Angie & Billy Bob in Africa

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Postby BillyBobFreak » Tue Feb 20, 2001 9:19 am

This is interesting - I've never read anything before about them being interested in Africa - plus he's so afraid to fly.
I couldn't find the story in the NY Post, can you (Administrator Jeff) post the whole story?

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Postby admin » Tue Feb 20, 2001 12:21 pm

it's difficult to retrieve Post archives, try using the search to find it on their site...

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Postby Mercury25 » Tue Feb 20, 2001 2:02 pm

I don't think it has anything to do with them liking africa, they're giving out clothes and food to refugees, kind of like when the Kosovo people needed food and clothes that sort of thing. I think it's very nice of them to donate there time and do that!


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