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Hey guys or anyone who doesn't live on Canada or didn't have a chance to see Tribute Magazines Artical, I got it today and I thought I'd post the artical for you guys. here it is!

Enigmatic actress Angelina Jolie isn't about toexplain herself to anybody. Then again, she doesn't have to. The Emmy nominated, Golden Globe and Oscar winning actress is perfectly happy letting people wonder what she's really like. Jolie's reputation for being unconventional is not exactly unwarranted. Her unabashed display of affection with her brother at last years Academy Awards provided weeks of comic fodder for late- night comedians and led many to wonder just how close they were (speculations Jolie found innappropriate and hurtful). Additionly, her gothic ensemble that evening along with her admitted fascination with mortuary science and collection of knives only adds to Jolie's 'Morticia'- like image. Then there the tattoos on her upper forearm, the Tennesse Williams quote, ' A prayer for the wild at heart kept in cages, 'and another of a dragon on her upper right arm. Other include a large black cross, two American Indian symbols, the letter 'H' ( wich she got while dating Timothy Hutton, but now claims it is for her Brother, James Haven) and the latest addition ' Billy Bob' a nod to her husband of nearly a year, acot/Directore Billy Bob Thornton.

The two exccentric actors met during the filming of Pushing Tin but didn't become romanticly invovled until a mere 6 weeks before the Las Vegas elopement last May. An elopement that no doubt stunned Thornton previous fiancee, actress, Laura Dern, who didn't even know they had broken up untill his nuptials news. Despite the whirlwind courtship, Jolie and Thornton say they are deeply and passionately in love and disiss those who predict their marriage won't last. At press time, the happy couple was rumored to be planning a more traditional ceremony to renew their vows at the $4 million Beverly Hills home they purchased from former Guns & Roses guitarist, Slash. Somewhat jaded by the public's fascination with her personal life, Jolie insists she's a lot more boring than most people think. Born in 1975 to Oscar winning actor Jon Voight and model Marcheline Betrand , Jolie chose to drop her lat name ( Jolie is her middle name) so as not to be cast in her father's shadow. Jolie studied acting at New York University and the prestigiuos Lee Strasberg Institute. Her smoldering good looks and enviable pout helped her land appearabces in music videos for the Rolling Stones, Meatloaf and Lenny Kravitz. Saml film roles in Foxfire and Hackers soon followed. But it was her performance in the 1997TV movie Goerge Wallace, for wich she earned a Golden Globe for Best Supporting actress, that Jolie made her mark in Hollywood. A year later, Jolie's criticaly acclaimed turn in tragic true story of the life of a drug addicted, AIDS inffected model in HBO's GIA earned her a second Golden Globe and an Emmy nomination, a Screen Actores Guild Award and credibilty as a serious actress. Last year her portayl of a mercurial mental patient in Girl, Interrupted earned Jolie yet a third Golden Globe and an Oscar. Later this year Jolie will bring CD-ROM herione Lara Croft to life in the highly anticipated live action, version of Tomb Raider.

This month the sultry actress heats up the chilly Febuary box office with sizzling love scenes oppopsite Latin heartthrob Antonio Bandarass in Original Sin. An eroctic thriller about a Cuban bussinessman and his mysterious mail- order bride , Original Sin reportedly contains scenes so racy that the directore Micheal Cristopher was informed by the rating board the he'd need to do some major re-editing to secure an 'R' rating instead of an 'NC-17' rating. Cristopher complied, but in spite of the cuts the chemistry between Bandarras and Jolie is said to be hot enough to melt the celluloid right of the screen.

and that's it, if there are some spelling mistakes sorry but it's 2:00am and I'm tired. Good night!

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