ] and I did this movie called 'u-turn' and another movie, 'a simple plan.' In those two movies, i used weird teeth. And these people look suspiciously like I did in those movies. And -- there you go.

[ Laughter ] and, so, i'm just not the type to sue. I don't know.

>> Jay: This is you.

>> But they look great in you.

>> Jay: They look good?

>> Absolutely, yeah.

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